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In this lecture, I will introduce you to the ease and Wizz AE Plugin, Basically, Ease and Wizz plugin is a set of expressions for After Effects that give you more ways to interpolate between values.

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English [Auto] Hey guys in this lecture I'll introduce you to the easy and was after effects plug and basically easy and who is plugin is a set of expressions for after effects that give you more ways to interpolate between values it provides you with ready made animations that you can quickly apply to your key frames that automatically gives you the desired motion without needing to do this yourself manual. First let me explain how you can get an install this plug. You will find a link in the external resources of this lecture where you can get this plugin from after downloading the folder. Simply go to the Adobe After Effects application folder on your computer. Go to scripts scripts you eye then move these easy and was a files into the scripts you eye folder. Then when you go to your Adobe After Effects you'll have to close it and open it again. Then under the windows in the menu bar you will find the easy end with script installed. So for instance here if I create a circle and I created a scale key frame here this will be the default motion of my circle. Now if I selected those two key frames go too easy inwards and say I'll select the easy to bounce and time 2 out and then click apply you would see that I got this nice bounce to my circle. Let's take another example. I'll write anything here and lets any mean the position on this text like this and then select those two key frames go to the easy and was panel set and the easing to elastic and type as in and always do not forget to click apply. Now let's see how this will play great. So go ahead now and try out each and every kind of motion here to get familiar with each. These are applied to position and scale key frames. You will find a short demo attached in this lecture. External resources as a guide or reference to all the animation movements that you can get from this plugin. I hope you're enjoying so far. If you do have any questions or if anything that is unclear. Please post your question on the discussion board and I'll reply as soon as possible. Thank you so much for watching and looking forward to seeing you next lecture.