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This lecture is for Windows users only. You’ll be installing cmder, a console emulator for Windows that’ll make working in the terminal a whole lot easier.

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English [Auto] Welcome back. This video is for Windows users only if you're on Windows there is one more thing you have to install if you're on a Mac or Linux based machine. You can go ahead and skip this one and move on to the next one there's nothing for you here. All right. If you're still watching I am going to assume that you are on Windows. And what I'm going to do is switch over to a virtual machine. I know this might not be the clearest resolution. I'm only going to be using the virtual machine in this one video. What you need to install is a program called commander and you can find that at CMD d e r dot net commander as a terminal emulator for Windows. So in the next video we're actually going to explore the terminal and we're going to run some commands from it. If you're on Mac or Linux you're going to have access to the same set of commands. If you're on Windows there's a slightly different set of commands but with a program like Commander you can actually use the same standardized commands right on your Windows machine. This is a super popular program. It's also similar to get bash which tries to do the exact same thing. All you need to do though is install it in the next video. We'll explore it. So down below there are two types of installers there's the mini installer and the full installer you want to grab the full installation. All of this is going to do is download a zip. I have the zip already downloaded and extracted. Since this virtual machine is really slow but once you do open up that Commander directory you're going to have the commander application all you have to do is double click it. It's going to crack open a new window that looks just like this. And while it might take a few seconds to start the first time around in the future it should start pretty quickly. So whenever I open up the terminal on my Mac like I'm going to do in the next video you're just going to open up. Commander Instead you'll be able to follow along and run the exact same commands. So make sure you do have this program set up do take a moment to try to crack it open and make sure you see something like this. Obviously the details will be a little different but you should see a black screen where it's asking you to type something in. If you do see this then you're ready to move on to the next video where we're going to explore some commands we can actually use right inside of here. So stay tuned and I'll see you next time.