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English [Auto] Sussan I'm going to reveal to you how I find stocks that are ready to make big moves. So what I want you to do is open up a window in your Internet browser and follow along with me as you take this lesson. So let's go up to the search bar and type in Synvisc dot com. So in previous courses that I published on you to me I had revealed this free Web site that allows you to screen based on both fundamental and technical analysis. It's a really great site and I get a lot of questions from students on how do I use this site to find quality stocks to trade. So that's what I'm going to show you in this lesson. So let's type Infin dot com into our search bar. And this brings up the Web site. We'll start out on the home screen and you can see that there is a list of big movers for the day. This is updated every single day and it's entirely free which is great. There is a paid service it's not necessary for the strategy that I'm going to teach you so you don't need to pay a penny for this which is fantastic. So what I'm going to do in this lesson is I'm going to show you the exact things I look for when a screen for stocks to trade the strategy that I'm going to teach you in my course. So if you scroll down about midway down the screen you can see that there are technical indicators trend lines or trend line resistance horizontal support resistance wedges ascending descending triangles have your channels up down double tops. So there are a number of things you can screen for using this website. So I want to show you which ones that I use and find useful in my trading. There are a few that I look at. One of the big ones is horizontal support and resistance and that's a big one because if you're going to buy a stock you want to buy it when it's at a support level because it has a higher chance of making a big move from that level. So if we click on horizontal support resistance you can see it pulls up a list of charts or all the stocks that have bounced are nearing a bounce off of a resistance or support level for this particular trading day. So you can scroll through these and find really great trading opportunities. And you can use this if you're going to buy stock. You want to buy off a support level and you're going to sell or short stocks. You want to do that with a resistance level. So it's back up and I'll go into these in more detail further along in the course. So horizontal support resistance is a big one and that's one that I use very very frequently. Another one that I use a lot are the channels so if I'm looking to go longer a stock look at channel up and this will put up a list and you can see all of these charts that show stocks that are trading within channels and what you want to do is you want to look for a stock going in on a particular day that is bouncing off the bottom support line of that channel. That would be an ideal place for a trade. So let's go back to our homescreen. I don't tend to look at fundamental indicators when trading is trading strategy the way that we're going to trade. There's really no reason to look at fundamentals because even if the stock moves against us we still have the ability to make a profit. I'm going to show you how to do that. Plus are holding signs for these trades are relatively short you know 30 60 90 days. So the fundamentals usually don't play a huge role in the trade fundamentals you should play a larger role and longer term investments. Those are the main things I look for when I screen for stocks using Fenjves dot com. There is another cool feature on here that I'm going to show you that could help you find strong stocks if you look at the top toolbar here. I want you to click on groups and what this does is it pulls up sectors. That's if you look at the group name. You can sort by sector industry country and capitalization it's defaulted to sector and that's what we want to sort by and what we want to look for is the one week one month and three month performance and you want to find out if you're going to go longest stocks. You want to look at sectors that are performing well on all three time frames they don't have to all be ranking at the exact rate. For instance it all has to rank the number one spot. But if you find one for instance say health care is ranking high on the one week one month three month performance that's a good sector to try. That means that sector is doing really well in the current market. And so then what you can do is you can go to the screener. So we'll go back up to the top toolbar here click on screener and if you look there are a bunch of dropdown boxes here and there's one at the top middle called sector. You can pull that down and if you notice that there's a sector that's performing really well you can pull that sector out. It's going to screen all of the stocks in that sector and you can use that to find stocks that are performing well within that sector. So that's another way to screen for stocks. And this