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In this lecture you will be introduced to your Instructor, Steven Matt, and hear welcome message about what you'll learn in the course. You will also learn about Goals, Strategies, and Tactics and when to apply each in your marketing strategy.

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English [Auto] Hey guys it's Steven Matt. This is the class I've been talking about. It's digital marketing one on one. This is the culmination of five years of teaching I've been teaching this class it's been sold out every single month for the last five years I've been teaching here in New York City and I've finally bringing this class online to all of you. I'm so excited. So let's get started. So my name is Steven Matt. I am the director of digital marketing at First Data Corp. I have a master's degree in marketing from NYU and a B.A. in communications from Pratt and I I've taught over 100 of these digital marketing one among classes right here New York City. This is the first time I'm bringing this online so I can reach a wider audience and really deliver some really helpful relevant engaging information to all of you. And of course it's completely free. So let's dive into the class. So here's what we're gonna learn tonight. We're going to learn how to acquire new customers. This is one of the primary goals that small business owners have when they're looking to grow their business how to acquire new customers. Number two how to keep those customers coming back. Obviously it's much cheaper to sell to an existing customer. You already have their contact information. They're already familiar with your brand. They trust you and hopefully they've already liked your brand so much so that they want to buy from you again. So these are the two goals that we're going to talk about tonight. So with digital marketing you always want to start with the goal. There's really three things there's the goal there is the strategy and there's the tactic. The goal is your objective. It's sort of the thing that you're trying to achieve the strategy. Think of it this way it's the way that you achieve the goal right. It's the method of achieving it. The tactics. This is the fun stuff. This is the stuff that everyone tries to do tries to start with. It's Facebook advertising its CEO it's email marketing its content marketing. The idea is not to start with the tactics I've seen so many business owners jump right to the newest flashy thing like Snapchat that's may not be the best thing to do right. Because it depends on what your goal is what is it that you're trying to achieve. So always start out with a goal identify what the goal is first and then find the appropriate strategy and then think of the tools or the tactics as the sort of things that you can pick and choose from according to how you're going to achieve the goal. So for example if we're talking about acquiring new customers that's goal number one. The strategy that we're going to use to achieve that goal is is to increase our discover ability online. And the tactics that we're going to use are going to be CEO Google Maps Apple Maps Yelp maybe some advertising and social media. On the other hand let's look at another goal. The other goal is going to be increasing your sales from existing customers or getting existing customers to keep coming back the way that we're going to do that is to achieve an improved shopping experience whether we're talking about in-store or on your e-commerce Web site online. The tactics that we're going to use for those are going to be rewards something called line busting email and social media. So again the important concept here is that you always have to start with your goal what is it that you're trying to achieve. Are you trying to grow your email list. Are you trying to increase your followers on social media. Are you trying to get people to watch your videos. Are you trying to make sales. What is the purpose of your marketing efforts. That's your goal. The strategy is how you're going to do it and then the tactics are the tools or the things that you'll do to achieve that goal.