Grow Your Social Media Presence
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Grow Your Social Media Presence

"Turn Your Online and Social Media Network into an Engine for Business Opportunities." -Basim Mirza
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
185 students enrolled
Created by Basim Mirza
Last updated 4/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • To Turn Your Personal Brand into a Profitable Personal Empire.
  • Land opportunities for success (Find a job, get promoted, land a client, etc)
  • Revamped/Launch your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Mediums.
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Why This Course?

This course takes you through the fundamentals necessary to help you build a solid network, and capitalize on it to hunt for opportunities. By taking this course you will be better prepared to:

-Find the job you're looking for.

-Set yourself up for a promotion.

-Start or add value to a business.

-Search for the right business partners.

Curriculum will conducted through HD Tutorial Videos with voice over guidance, supplementary materials, "action plan" exercise modules, letter and email samples. To take you though the step by step instructions. Weekly office hours included in the program, as well as the option to have additional one-on-one training.


My step by step guidance and tools break the course down into simple modules. The goal is to help you succeed.

Why Basim?

Basim Mirza built his personal brand into an online empire. He is now a serial entrepreneur specializing in social media and enterprise development. He spends much of his time now as a public speaker and an active blogger. 

Basim has spoken at the renowned Schulich School of Business, which ranks the #1 Business School in the World by Aspen Institute and Wall Street Journal. He's also spoken at University of Toronto,Wilfrid Laurier, and many other established schools across Canada. With the impact and power behind his methodologies, Basim Continues to be invited back to speak at these prestigious schools. 

He has also been featured as a main speaker for NSPIRE, interviewed by CBC Radio, and has been featured on CityTV, Virgin Radio, and Yahoo Pulse. 


Who is the target audience?
  • Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Job-Hunters
  • Students
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Getting Started
1 Lecture 04:51

The video explains some of the key social mediums we'll be looking at for this course. What you can get out of it, and how you can utilize it. Whether you're a professional, job or promotion seeker, business owner, this course will show you how to land the opportunity you're looking for. This course will help you build the social media infrastructure you will need to succeed.

Attached Supplementary Material:

  1. Social Media Reference Table that summarizes the mediums taught in this course.

Preview 04:51
LinkedIn for Leads
6 Lectures 20:35
Editing your LinkedIn profile will allow your make appropriate changes, and place the content appropriately. It will also increase your presence as your profile will come up in relevant searches, if you want to be found be clear on what goes on your profile, and what sort of people should be contacting you.
Attached Supplementary Material:
  1. PDF Guide to help write your LinkedIn headline and summary description.
Preview 04:33

Building your LinkedIn network in the right avenues to attract the right opportunities. Using groups and contact importing through email to ensure you have the right surrounding network, and how to find external contacts.

Attached Supplementary Material:

  1. LinkedIn Search Manual Part 1 demonstrates how to search for contacts by searching directly, importing contacts, and looking at groups.
Preview 02:25

Leverage the power of LinkedIn Recommendations to boost your business credibility. Recommendations help you earn trust from strangers very quickly, simply because you've received praise from the right people. This module will show you how to capture the right recommendations quickly.

Attached Supplementary Material:

  1. Examples of the kind of recommendations you should be looking for.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Being able to directly or indirectly reach out to a potential contact by leveraging InMail technology or asking for an introduction through a mutual contact. By doing this you could get connected with your potential employer, client, or even a business partner!

Attached Supplementary Material:
  1. Sample letters to assist with asking for introductions, and reaching out directly to prospective contacts.
  2. Sample letter that helps you reach out to a 2nd degree connection (friend of a friend).
InMails and Introductions on LinkedIn

Headhunting the right prospects on LinkedIn for business opportunities will bring results to your career. This component shows how to search for the right people that would meet your needs. Taking it a step further, I look at LinkedIn groups and company profiles, and show how to leverage the entities to reach out to new networks.

