How to use Oracle Cards for Relationship Questions

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Learn how to give a card reading for someone who is looking for a new relationship

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English One of the most common questions that you will be asked as a psychic is about love life and romantic life. Quite often people will come to you who are in a current relationship and wish to know how the future's going to progress between them and their partner. On a similar level, single people will often come and see a psychic because they know when it is they going to meet their soul mate. Another really common question is, is this person the right person for me? This can be a tricky question because someone might be right for you right now, but not in the future. They also might not be right for you right now, but they will be great for you in the future. So, I would always ask and frame those questions as, what do I need to know about my relationship with this person, as opposed to should I be with them right now? So as usual, we have done as psychic protection and we have cleared the deck and we have asked everything that comes through for these client is for their best and highest good. So we're going to take the deck and in this particular circumstance, we're going to ask this person who's going to be a single person who is looking for their soul mate and they're going to be asking, what is it that they need to know about finding their soul mate? So, shuffling the cards with your intention is the reader that everything comes through for this client is for their best and highest good. And then handing it to the client and letting them shuffle until they feel that they are ready to hand them back to you. Remembering to ask this question aloud. Once they've had it back to you, spread it in a horseshoe, and ask your client to pick three cards one at a time. Okay, I really love these cards because there's always a lot of positive messages, but there's also very beautiful images. I often use these cards at the end of a reading when I feel like I want to add just a little bit of magic at the end. Okay, so the first card is Pay Attention. And again, this is in the past position and this is saying, "notice repetitious signs and your inner guidance, as this can yield valuable information." What I can gather from this is that this is someone who in the past has been getting some strong messages and perhaps they haven't been noticing them. Quite often, angels will send us messages about finding our soul mates. Like why didn't you go and join that club, or why don't you go and go to that party and meet that particular person, or why don't you return a phone call of someone you haven't met for a long time because they might know someone who might eventually lead to your soulmate? It's really important when you're single and you're looking to connect with someone that you follow all signs that the angels give you, no matter how crazy they seem. With my own particular meeting and my husband, for example, I was getting a lot of signs that I needed to go out with a friend of mine that I hadn't seen for a very long time. The night I met my husband, I nearly canceled on his friend, but I felt guilty because I canceled on her before, and the angel said to me quite strongly, you need to go to this party. And of course, this was a party where I met my husband, so pay attention. And as I said, because this is in the past, I feel like it's something that's influencing them that they've needed to really be conscious of what messages the angels are sending to them because this is going to give them good information. It's really important when you're manifesting a soul mate that you're not just saying, I need a soulmate, I need a soulmate, I need a soulmate. That you're also allowing the universe and the angels to deliver messages about where you can connect with this person. The present card is suggesting set your sights higher. Increase your standards, and expect more for yourself and don't settle. Now, this is obviously a very funny card for someone to get looking for a soulmate. And I'm sure any of us that have been single will know what it feels like when you are looking for someone, and you are feeling that you want to make that connection. However, that the people you may just aren't quite what you are looking for and yet you don't want to be alone, so you settle. This is a very strong message that this person needs to make sure that they are going for the very best for them. Again, they don't have to be a perfectionist in this. They just need to make sure that they're setting their sights to someone who is compatible with them, a perfect person for them. This message is saying very strongly, don't settle, and increase your standard, which means to make sure it's someone who you want to be friends with, and someone that you want to have common interests with, and someone that you know you get along with. Very important in this particular process I am getting to make sure that it's not someone you are trying to mold into who you want to be, but someone who naturally is already like that. So making sure that in your visualizations, in any of your dream diaries, anything that you're setting to the angels and in your prayers that this is someone who is really for your best and highest good. The very positive news at the end here suggests that the worst is behind this person and that positive new experiences are on the horizon. This would suggest to me that sometime in the next three to six months, they probably will meet someone new. And if they don't meet someone new who is going to be their permanent partner, then at least they are going to meet someone that's going to give them an idea of how they can set their sights higher. So it might be someone that has qualities that they've been looking for in a partner, but they never realized before. This new dawn suggests that they're not going to be feeling as lonely anymore. There's going to be more opportunities to meet people. And in this process, they will be able to define for themselves what it is they want in a partner. This is always a great card to get whenever you want to start something new because it suggests that the old baggage is no longer relevant and that you are able to create now from a much more of that powerful procession because you're not as caught up with the past. It's really important that you reinforce to your client that they need to look forward and visualize success with a partner, visualize what they want, instead of remembering all the past failures. In the next section, we're going to do another love life reading for someone who is currently in a relationship and wants to know if this relationship is going to progress any further.