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  • How to use the PHIttr formula
  • How to use hypnosis correctly and effectively
  • How to put people in trance
  • How to create a therapeutic session with clients and subjects
  • How to use hypnotic language effectively
  • How to spot unconscious moments
  • How to create deep hypnotic trances with only conversation
  • How to use hypnosis without the use of scripts or NLP
English [Auto] Leave this up so let's look at the conversational hypnosis version. So this is the time line we're going to play with like I said the more content we can get out of this even better. This is just my formula that I play with. It's not as to fit a formula. This will give you the time line from start to finish. Just like the start from the top all the way up to testing time. So let's break this down and spend the rest of our time learning how to do it. So this pe stands for priming priming is just a better word. So talk which stands for the hypnotic interview. That's when we're going to find out what's really going on inside of a client's head. But that what's the problem and how we can help them. The as the same as the classical version is our induction. We're going to close the conscious minds of the unconscious mind to express itself. But C stands for therapy just like you know that's on line Chi. This T stands for testing. I mean stands for repeat if necessary. The great thing about this formula what helped me so much is it can be adjusted to suit a smart idea like loss anxiety. Scared of green chickens monsters under the bed whatever your client comes in to see fall. This formula fits exactly the reason why is because it is so flexible. Does that make sense. Who would rather do this version that the pics you have to follow these steps or who would rather do this. Whereas just flexible you can just try something and then get back to it over and over again. A lot easier this side the easier it is for you as a therapist the better the results will be. Why. Because you're not anxious no longer scared about treating clients it becomes a way you think in a way you feel as a hypnotist. Does that make sense. Any questions just on that. No you don't know how to do it yet. But that's where we're headed. Any questions on either of those not pretty straightforward. OK so I'll keep using this board. We're going to break this down and play with exercises accordingly. So her has had someone try to hypnotize them before and it didn't work. Yeah. Sort of who has been hypnotized before and had an experience of it. OK. Believe it or not there's only four steps. I'll give you three POAD give you the bonus for three steps that it takes to actually create what is called a hypnotic trance regardless of the person regardless of their personality. Regardless if you're under the assumption that the smot of the person is the easier it is to be hypnotized or the less intelligent the easier those myths are out the window. There's three steps I'll give you the bonus for as well. Everyone has to go through whether they know it or not to be quote unquote hypnotized. I'll put this down here. Who's heard of the IBS formula before. Just fill us part of the attending surgeon. OK. This IBS all these three steps is what it takes for you to be hypnotized. This IBS formula exists in every one of these steps. So this is what it takes to be a mental. This is the time line of a hypnotherapy session. Does that make sense. OK. So let's look at the eye. First off the ice stands for attention. We need undivided attention from our clients in order for them to experience the hypnotic trance that anyone has at a guess as to why attention might be so important. You're definitely there for them. What else. Perfect. Give their conscious mind something to do before you can take the lid off. What do you need to do. Put your hand on it and twist it to make eye contact with it. So you know what to put your hands. Attention gives the conscious mind something to do. And believe it or not attention fuels a trance. OK if you don't have enough fuel in your car and you're driving what happens the car stops. If you don't have enough attention throughout your entire interaction is a hypnotist the trots will stop and your clot will come out premature. Does that make sense. Cut the b b here. Bypass the conscious mind bypass the conscious Monde's this is your induction this induction is kind the S stands for stimulate the unconscious. That's what your therapy comes in. What you did by the end of this three days was just understand those three steps you would be doing more than Mar's hypnosis other guy and say that when you understands that in order to bypass the conscious mind all you need is any induction no matter how many you have in your suit case of inductions. They all do the same thing. You're ahead of the bunch if you realize that in order to do any therapy whether it's a snake find a spot to find a skid of water anxiety confidence weight loss in order to do therapy or you need to do is stimulate the unconscious mind and just interact with it and play with it like you would do a child you will get a therapeutic response every single time. Sounds too easy easier to make it work. Yes so therapeutic response or therapeutic release. Klein comes in with an issue or leaves without it. That's what you're hearing. I hope so. Yes. And I will add to this not necessarily Is it hard to be positive as long as it's something different than what that come in with. I'll give you that in a bit more context. A client comes in needs to quit smoking and they started smoking 40 a day. But after leaving your office a couple days later that he's smoking today. That's still a problem but something has shifted. That's a therapeutic release. OK. Does it make sense for now anyway. OK. So attention is fuel bypass is our induction which can jump into our first induction very soon and we're going to stimulate the unconscious minds to give them a therapeutic response or two theropods them. It's a horrible joke but I'm going to use that word. So what I would like to do now we have a list of the conscious minds. OK. We know we need to get rid of it. What's the unconscious mind all about in your grps just write a list. What is the function of the unconscious mind was so important. What is this unconscious or subconscious all about. And your groups write down a list of.