How to create Games or Apps - Game Clones, reskin or spend months developing

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How to create Games or Apps - Game Clones, reskin or spend months developing

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In this Lecture you will learn the easy and the hard way of creating a Game or App.
I'll cover the topic of how to create the game or app and what is the idea behind each method.

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How to Monetize Your Mobile Game or App - Part 1

Did you ever wonder how people monetize their mobile games and apps? Enroll now to learn the basics of the industry!

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How to monetize your Mobile Game or Application.
Which are the best Mobile Ad Networks and how they work.
Different type of Ad Placements.
What are impressions, clicks, eCPM and how to calculate revenue based on those parameters.
What are Ad Mediation services and why to use them or not.
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Hello guys. Thank you for enrolling in my free course about how to monetize your game or app. This is Part 1 in this part 1. I'm going to talk briefly about everything that you need in order to release a game and monetize it. So I'm going to start by talking a little bit about the process of creating a game or application. The ways that you must go to creating one of these game or app. Second I'm going to talk about how to make a revenue from ad networks which are networks you should use some tips and tricks about them. And then I'm going to proceed with the purchases. The most important thing in a game or app and then we're going to proceed with how to generate your first downloads so you can be a little bit more discoverable in the stores in Apple and Google. And then I'm going to walk you to the process of uploading your first game or application in the requirements that Apple App Store and Google Play has. So let's start with the first step. So the first step is game clones Riskin flooding or months and years of development. So what this means I just separate the process of creating an app or a game in two. So the first way is more mostly common in single developers or small studio. They pretty much take a game just clone it risking it and maybe flood the market. For example you make a back man clone you just risking it two or three times then flood the market integrate some ad networks to show some ads maybe put a purchases where you can buy some in-game boosters or remove ads and by creating huge amount of games like if you riskiness in and put it in Google Play like 10 times you just increase your revenue. I'm going to talk about this in just a second and the second second way it's of obvious spending months and years of development. This is more of you know for people who know what they're doing who have experience in the gaming industry because spending months or years on just an idea without you evaluating it that it's going to make something. And you know just spending those months creating your idea having no experience be frustrated and Indians didn't even put a game on the store or you put a game on the store. But it doesn't sell anything. It's just frustrating. So if you're willing to spend you know months and years of development you should do your research you should have experience in the game development process like you should know a little bit of the game design how to create game art of how to program if you are a single developer of course if you have a team it will be a lot more easier and your chance to succeed are bigger. So I'm going to start talking about how to clone games risking them for the market the benefits of this and the step backs of this. So I have a lot of examples here open. So first I'm going to show this Web site so my apps dot com. So originally this site is created so application source code you can you know browse through all those applications and just check check out what they are. So first I just click on that sweet sugar Match 3 game plus mini game. So if you want to buy this game and risking it you have few options. You can get a single app license which is a hundred and eighty nine bucks which means you only can release one copy or you can buy the monkey multiple app license which is four hundred ninety nine. Or you can even pay the developer to rescue it for you for you know. But it's pretty costly one thousand and so hundred bucks. So the game looks pretty good. And if you want to create a clone of that game you can just buy it. But keep in mind that the game is created in unity. They often have a Web demo which I loaded it. Also they you know put a brief description of the game of the features and everything. But again if you're buying games you should at least know a little bit of unity and how to Riskin that game if you don't willing if you don't want to pay. You know for Riskin but every time to pay almost 2000 thousand bucks for a Redskin it's pretty costly. So what I advise you is to have some some skills to read a little bit about unity and how it works and you can pretty much buy some artwork and just replace it in the game as you can see there's a few other items where you can just replace those icons with someone you created. And the games are skint. So let me show you what the game is all about. This is the game. It's in the web. And it's pretty much a copy of Candy Crush you know a three match game when you need to break those bricks. The game is not so good but it's so. If you want to just spam the market with it. And later on I'm going to show you why this is a good idea. Spending some some bucks on death. So the game is pretty pretty neat. It has good effects and good stuff. So before buying a game always you know try it out maybe a loaded on your phone they support in a pre-K demo just try it out try the performance drive the game runs smooth. I like this game it's pretty good. Yeah. So in my opinion this game definitely worth that five point five hundred bucks for multiple app license. And if you if you are a team of two one artist and one developer for example you can split the work you know create at least three copies of debt and flood the market. Let me show you some other games as you can see there is a top down shooter. So my apps is pretty rich. In matter of game gaming content a lot of people are publishing their games over here. This is an office simulator which you can buy for 300 bucks. So the idea