Mind Mastery Training Level I - The 4 Elements
4.3 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
423 students enrolled
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Mind Mastery Training Level I - The 4 Elements

A Path To Inner Power Begins With Self-Knowledge
4.3 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
423 students enrolled
Created by Jane H. Tepley
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Undestand other people on a completely new level that will allow you to lead, influence and help others in a way you have never thought was possible
  • Find a perfect employee for your company needs
  • Learn to successfully negotiate with different personality types and to create your offer in a way that makes it irresistible to them
  • Be able to profile other people fast, predict their responses, likes and dislikes
  • Have an in-depth understanding of your own personality and subliminal impulses of others
  • FREE 98 pages course book to help you fully develop your skills
  • Know how to eradicate weaknesses and enhance strengths
  • Transform the way you see the world and yourself
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin and create your life according to your true essence - find out about your ideal place to live and the kind job that would bring the best out of you
  • Find a romantic partner you will be able to create a deep connection with, or enhance their existing relationships
  • Know how to transform your mindset and attitudes to become the person you always aspired to be
  • FREE highest quality meditation HD videos for each Element to speed up your progress
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  • The desire to develop a more powerful mindset
  • The desire for successful interactions with others
  • Commitment and open mind

Read people fast, lead, influence and connect with others using the strategy of the 4 Elements.

You are about to learn a powerful tool that will give you the ability to speed read people in real time, decode their sentiments, understand their behaviours and get an immediate insight into their mindset.

Understanding the personality type of any individual who crosses your path will make your perceptions clear, your judgements sound and your ability to connect with others effortless.

Have you ever wished you could understand people better? Have you ever wondered, what invisible strings of their mind make them react in a certain way and whether this can be changed?

Think of the advantages you could have if you could glimpse a part of their inner world and be able to truly comprehend (and predict!) their responses.

On the other hand, how wonderful it would be to become yourself a person who can instantly adapt to any circumstances and have an upper hand in every situation! Wouldn’t it be a great skill to have?

The secret is – to understand others, you must first learn to understand yourself.

This course is going to teach you the principles of human personality, as seen through the prism of the four Elements we all know – Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and how to use them to empower yourself.

Too many people are trying to shape their lives without understanding their real nature - or even going against it! - which obviously creates struggle and unhappiness. Learning your natural rhythm and living in alignment with it will set you mentally and emotionally free, transform both your interaction with the world and the quality of your life.

If you run a business or your job involves a lot of personal interaction with clients – such as in coaching, counselling, sales, marketing or customer service, you may find the information you find here to be your secret key to a greater success, which will transform your results from good to outstanding.

If you simply want to find a way of empowering yourself, discover your own unique niche and build better relationships – this is the course you've been looking for.

But it's not all.....


Taking this course is an important step on your self-development journey, and you are going to discover a lot of new information. I believe though that the full learning process needs to be multichannel and interactive to provide the best value for the students - and I did my best to help you achieve the best results.

Here's what you can enjoy completely FREE when you enroll on this course:

* An adapted version of my book, 'The Master Of The Elements', that has been created especially for my students - 98 pages - $15 value

* A complete set of the highest quality HD video meditations for each Element - a powerful mix of binaural beats, NLP and hypnosis for a greater effect - $40 value

* A chance to win a FREE PERSONAL SESSION with me through Skype, (Q&A or coaching, your choice. 60 minutes) - $250 value

* 35% OFF (more than a quarter of a price!) entry ticket to ANY of my events for a year - minimum $500 value

* Lifetime VIP access to ALL my learning resources, including paid webinars, podcasts, books and future courses discounts!


"I've just won a contract with the biggest financial services company in the world, to design their brand new product. This task involves me using the skills of all 4 Elements. I wouldn't have achieved it without the solid foundations of this course." - Michael D.

"I went through the Master of Elements course again. It is such a gold mine! I get richer and richer every time I go through it. Seriously…your principles allow me to read people lightning fast and profile prospective clients before they’ve even said a word. Eye-opening, practical and effective techniques for any leader." - Marcus O.

"Loved this course, it's concise and intense, and gives excellent value. It helped me see my relationships, both business and private, in a new light. I can't emphasise enough, what a massive difference it has made in my life." - Anthony T.


Why not make TODAY the day you start transforming your life?:)

Who is the target audience?
  • You will find the tools and techniques you need to know yourself better and develop a powerful presence
  • A good match for you if you want to read people quickly, lead, influence and help others
  • Ideal for business owners, coaches, group leaders and HR professionals - where understanding people quickly and making correct judgements is vital for your success
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
Your Journey Begins
2 Lectures 07:01

You are about to learn a powerful tool that will give you the ability to speed read people in real time, decode their sentiments, understand their behaviours and get an immediate insight into their mindset.

Before you start, though, I have a word of warning for you.

The knowledge of the Elements is a key to Personal Power. It is not a toy, it is a real life weapon. Take it with responsibility and use it for good.

Understanding a Leading Element or Elements of a person gives you an instant insight into his inclinations, likes and dislikes, types or response, as well as the typical problems he may be dealing with. What is more, it will give you a secret ‘shortcut’ to solving those problems faster and more effectively.

