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English [Auto] Welcome to the language learning lesson two of the memory Mastery course now this one is a monster of course. Are you saying comfortable because we have a whole lot to cover this one we're gonna be looking at brute force learning to force learning is what a lot of hackers do to try and get into your account they'll try a password like steadfast steadfast one to free speed reading Fast study they'll use a variety of potential combinations of words to get into your account that don't go off now and try to get to my Instagram account by using variety of passwords but what brute force learning is great for is when it comes to learning a new skill such as learning a new language. Now the first thing is the best way to learn is to speak the language in the country but not all of us have the time or the money to be in that country. So hear yourself but Joel and I can't spend time in that country. I feel your pain myself included. I won't speak Spanish by struggle being in the country. So what can you do whether seven things you can do right now to learn the language using brute force learning if you're not in the country. The first one change the settings on your laptop on your phone because what you'll start to do is yes at the beginning it will be hard because you download something in the settings you will not understand in the slightest but you'll start to see patterns. You start to see that pay gap means paste and copy means copy if of course you're learning Spanish and you start to put this into your daily practice because we start to notice as you start to see it often it doesn't then scare you. And then what you can start to do is you start formulating what the sentence or the paragraphs mean because you're seeing on a daily basis meaning that you're immersing your brain within the language and this is what fruitful learning it's all about. Next what what about efficiency. WHO study fast so why would recommend doing is you only need to learn a hundred of the most frequently used words in your new language. Now a hundred sounds of course daunting but believe it or not if you can remember a hundred of the most frequently used words in the new language simple google search will show you that you'll be able to understand 70 percent of the language on a normal daily basis. So it shows you that a mammoth task of speaking fluently in your new language isn't actually that daunting when you realize it's a memory game moving on. So we've already looked at the most used words. What about music. Well we talked about amassing a brain in a new language even at speeds where your comprehension suffers. It's really important that you hear the accent the pronunciation and you also go ahead over I mean every time you kind of understand what the artist is just that moving on from the auditory sense podcast. Now Duolingo we have no affiliation with them but dueling if you don't know the number one at the time. Language learning application and they also have a podcast now. It's a really good balance where they have a story and you'll have the English speaker in your native language and then you'll have your desired language chip in throughout the story so you're never really losing track of where it's going next TV. Now this does even feel like practice because if you have on your favorite TV series narcos being the obvious. If you're learning Spanish. But what about friends. Well popular TV shows now and of course how big Netflix is. You you're able to change the auditory to your desired language so yes it will be dubbed over and it won't quite move with the actor's lips nor will it have their voice but you will have the auditory sense of the language at the beginning have the subtitles in your native language so you're not losing track number two you'll recognize these patterns written. Now I'm guilty of a lot of things now are digital but if you have a chance to take notes be sure to write your notes in your new language. They may mean nothing that's next. And trust me you'll make a lot of spelling mistakes but what you start to realize is gaps in your knowledge. Oh how do you say notepad in Spanish and so you write notepad in English and the rest your sentence in Spanish. And then you search up and now you know that notepad is as you don't know what pad is in Spanish. I can say I'm going through the process myself. You know I need to become a byproduct of this. I've been learning Spanish of course the release of this calls for DOS A minus. So within two weeks I've already quite excelled making friends. Now this is the final point sounds obvious and it sounds very tricky. But it's not. You probably know someone who speaks your desired language. There's many people that speak many languages but you just can't look at someone. Yeah you know three languages. So I encourage you to let people know that you're learning a new language. It makes you accountable. Not only that you'll realize who in your network can actually speak your desired language and what's great is they'll correct you. So you'll be compensating with hopefully a native or someone who is of a proficient level who actually become your coach so there you have it. How to use a hacker's technique to master a new language. Like I said there a lot to take in that you've got a lot of action steps do now change in the settings on your phone making sure you're listening to the music and podcast in your desired language but most importantly immerse your brain in it in every shape way possible. I see in the next lesson.