here is if you have a small team you can just buy those games risking them you know maybe involved them put some ideas from yourself like this. This game is with airplanes. You can make it with tanks with animals or whatever you like. It's a race. Their goal. They're going around this separate track and each time you complete the loop you get coins in your great your please. You know this is pretty much common either click or game. So this is a good game to clone. Again they provide all the unique apps this oh the unity source code. So you should know a little bit about unity as you can see some other casual games with explanation how to modify them. So this this Web site is pretty good. This one racoon rescue is pretty nice. Shooter. Let me show it a bit in the trailer. So if you're able to risk in the game I definitely recommend if you're new to Google Play and the app store business and game business. Overall this is a pretty decent start because producing more games will make you more revenue. At least you're going to make a couple of bucks compared to let's say you start creating a game from scratch and spend like five months making it publish it and just earning not a single bucks. So this is on the next Web site that I'm going to talk about flip top here dot com. Here you can find again apps. If you go at the top by apps This site is a little bit more. More good I think because it extract data from Google Play like we're giving you in the last three months you can get a Minecraft copy game which is making 20 k for 300 K which is pretty costly but it will return unlikely in maybe in a year and a half. If this keep going. The problem is that downloads was three months zero which is a little bit fishy. So you get a need to check that. I'm going to show you how to check those statistics again. You can browse through those games. You know let's say I'm looking for under 1000 and you can find pretty much a lot of crap a lot of [REMOVED] games. But you also can find a lot of good games and good applications that people want to get rid of or just sell. So it's pretty pretty picky and you should know what you're doing here. Here you go a fitness app which is making seven key they're selling full or one a half male which is pretty pretty not a good deal if this is if you ask me the application business is a little bit more complicated. For example if you're cloning a game it's more easy and more fast like if you try to compete with Tinder or Snapchat or Instagram. It's nearly impossible to create an application that can be compatible to those apps if you don't have a strong background. So pretty much this Web site is the same. You just pick an app you can make a note for you can check out the statistics about the application about the was six months downloads about the revenue last six months about the popularity about the ratings of the app so you can definitely check out this Web site. And if you think something is a good deal and you can handle skinning it and publishing it it's pretty good. Next thing is that you need to ask the store. So I assume that you have experience and you want to create a strategy game which you don't want to create from scratch which is time consuming. You just hop into the you'd guess a store and there are a lot of other frameworks that can do a lot of work for you. So for example this simplicity builder has a lot of functionality for creating a city builder game as you can see you have warriors you can place buildings you have a store you can make barracks you have timers for for the buildings. Let me show you again. You give towers you can send your troops to attack and stuff like that. So if you have some experience you can always experiment and buy some of those frameworks that are pretty cheap. Eight nine euro for that. It will save you like maybe a month or two developing so I pretty much recommend that. And also you can buy artwork for that. So you can pretty easy create a game Indian. If you have some experience if you don't have experience this will be very difficult and you have pretty much a lot of headaches trying to figure out how to do that next one. If you want to create a third person shooter again there is plate on you. Yes start with which is pretty awesome. As you can see but this for ABC not from mobile. But you always can convert it from to mobile. Just create mobile controls as you can see it's pretty nice. So again you can search a store find the genre that you like and if you have a template for it just go ahead. It's not expensive it's 67 euro which is not expensive for the things that you get in return for those money. And if you want to create a platform or a 2D very simple game which is if you have a good game design which is predictive in some cases as you can see pretty pretty good big so it's pretty good mechanics. Kev how do you give enemies eh. Again for 7 to 3 Euro or if you have unity plus three point seventy eight which is pretty cheap. It's like the price of a coffee. So just don't hesitate and buy it. If you are willing to get death so again a very good website. The universe is store. If you're working with unity you can access the as a store to the engine. I pretty much recommend death and we are getting into the stage why you should create clones and why you should spam google play with such garbage games. You know that you make a week or two. Let me show you examples of that. A developer called Tebow as you can see he spammed the store with different games like that let's see that biker. All those covers. You know Father shopped. I'm pretty sure this is not the real game. And as you can see it has 5 million downloads and if I copy this title there is one Web site. It's called sensor tower. You can check out here and paste the title. You can check out the game stats here. So I put the name and I see it it's making in the last month 10k downloads and the revenue is below 5 K so pretty much this game is dead at least. Let's try this one top speed drag in fast racing. Right. Again the website says it's our yes check this scheme. This game is pretty pretty good. Sixteen K downloads the revenues around 10k K but this is only from the purchases. This is not calculating ad revenue. So if if I check the trailer of the game everything is like composed and that's so when you download the game it's not so good. Everything is fake over here. Let me show you another developer mob games 3D as you can see he spammed the store with some driving games. They question taxi