You will be able to convince, influence and connect on a much deeper level that ever before. The information you are about to read will make it possible for you to truly understand other people’s motives and to profile others with an ease of a professional psychologist – instantly and without any complicated paper tests. You will be able to predict their behaviour and their responses with a precision that will amaze those around you.

In this course, we will cover everything you need to know to become the ‘Master of Elements’ – the rest is just practice. To be able to make this power truly yours, you will have to exercise your new skills and train your observation, until this knowledge becomes a part of your nature.

We will start from a general description of each element, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses as well as ways through which every element can be successfully developed.

Next, we will discuss the general patterns, or the ways the elements can mix together and what to expect from their combinations. I will also share some practical steps for developing or subduing the Elements of your choice.

We will also cover the subject of love and relationships. You will learn about the predilections and expectations in love of different Elements and how you can make yourself appear irresistible to any type you would like to be in a relationship with.

The last part of the course contains some practical exercises to help you get the real feel of how the system works and be able to instantly put it into practical use.

Preview 02:31

How well do you know yourself? If you want to discover what Element or Elements are the strongest in your personality, answer this quiz and find out!


There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers here, but the Udemy system requires that I mark one answer as 'the correct one', so I put everywhere A as a default.

At the end, just count how many answers A, B, C or D you have. You can choose more than 1 answer to every question, just write them down as you're doing through the test.


This mini-test is to give you an idea of how the Elements system works. Treat it as your road' map, rather than an in-depth personality assessment. For the full version of this test please refer to the Master of the Elements' book included in your course.

What Element Are YOU?
6 questions

A brief overview of the principles and the history of the concept of the Four Elements (or the four aspects) of human personality..

To get the maximum value out of your course, please download your course book now and read it through as you are progressing.

Preview 04:30
The Four Elements Explained
10 Lectures 02:13:57

This lecture gives you both the positive and the negative traits of the Element of Fire, as well as the ways of developing the features you desire to have.

The elemental division of human types goes beyond the scope of behaviours and encompasses also the looks, fashion styles and preferred surroundings. All associations are clear and intuitive, structured in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

You must keep in mind, however, that the pure manifestations of each element, in their ‘textbook form’, are rarely seen. The majority of people balance a mixture of all elements in varied proportions. This will be explained in more detail later in the course.

Remember, there are no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ elements. Each element has its weaknesses and its strengths – it is ‘a double-edged sword’.

Determination, positive attitude and conscious effort can bring the best out of each element, whereas the lack of mental strength and moral guidelines and can open the door to its lowest manifestations.

You can also subdue any excess by emphasising the qualities characteristic for the opposite element.

The personality is being developed in alignment with a certain element or elements as a result of conscious or subconscious personal choices, supported by natural predispositions.

Knowing the main ‘building blocks’ of your own personality will help you understand yourself better and streamline your self-development work in your desired direction.

For a more detailed explanation, read the Fire section of your textbook.

Preview 19:35

The Aspect of Fire [PART 2]

Find out the main features of Earth as a part of human personality, it's strengths and weaknesses and how to develop Earth for improved stamina, discipline and financial wellbeing.

For a more detailed explanation, read the Earth section of your textbook.

The Aspect of Earth - The Power of Health & Prosperity

The Aspect of Earth [Part 2]

Discover what an Air person is like - know what to expect from them and what the aspect of Air can help you with.

For more detailed description, have a look at the Air chapter in your textbook.

The Aspect of Air - The Power of Freedom and Persuasion

The Aspect of Air [Part 2]

Discover the typical qualities of the Element of Water, learn how to connect with it, and how to unlock the benefits it has to offer.

The Aspect of Water - The Power Compassion and Intuition

The Aspect of Water [Part 2]

This lecture explains typical Elemental setups you can come across. After having learnt about each Element, it is now time for you to find out how they can mix and match. I recommend that after watching this lecture you go outside and practice analysing your friends and other people you know, so you have a first-hand experience in how different Elements and their combinations manifest themselves through people's looks, behaviours and responses.

Apart from attending my physical class, this is the best way you can really learn how to use your knowledge about the Elements in practice.

Level Up: The Elemental Patterns Explained

This part of your course is designed to offer you a practical understanding of how the Elements system works, as well as train your observation and analytical skills.

Take pen and paper and try to answer all the questions yourself first. You can use some photos of your friends and family (people who you know well) to help you create association links. You have a choice between listening to the audio or printing out the exercises from the document attached.

The correct answers are included at the end of the 'Exercises & Keys' booklet, so make sure you download it to check your results.

Put Your Knowledge Into Practice! Exercises [Part Audio]

These exercises are provided to help you remember the material as well as gain an intuitive understanding of the typical behaviours and responses of people depending on their Leading Element(s).

For more exercises, please refer to the Exercises PDF included in the course.

Online Exercises
5 questions
Guided Meditations
5 Lectures 01:02:46

This is an HD video meditation with binaural beats to help you awaken the Fire part of your personality so you can benefit from the new avenues of expression and opportunities it offers in your life.

