What is Shot Composition?

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  • Shoot professional video by utilizing shot composition.
  • Optimize your camera settings for taking better video.
  • Replicate cinematic movie-like movement for your video.
  • Create professional lighting for any scenario.
  • Apply storytelling to your shots to instantly boost production quality.
  • Film people, landscapes, and architecture like a pro.
  • Properly document your travels, shoot short films, and boost your social media content.
English [Auto] We have made it to my favorite part of the course shot composition for cinematography. Feels good. Hands down the most important part about shooting great video is learning the rules of shot composition. Seriously it is more important than the birth of your firstborn son. If you've taken my last course of photography you'll know that I say that shot composition is the Make It or Break It between professionalism and amateur hour. You can have all the fancy gadgets and equipment in the world for shooting awesome video and you could still shoot like you're great at Mars with a razor flip phone. So what is shot composition. Well in order to know that we have to know what is a shot and a shot is just a frame that's arranged with objects and shapes that are used to make up a composition. So shock composition is just arranging that frame with these objects and shapes with purpose. You have to shoot with purpose if you want to be a good cinematographer. So in these next sections we're going to be talking about perspective and vantage point in 180 degree rule and leader room and head room and all these things. And we're going to be talking about how you can use all these to help tell a story in your cinematography. Trust me this is material you do not want to miss. It is extremely valuable. Pay attention. Enjoy it. I'm going to make it fun. Feeling good is a good section. Let's do it.