How to Build Your Low-Risk Wealth-Building Investment Portfolio

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How to build a low-risk wealth-building investment portfolio.

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English [Auto] In order to build your wealth effectively you have to think of building a typical investment portfolio. Here's an example of a low risk wealth building investment portfolio that you can learn from to build your own investment portfolio. You can allocate your investments as follows. Keep 10 percent of your money in your local bank put at least 40 percent of your capital into ETF investments. Invest the remaining 50 percent of your money in both business stocks and income stocks. Some of you may be asking why should I keep my money in the bank when I've learned that the inflation will negatively affect the value of my money. Yes that's absolutely true. You'll lose your money if you keep it in the bank but there will be no problem if you only keep a small percentage of your money there. You know it's always better if you have some cash in your bank account and you can easily use it for emergencies. So keeping 10 percent of your money in the bank is just for making sure that you'll have some money to spend whenever you need. And it's actually worth doing so investing 40 percent of your money in ETF investments will help you protecting grow your money effectively in this course we've talked a lot about this and you've also learned what ETF investments can do for you financially. So make sure that you put a large proportion of your money in this type of investment. You'll also need to consider adding some business stocks to your investment portfolio so that it can grow faster. Well ETF investments can bring you a stable long term return business stocks will help you grow your money much faster. You can possibly generate a good 15 to 25 percent annual return by investing in value stocks and you may understand that uncompounded 25 percent annual return would mean a lot if you can grow your money at that rate. In the investing 102 course I'll teach you how to pick a profitable value stock by yourself. In addition to business stocks you'll also need to consider buying some income stocks you know income stocks such as dividend paying stocks Rietz or real estate investment trusts are a very good source of passive income. And the interesting thing about income stocks is that you can utilize the power of compound interest on your stocks and your earned dividends and over the long term it will make a significant impact on your investment return. So if you want to learn about how to invest in income stocks just check out our dividend investing course. Diversification will help you spread the risks on your investment portfolio. So you'll need to consider adding different types of investments to your portfolio. And one more thing just make sure you utilize the stock market sector rotation strategy to read diversify your investment portfolio. When there's a variation in the economic cycle this powerful strategy will help you in both maximizing your profits when the economy is in good shape and avoiding significant losses on your investments. When there's a recession.