simulator. I'm in a simulator a police cop simulator traffic cop simulator. He just had one template of a simulator with a car and just converted to all those garbage games. So as you can see the graphics is not that good could just spam the store with that games. But the important here is traffic cop simulator. Let's check it in says of tower in Google it's made King 300 K downloads and the revenue is pretty low. So here's the catch. He's making money from ads not from purchases. He does. He doesn't have any purchases here. He always show ads and how to calculate the money from the ads. I'm going to show right now. So we assume that every month like at least for the last month had 300 K downloads which means that 300 key users opened the game at least once. All right. So if he shows to those users one ad that's calculated so if he shows to the user one ad it means 300 K ads shown in how the ad networks base for that is you need to divide those 300 AD SHOWS but one tells them. So 3 300 K divided by 1000. And you give 300 only and per 1000 views of the ad the network is paying average one point five dollars. So he made four hundred and fifty bucks in the last month. This is this is if he only shows one ad to a user. But that's not the case. When you create multiple games like that you spammed the user like while he's playing the game you spam him at feast with five ads. It's it's not a good strategy to keep the user and say but it's good strategy to monetize. So let's make the calculation again 300 K users divided by 1000 because the ad networks are paying by 1000 which means only 300. Then we multiplied by five because let's say five ads per person shows. It depends because someone can see one ad another person can see ten ads. So you need to make the average but the average is around three to five. Let's set it's maximum five. So it's one hundred and one thousand and fifty hundreds multiplied by one point five dollars. So he's making 200 bucks only from these game around 200 bucks. Let's see the other games mini bus simulator 2017. In this case serious then he came. He's making like 500 bucks from here. Maybe 300. Let's take this Russian taxi Russian taxi simulator. Forty came around to a hundred bucks. Nothing special but the idea here is that he gets two three four five six seven eight nine 10 games. So imagine if he kept saying games and on average a game he's making. When you combine all those games on average it's making like 500 bucks he's making five. Kate from debt games only by advertising. So this is pretty good strategy. If you have the manpower to multiply it in these guys more let's Stoke about the big guys million games just check. Check out his support for them. Tons of spamming games you know dinosaurs some hunting elephants some driving simulator some but some race more dinosaurs more trucks more sharks more cars more trucks more trucks bus them. These guys bunk. All right. He cares like I don't know how much. Two three four five six eight nine. It's nine parole one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 which means 90 games. Eleven ninety. He gets a hundred games use a hundred games he's making like you know 50 bucks from each game he's making five games. If he's making like 200 bucks on average he's making twenty K per month. But let's check. Check out this police cars. Im pretty sure it's not always the case to any cape. It's not bad sometimes since the tower is showing icons that are older so don't don't bother. Let's check the power board race. 3D for broad based 3D Kate maybe five six hundred bucks per month. What else what else. Counter snipers shoot shooting. Dude these guys bombing that store 300 K 1000 bucks around. So imagine he gets hundred games. How much money he's making from that. All that crap. I'm not saying that everything is crappy but that's not clash of clowns. It's not broad stars. It's not for tonight. As you can see the quality is pretty poor and the idea here is only to create riskiness of debt so this user is making good money only by purchasing some games and risking them create different icons and booting tons of ads in sight. As you can see the powerboat racing. This is also one of his games. If Pierce is shooting. So my point here is if you if you're a small studio if you're one person or you know two or three guys just starting out I highly recommend you that style at least in Google Play. You can spam games like this in April you can't in April. Some of them may pass. Some of them may not but your main target will be Google Play because in Google Play you few can spam a lot of games. But they need to be different in art though so keep in mind that this is a good technique and you can monetize them with ads or purchases. We're going to talk about this later and about a second path. Months and years of development you can produce something like this clash or yell but you need to have pretty big budget. Pretty good guys working with you with huge experience. You have to have marketing strategy maybe an investment in your studio to create such a high quality games or games like work nights or gee those games are created by huge teams maybe 50 70 people behind it with tons of freelancers like the games of natives. Also they're just cloning games. Cloning fortnight but they have huge team to clone it and create everything to be perfect. So if you're creating your first game I'm not recommending this because this is very time consuming and if you feel that you don't have the skills go back by a template risking it monetize it with ads or purchases make a couple of bucks like maybe your first game or 10 20 100 bucks. It's a good start. You can then reinvest them buy another template and close the cycle. You need to produce game fast as fast as possible and publish them as fast as possible. So that's pretty much we'll close out the first topic. Keep in mind this Web site sensor tower. This website so my apps free to appear the thing is sponsored so I'm just using those sites. They're not sponsoring me for talking about them and the best one. The UTSA store if you know unity I definitely recommend buying some frameworks from here. So again guys creating clothes is a good idea to start earning some bucks and monetize your game. Thank you for listening. The first topic and I'm going to see you in the next one. Where are we going to talk about ad networks and different placements which at night were so good. Which are bad and how to monetize your game. Thank you guys.