Attached Supplementary Material:

  1. LinkedIn Search Manual Part 2 takes searching for contacts a step further by seeking leads through searching companies and direct contacts (2nd degree networking).
Targeting Leads on LinkedIn

Understanding the mutual links in your network allows you to piece together social circles and environments, which essentially is a networking map for your needs. This allows you to understand how clusters of people close to your network mingle, and what commonalities create those relationships.

Attached Supplementary Material:

  1. "Social Science Guide" will help you understand how to use networking maps to immerse yourself within influential networks.
Social Mapping on LinkedIn
Facebook and Your Personal Brand
8 Lectures 33:13
Looking at the basic features that make Facebook an effective tool for conducting business. Whether its for promoting your business, building professional relationships to land your next job, or kick start a non for profit organization, Facebook is a secret sauce or success. The following modules will show you how to leverage Facebook for business.

Attached Supplementary Material:

  1. "Facebook Business Avenues" will help identifies the streams and channels to utilize for your business purposes. 
Facebook as a Business Tool

Growing your network increases your opportunities constantly. You receive more promotion and you end up with more options as well. This module explains how to find your friends on Facebook, add them, and categorize them in to lists. This process will set you up for utilizing your network for the future, which in turn could help you land new opportunities.

Attached Supplementary Material:

  1. "Getting Friends on Facebook" will give you insight on the long term strategies for how you should build your friends list.
Accumulating Facebook Friends

A Facebook Fan Page could be the promotional backbone for any business or organization, and can be an excellent source for generating new clients. You're also able to build rapport with your audiences by maintaining engagement. We take you through all the relevant components of the Fan Page, and how to best utilize them for your personal branding.

Attached Supplementary Material:

  1. "Facebook Fanpage Marketing" breaks down the key components that builds a successful Fanpage.
Marketing With Facebook Fan Pages

How to run promotions that drive intrinsic value and engagement to the extent where you increase traffic. This module will teach you how to tell great stories, and use them as seeds for driving excellent promotion. We will go through some clear examples that showcase this process, and how to apply it to your own practice.
Storytelling on Facebook

Facebook is a platform that can be used to network, especially if you're mixing business with pleasure. We demonstrate the value of adding the right people on Facebook, and if needed, making introductions to people within your community. Thus building residual value, credibility, and new synergies within your network.

Attached Supplementary Materials:

  1. Sample letters that shows how to introduce two people in formal and casual situations. 
Networking on Facebook

Facebook Groups has evolved into a tool that supports project management. The feature has become a base for managing communication for grass root projects, and having direct access to promotion though the marketing tools Facebook has to offer. 

Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Projects and Campaign Through Facebook" shows how to build campaigns through using communication tools such as Facebook Groups. 
Project Management on Facebook

Facebook allows you to create events and invite guests within your network. Utilizing this will allow you to convert virtual experiences in to physical, hence building rapport and bringing relationships closer. This also helps market your events better and increase attendances, not only that you'll increase the quality of those attending. 

Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Marketing on Facebook Events" will assist with bringing conversions out of invited guests online.
Successful Events on Facebook

This module takes you through the fundamentals of advertising on Facebook, and fully understanding how you can build a monetization strategy. You could be building a community, or generate leads that determine sales on your business model. Either way your leads have to hold value, this module will help you uncover the purposes behind analytics, and continuing to monetize as well.
Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Analytics and Advertising on Facebook" helps determine whether there is a return on investment of time, and if its feasible to generate additional leads.
Analytics and Advertising
Google Plus and Productivity = Winning Combination
3 Lectures 09:05
Google brings social networks together with a clear emphasis on collaboration. You're able to build rapport with your surrounding online environment, and find ways to engage on deeper levels. By building deeper relationships you're increasing the likelihood on turning prospects in to "raving fans".

Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Mastering Google+" is a document that will help you understand the basic concepts necessary to build your networks, and distribute your content.
Google Plus is Powerful

Google+ has a unique approach towards building networks. Your network is like a circle, and if you have the ability to add or remove people from your circles. The people within your circle become a source for content that you see in your feeds. People have the choice to add you to their circles as well, which may mean they could be exposed to your content as well.

Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Finding New Networks on Google" helps you understand the sources from where you can find new followers.
Building Your Circular Network

Bringing together people in your network in to a conversation encourages collaboration and unity. Google Hangouts allows you to have a unique face to face experience with multiple individuals within your network, while also encouraging ideation. The tools and features that exist make it simple to build content, and have the option to broadcast them to the right marketing channels. 

Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Utilizing Google Hangouts" helps you make full use of collaboration from the tool itself and using it to build networks.
Conference Call Parties
Using Twitter to Influence Affluent Relationships
3 Lectures 05:25
The intent behind twitter is to reach out to anyone, and the maximum you can write is 140 characters. Celebrities, public figures, large corporations have twitter accounts. Because individuals have the power to "tweet", and get the attention of influencers. 

Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Tweet to Get Ahead" helps you understand the social dynamics behind twitter, and what are the options for the different types of exposure you may receive through tweets.
Tweeting With a Purpose

Influencers have the ability to get your message marketed to the masses through "retweets". By leveraging their networks you're able to demonstrate your value proposition to many people, simply because influencers have a large following behind them.

Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Identifying Influencers on Twitter" is a one pager that helps you understand how to leverage high profiled users to promote to the right crowds. 
Attracting Influencers

Placing a hashtag (#) in front of any specific keyword allows you to collaborate discussions within the twitter community, which could also be channeled in to discussions in to tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You're able to create an environment based on a specific subject or a theme, such as an event or an online show.

Attached Supplementary Materials:
  1. "Events and Discussions on Twitter" helps you understand how to convert virtual relationships in to personal face to face by participating in online twitter discussions.
Leveraging Events and Discussions
Your Personality on Pinterest
2 Lectures 03:58
Pinterest allows you to share creative images. Pictures can range from fashion, photography, cars, beauty, etc. When you share, people get a sense of what your likes and dislikes are, thus gaining more insight into your personality, hence your personal brand as well.
Objective Behind Pinterest

This course takes a look at the business applications behind Pinterest, and how entrepreneurs and professionals are able to use it for promotional reasons. Content is created and leveraged to build new leads, the module takes you through the process creating relevant content for such use. 
Pinterest for Business
Winning Clients With YouTube
3 Lectures 04:36
YouTube allows you to broadcast your message in video format, and view videos made by others. This powerful tool allows you to embed videos on websites and other platforms. Anyone in the world can see your video, and you can use that to your benefit and attract new business.
Purpose of YouTube

Having impactful video content will allow you to differentiate yourself from other videos that exist on YouTube, as well as add powerful content to websites and social mediums. We look at how the video content should be consistent with your personal brand.
Uploading Powerful Video Content

This module shows you how to access the analytics and metrics behind your YouTube account and videos, which can help you build insight towards who may be your ideal client, or the person you want exploring your videos. The insight allows you to best position yourself, gain useful feedback, as well as collect data for monetization. I also demonstrate how to make use of the monetization opportunities from Youtube, where you could implement "Cost Per Click" (CPC) or be a part of the YouTube Partnership Program. 
Analytics, Advertising, and Monetization
1 Lecture 02:42
Your Personal Brand & Vision
About the Instructor
Basim Mirza
5.0 Average rating
2 Reviews
197 Students
4 Courses
Marketing Maven, Best Selling Author, Speaker

Basim is the Best Selling Author of Your Naked Brand, and the Founder of Mirza International. He is an in-demand marketer, and one of the most sought after speakers on marketing.

Basim has spoken at the renowned Schulich School of Business, which ranks the #1 Business School in the World by Aspen Institute and Wall Street Journal. He has also spoken at the University of Toronto, Wilfrid Laurier, Upper Canada College, Nspire, and many other established organizations across North America. With the impact and power behind his methodologies, and a comprehensive marketing approach, Basim continues to be invited back to speak regularly. His corporate clients include TD and Booster Juice.

Basim has made repeat visits as a signing author across major Chapters Indigo Bookstores. He has also been interviewed by CBC Radio, and featured on CityTV, Virgin Radio, and Yahoo Pulse. Basim has inspired thousands of emerging leaders, and is on a mission to serve many more.