Web Part Basic

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server 2013 Bundle

Get 16 hours of SharePoint 2013 training and discover how to make team collaboration more effective and productive.

16:18:26 of on-demand video • Updated February 2021

  • Build a SharePoint site and create user permissions
  • Discover how to setup users and create groups
  • An introduction to project task lists and managing libraries
  • Learn the main navigational features and using SharePoint help
  • Discover how to work offline and syncing with local resources
  • Learn how to work with SharePoint pages
  • Working with with Web Parts
  • Learn how to effectively use Lists
  • Learn how to import an Excel workbook into SharePoint
  • Create a blog, add posts and pages, and editing a page
  • Features of a SharePoint site
  • Discovering various social features
  • Creating and using community sites
  • Integrating with Microsoft Office
  • Working with lists and libraries
  • Adding digital assets to a page
  • Using the search engine
  • Enterprise content management
  • Records management
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