The Fire Element in your life is synonymous with love, courage, passion, enthusiasm and zeal for life. The spirit of Fire is the spirit of a leader, who is capable of taking action, living the life to the fullest and inspiring others.

This meditation is designed to help you unlock and develop these qualities.


Many people, when trying to expand their channels of expression, make a mistake of developing a 'mask' instead of building up a new channel that will really make a difference in their lives. If they don't know how to 'rewire' their subconscious, they end up having various 'masks' representing courage, self-confidence and engagement to the outside world. The problem with such 'masks' is that they are not congruent to those people's true nature, and therefore their results are unreliable and don't last.

Using this meditation will speed up your progress and ensure that you grow your Fire in a natural and congruent way that truly empowers you.

For the best results, open the video full screen, use your headphones and choose morning or noon for your practice.

FAIR WARNING: These meditations are very powerful. They combine elements of hypnosis, NLP and binaural beats for the maximum effect.

They may be different from everything you have experienced so far, as they are designed to work best for the Western mind. Please observe the basic rules of meditation practice when using them. Remember that you should restrain from practicing when you are:

1. Feeling tired and sleepy

2. Under the influence of alcohol or had a big meal

3. Under the influence of strong negative emotions

>> You can listen to the tracks anytime and as many times during the day as you want; however, I recommend that you practice Fire and Air in the morning and Water and Earth in the afternoon, if possible. <<


You may find that depending on your Dominant Elements, practicing certain meditations can be easier than others, or there may even be those you find challenging. If you find a guided meditation for a particular Element difficult for you, leave it for a while and practice other methods of growing your desired Element, as described in your handbook. After a while, come back and listen to the meditation again to track your progress. When the Element you are working on starts becoming stronger, you will find that you naturally resonate and enjoy the meditation that you might have found difficult before.

Using the guided meditation will make it very easy for you to develop the Elements of your choice as well as monitor your results.

The FIRE Meditation in HD

This is an HD video meditation with binaural beats to help you awaken the Earth aspect of your personality so you can benefit from the new avenues of expression and opportunities it offers in your life.

The Earth Element in your life is synonymous with health, stability, well-being and financial security. The spirit of Earth is the spirit of a protector, who encourages growth and prosperity on all levels. Earth stands for discipline, laser-like focus and the ability to stay present in the moment.

This meditation is designed to help you unlock and develop these qualities.

The EARTH Meditation in HD

This is an HD video meditation with binaural beats to help you awaken the Air aspect of your personality so you can benefit from the new avenues of expression and opportunities it offers in your life.

The Air Element in your life is synonimous with inner freedom, integrity, exceptional memory and learning abilities, as well as the skill of communication and persuasion. A strong Air aspect will help you with networking, making contacts, obtaining valuable information and staying true to yourself.

This meditation is designed to help you unlock and develop these qualities.
The AIR Meditation in HD

This is an HD video meditation with binaural beats to help you awaken the Water aspect of your personality, so you can benefit from the new avenues of expression and opportunities it offers in your life.

The Water Element in your life is synonymous with love, kindness, compassion and highly developed intuition. Accessing the qualities of Water means gaining the ability to create a deep and meaningful connection with other people, as well as freeing your intuition, which can guide you to the best decisions both in your private life and your business.

This meditation is designed to help you unlock and develop these qualities.
The WATER Meditation in HD

This video contains a short explanation on how you can use additional features to benefit from this course more.

Thank you again for enrolling - it was great to have you as a student!:) I hope you enjoyed the course and it helped you understand things about yourself on a deeper level, so you can start transforming your mind the way you want it to be.

Here is one last exercise for you. To make sure that you get the results that stick, you need to practice your new skills on a constant basis, until they become your second nature. Start your journey from LEAVING A REVIEW for this course using the style of the Element you feel you need to work MORE with - make it your little challenge to get comfortable with it.

If this course helped you, do let others now!

And remember, if you get stuck or have questions - I'm here to help.:)

Summary & Thank You!
About the Instructor
Jane H. Tepley
4.3 Average rating
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423 Students
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Western Meditation & Mind Mastery Teacher

I am the founder of Modern Warrior Mind, a company dedicated to helping people become more efficient, more influential and more successful using the powers of their own mind.

I have spent most of my life researching the traditional Western meditation and mind mastery techniques, reassembling the scattered fragments of traditional teachings into
a congruent and powerful system of personal development.

For over 15 years I have been focused on working with groups and private students around the globe, helping them discover and harness their mind’s true power and overcome procrastination, indecision and willpower pitfalls that could otherwise stand in their way to success.

My philosophy is: Why lead an ordinary life, when the extraordinary is just within your reach?

I work with those who want to reach above and beyond what other think is possible. People who want leave their mark on the world and they know they can!

I run Western mind mastery seminars and masterclasses in London and other cities, where you can learn what it means to feel truly powerful, to discover the thrill of accessing the phenomenal resources of your own mind, transforming the way you deal with life challenges, but even more importantly so you can become who you always wanted to be.

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