What is JavaScript and Some Live Examples Of it On The Web

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What is JavaScript and Some Live Examples Of it On The Web

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So you just created your very first program online and you got a kickass coding editor, I bet you are ready to go, but hold on. Let's look at JavaScript a little bit deeper and get a sense of how strong JavaScript really is and what others are doing out there in the field.

Of course you won't be able to make programs like these I've shown you here, YET, but eventually as you get more advanced there is really no limits to what you can do.

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All right. So and when I started this course before we can get into the real programming and doing all the actionable stuff in javascript what we first need to understand is what really is javascript. So if we type in what is javascript into Google the result that we get is javascript is an object oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers. So in this video later on we're going to learn and we're going to show you some examples of what Javascript can do in your web browser. But for now just understand that javascript is a common programming language used in web browsers to create Web sites and do a lot of cool effects from your web browser. So we give you a big sample of what javascript actually is. Let's look at some final products of some great examples of javascript on the web. All right. Now let's look at some live examples of what japa script can do on the internet. Keep in mind that javascript is not to be confused with jabber jabber and a script or two very separate things. So let's talk about Jever very briefly. Javascript first started out. It's a small language used for web applications to run on the web but is now used as a powerful programming language online. We can see here that this Web site called the interactive ear is a cool little Web site used by javascript to really show us what the inner part of the ear is and different things like that. This is a nice interactive page that somebody built just using javascript and the next example we have we create digital chemistry which is another interactive Web site that shows people different things about chemistry. We had this nice little page that auto loans as you go down here. Some nice effects or use whichever script maps it's a Web site where we can look at different maps in the world. Keep in mind that Google Maps and Google Earth is also run by using javascript. Here we have somebody who created Command and Conquer using javascript. So this is a cool very very cool thing that somebody did to recreate the actual game itself just using javascript NHT male Amazon Cloud reader and Amazon's Web site uses a lot of javascript to function. The very popular Pinterest uses javascript as well as Facebook Twitter and all those Web sites as well. Browser Quest another video game based Web site online or created with javascript and we have this really cool game which is called draw stick men which you basically drain a stick man using javascript so pretty pretty cool. Pretty cool stuff we have going on here. So a lot of different interactive ways we can use online. So it takes a lot of hard work to build anything that showed you so far in this video. But this course will teach you the basics and provide you with a strong foundation that you will need in order to get off to a good start online. So don't sweat it in the next few lessons. You're going to be building your own javascript program as well. It won't be advanced as these examples but everybody's got to start somewhere. And this is where you're going to start your journey in learning javascript online.