Useful phrases with repetition drills

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Useful phrases with repetition drills

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In this lecture you will be presented with a list of useful phrases for everyday life. With this set of phrases you can make your way through the day in Spanish.

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After taking this training, you will be surprised about how quickly you can build your own basic sentences in Spanish.

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This course is not about grammar. Our main objective is for you to be fluent speaking and able to understand conversational Spanish. Use our guided imitation method to learn Spanish pronunciation with real native speakers.
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Now you listen to some useful phrases for everyday life but these are phrases you can make your way through the day in Spanish. This is a long exercise. So make sure you take breaks. Also check your pronunciation every once in a while. OK let's do it. Frances will doubtless see see NO NO THIS THIS. I know my heart. I know my whole simpler simpler simpler non-car no longer no obvious obvious obvious glottal glottal say Wardo say Rudo see Gaukroger see this group on me this mean this bombing the school me. This could be me this could be me better may so better Misao compared me so Kongsberg me so but a missile for combat support for war salute. Salute fairly complete abuse Felis complete I most complete ambulance company and most go bananas Fairlie's companions fairly see this félicie this use ideos has that label as a label as a young my nana my nana my nana born on my nana Waterlow my nana Balter not that of the Balter not that of the borderline notchy borderline not jay not not jay not mine and with a lot of Mass this past Boy they must this passio this you this bus you must this bus you must this bus you must this bus you they on this bus you know them comprendo no comprendo Nintendo and Viendo knowing Defendo knowing the make them President make them the make DNA see get to see OK no good ok no see no Adidas will whatever so whatever but if I were to follow whether at this point if I were Lippitt whether or not they didn't know if I will boy they argue that maybe if I were I do that to me I don't mean boy they may perform or way they do that. Mick Boy they do not want to follow I'll see you I'll see your I'll see you I do they mean I do they me. Julie I will not say no say better either Stoyte better either. No local school no look on Osco Comal said the thing is when you're all said this is for spinal Gomo said this is awful things find your spinal is finally said. Golo said Gaule said this is going to these swing español we being being Moine being no I us no oberlé us. No I don't blame us. They stop being stop being a stop being a story. What to do they ask what to do. What are the exploit what to do. Problem ballclub is onion Bocal. Bogle it's funny on the espanol aboud Bhogle days. Find your own story Jonas VACACIONES is his neighbor Eunice Stone. Eunice may Jorge made Gamo Jorge Menon but it is Jorge Menominee is Jorge me nobody is me nobody is me but it is Jorge go so Jorge go slowly Jorge you do go to the Yamas eat to go to Yamas eat do a Dallas use that Gomo say Yamma use that call say Yamma well known for what is well known Bridgeport fumbler what is known for mucho gusto. Much of Lousteau Hank and cantabile and other other kids are present that only a one percent a one Kiran and only one kid undoubtedly Good old and bottom line good openness and only one good openness and that only one good thing but the one good thing they are one mucho Lousteau much of Lousteau he want maintain Yes. Yes. The other day that other they I the say so say so say so it was on or let's Maceo guess and so it's less. It's worse when I see your Mesa donas style. This time of day. Don't get started scening don't want to StarLink will settle down dystonic and see the don't get started by don't stand by. A study or let's get the the study let's get to the stodgy Skidder Let's get stogy olive skinned histology and other major study of the major other data of that age study the nature study al-Askari the study of the nature of whether it be about M.S. whether it be about analysing S.R.O gave me when they gave me a single where they gave out those same whether those central the was the one that was the why was the why did one called Bentine the DNA like you get is it going to be you the DNA of the DNA those Phaistos Bynner Indiana Pacers there will be no get to see the song is final. And you know they see they're so busy their song is playing on get get it get you to see that song is Bangham get to this e-wrestling Espanol. Believe it or not you're starting to sound like a native speaker.