Different types of regression therapy

Steven Burns
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Welcome to the section on regression therapy.

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  • Hypnotherapy from beginner to advanced.
  • How to create the ideal therapeutic environment for change.
  • An overall process for doing highly effective hypnotherapy.
  • Different models of Hypnotherapy - E.G. Ericksonian & Elman.
  • Multiple different ways to induce trance.
  • How to create powerful change in clients.
  • Multiple hypnotherapy change-work processes.
  • How to help clients access powerful resource states in hypnosis.
  • Specific Interventions: Framework for Smoking Cessation.
  • Specific Interventions: Working with Anxiety.
  • How to do "Parts Therapy".
  • How to help people change unwanted behaviours.
  • How to help people resolve deeply held, negative emotions.
  • How to heal others with Regression hypnotherapy.
  • Comprehensive Hypnotic language.
  • How to create hypnotic trance phenomena and then use it to create change.
  • How to craft suggestions that pack a punch.
  • How to set up and deliver a wide range of hypnotherapy sessions.
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