Installing and using .PAT pattern files in Photoshop

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Installing and using .PAT pattern files in Photoshop

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In this lecture, we will learn how to download, install and use ready made .PAT pattern files in Photoshop

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Now let's discuss the second way of using patterns in Photoshop and installing them. So we are going to use or bad file in it in this lecture. So basically Dogberry file is a collection of different patterns for Photoshop. Now we are going to use this premium pixels or come free by which is a pattern. Very nice patterns. Just download them from here. And clicking on the download and download these these will be just pattern files and we are going to install them first. So we are going to move to the Photoshop installation folder first. So we have already downloaded it. Let's move on to the Photoshop installation folder. I have opened up a lot of files over here. OK. Now right click on the photo shop and go to properties and open file location and we are going to use this research folder to this research folder. And here you will find I need to find the veterans folder like that. So far Mac users I guess the part is from application. And I wrote for the shop pre-sex. I will post actual botherer in the comments on the discussion or maybe in some other lecture. But right now this is for PC. You can Google it. There is a part of your photoshop installation folder on Mac. Now click on this Bertrand's folder and you will see all the patterns over here. These are the pre-made or defile patterns from Photoshop. Now if I want to install a pattern over here I just need to copy and paste a pattern file over here. So that's not a very difficult thing. So let's do that. We are going to use the same subtle patterns over here. I'm going to extract them. So we are going to use this pattern file copy and we are going to pierce trade in our patterns folder over here. Continuer OK. Now for this to happen you have to shut down Photoshop once closed and run it again. All just let it start. It's take some time to get loaded in my RAM so it will take some time. OK come on come on. Yeah. OK I'm going to use the newly installed patent filed. So we are going to draw something over here like that and we are going to apply. Better go ahead Bertran. Care now we are already seeing other or better libraries so to access the new one click on this and click on any of the battles that were over here. So this is the pattern we just installed. Click on it and it will replace current pattern with a pattern from veterans. So if you want to replace all your library you can click OK or you can click append. So if you click on apan it will be added and the last like that you can see with here. So let's for clarity let's just replace the patterns so we don't have anything else. I don't know what is happening. Maybe it was total Percherons. Yeah. So you can click on any of the pattern over here. These were the patterns I was clicking on the wrong name file names so just click on them you can see these are different Bertrand's very nice subtle patterns just like paper texture. So I'm going to expand it so you can view the texture easily. So this is basically the method we used to download and install d'arte back for the shot pattern files. So they are very easy to install if you want to use the same pattern for internet or maybe sorry for development or website development you can use these patterns over here. So these are for using in web development because the PND file you can easily beat them. And this is for Photoshop you can easily apply this in the photoshop. So that's it about applying and using Photoshop pattern files. So let's move on to the next lecture.