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Java Web Services

Learn how to design,create , consume and secure SOAP and REST web services from scratch in easy steps.

17:07:24 of on-demand video • Updated October 2021

  • Understand why web services are so popular
  • Understand the different types of WS Design
  • Use Apache CXF the Popular WS Stack
  • Implement Contract First and Code First Web Services
  • Develop a Web Service Consumer
  • Secure Web Services using the WS-Security Standard
  • Implement SOAP Attachments
  • Master the REST web service concepts and Implementation
  • Create different types of REST Clients
  • Secure Rest Services
  • Handle Errors In REST
  • Develop Asynchronous Web Services
  • Jersey REST Quick Start
  • Spring MVC REST Quick Start
  • Learn all the important web services interview Questions and Answers
  • All in short simple and easy steps
  • Use REST Attachments
English In this lecture I would give you the instructions to install Java 8 or JDK 8 on your machine to do that launch your web browser and do a search for Java 8 download click on the very first link which says Java SE development kit 8 downloads and will go to the Java downloads page, Scroll down and you will see different versions of downloads here. This is what we need javaSE development kit. We don't need the samples and downloads accept the license agreement by clicking on the radio button and we have different downloads here for different operating systems. If you are on Windows you will download the exes and simply double click on the exe and keep clicking next and JDK will be typically installed under your program files. If you want to change that you can change that during the process of installation. And if you are on Mac you will download the DMG file again double click on it and it will automatically do the installation for you it would simply go to the apps folder on a Mac and you have versions for Linux and Solaris as well. So it's that simple download once you accept the license agreement. You will download the ExE or DMG or whatever depending on your operating system double click on it and keep clicking the next button.