Psychic Mediumship: Structure and Foundations

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Psychic Mediumship: Structure and Foundations

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The Definitive Guide To Psychic Development

Master The Art Of Psychic Connection: Channeling, Communicating & Healing Through Psychic Development

01:43:39 of on-demand video • Updated December 2022

Learn how to connect with others on a psychic Level in a way that is meaningful and powerful
Learn How To Understand Yourself Better & The Ability To Listen To The Inner Soul
Learn How To Protect Yourself From Other Peoples Energies
Personal Development Through Spiritual Intuitive Guidance Helping You To Make The Right Decisions
Learn How To Heal Your Chakras So You Can Live A Happy Healthy Life
Help Others Become More Aware Of Their Energetic Blockages & Spiritual Pathway
Learn How To Teach Others The Main Structure & Attunement To Become A Psychic Medium
Learn The Ability To Deliver A Private Reading With Purpose & As A Career
You Will Learn How To Bring More People To Your Spiritual Business
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