Tall Grass Tile

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Tall Grass Tile

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Create stunning pixel art tilesets for a platform game
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Welcome in this lecture we're going to be adding some kind of a grass tile and tree tile like a taller grass tree tile to our grass platform or tile and we're going to be learning kind of about one of the benefits of pixelate it is the ability to create a mockup for your game over here while you create the tile set over here using layers. So we'll get into that a little bit. So once you've got this open we're going to resize our document and then resize resize tile resize canvas and we'll do tiles. Hi. Let's just change tiles high for now we'll do 16 tiles high place the stone at the bottom. So then we get a little bit more space above our ground right here. And we're going to use this space for our grass in our tree. So maybe put some grass right here a tree right here. So first we need to come over here and do layers and we need to create a new layer. And you can see I've actually already got two layers here some a delete one just so that we can be kind of on the same page. So you should only have one layer over here. We're going to create a new layer. Just click the plus button to add a new layer and you can drag these layers to decide which ones on top. Now this specific layer I'm actually going to want it behind behind the grass because we're going to come into here a little bit so you'll see if I draw right here. We're drawing on the next layer. But it's going to show up behind our currently air. Now we can change these properties too. We can change the opacity of this layer so that we can see through it just a bit and we're going to do that and we should still have our palette up. Pierce we've got all the colors we need. And let's start off by doing a tall grass and we'll create some new tiles here. And I'm in white and now let's just create some new tiles here. We'll start with this bottom left one and we'll put it right here. And get this bottom. The one above that will put it right here. Now we should be able to draw and see it show up on those two tiles right there. And it did so that's working how it should go. Let's get our palette back her palette. She's going to rearrange this just a tad once you've done that. Grab this screen right here which Green is that is that our darkest. Now that's the medium turn green and we'll fill this in. Hold shifts only fills in that square you can see we fold in that tile and we'll draw we'll draw our taller grass and the kind of fanned this out just a bit. I actually want that back I want to keep a hint of where that was. For now I go to another one right here. And then one more kind of right here. Trying to keep track of where all the blades are and that's pretty good. Now we're going to come up in our colors and we want to show where the brighter bits are. This summer long this right here and we're criss cross and this grass just a bit too you can see because I'm going this way some going this way very similar to what we've been doing before. Trying to remember where some of these strands come through kind of show the leaf bit since here a little bit. And since we've got the back done to this grass we can we can undo the opacity on our layer here. Settings put the opacity back up. There we go. This will help us see what it looks like better. And we want to go with the brightest values here for sure. In some of these areas where the sun's going to be hitting nice and bright We've got our sun coming from this. Need to remember this coming from this direction. So this right here is going to be lit this will probably be a little bit better here. Give us a little better before it's going to be our brightest one. I don't think we I don't think we show this. This leaves feels like it's facing away from the sun too much. Yeah this leaf right here. This whole bit we might change its angle so that we can we can grab the sun so that come up. It doesn't feel quite right design wise. Why can't I erase that on the wrong letter. Oh I am on the wrong letter. Been working on the wrong letter. That's unfortunate. Purchase to a free copy paste this at this then come back to the correct layer and then paste. There we go. OK. Don't work on the wrong letter. Make sure you switch to the right letter if you mess up. You can do it I just did. Pretty easy. Copy paste. So then you take it back to the correct layer press enter so that actually hops in there and then click outside here to select the whole thing. There you go. Now are you racing this. And I imagine that this is going to be nice and bright Suns hitting it real strong. Do something like this come in with a bit of the leaf there and that's looking pretty good. I like the way that leaf looks. We might keep a lot of that having another. We need another little leaf in here. I feel like crazy here. Kind of a leaf inside of what we've got going on. Up there maybe another one over here. Do we want to grab any of our Baloo at it right here. Right here. It does help. I don't know. That doesn't feel necessary because it feels like it's all part of this down here. Let's get our darkest green. I think we want to use some of this in a few spaces here. Just to emphasize how dark this area is there and there hoops and a bit here as well trying to look at it objectively. It feels like there needs to be a bit here. But there that's actually pretty just that little tiny bit there little tiny bit. So he remembered which way the sun is coming from. We got a good amount of I mean I think the grass has pretty good shape and we criss cross it kind of like we did the other stuff. We've got a nice grass tile now. And we should be on the correct layer. So now we can place this in a few places up here as well inside of our scene. And you can see kind of floats above or other tile that's because of the way that we set up the other tile. But we can have this in the back a little bit and we might want to might want to change this tile just a tad. So it's got an edge here a little bit of an edge. Here we go. That's good. And obviously in your game where you're going to have is you're going to have a lot of air. You'll have you'll have a lot of layers anyways. So you have layers all over in your game for your different tiles and you can you can do similar layers to how we have here but our tile set is always going to be just what we need for our tiles over here. Like this. But we can create a nice little mockup here and see what is this game going to look like before we ever even get to our tile set. So let's actually let's actually create a tile for the sky as well and we'll create another layer so let's rename this layer because I think we can rename it edit settings. This one is going to be called the ground then we'll rename this one right here. Click on there settings will be renamed this one grass and trees and then we'll add one more layer here. Add a new layer will drag it behind the grass and trees and we'll name this one sky so we can create a real nice mockup here. We'll get our blue color here. Well let's come back to the grass layer get rid of this and then click outside here we'll grab maybe this tile right here. Tile 21 and will place it inside of our world just across the top here a little and then we'll switch to our color here will fill this and boom filled it and then we can slide that tile and come all the way down because it's this one is actually going to erase it and make sure you like the sky layer and do this working with layers it's really easy to forget and click on the wrong layer. There we go. Then all we have to do if we want to change all of the sky is change the color of this. And I think we should. I think we should have shift a little bit. OK. And then shifted again into a lower saturation. We want this. The reason we want the sky to be a lower saturation will actually do a lower saturation and also a lower brightness or brighter brightness. I should say the reason we want the sky to be a lower saturation you just took a minute because we don't want it to stand out so let's assume your control s to save this platform tiles pixel and we'll do our view. We can turn off show tile grid and we can look at this as a mock up now as if it were a game which is which is really useful. You can quickly mock up your game without having to worry about copy pasting all this around and it's one of the very big benefits of of pixelate it in my opinion and that's going to be it for this lecture in the next lecture it will create what we'll be doing more stuff with this in the next lecture. So thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one.