Masterful Social Skills For Men
4.2 (10 ratings)
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281 students enrolled
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Masterful Social Skills For Men

Meet Women, Find Love, Overcome Fear of Rejection and Learn How to Build the Dynamic Dating Life That You Deserve
4.2 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
281 students enrolled
Created by Michael Pilinski
Last updated 7/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Program focuses on dealing with that troublesome male fear of rejection that stops many of us from expressing ourselves in a positive and attractive way around interesting women.
  • Designed for the more introverted and reserved man - but really it's for any guy who has ever felt he let a good chance to meet a great woman slip away because he didn't know what to say to her (in other words, it's for ALL of us! ;-)
  • Learn how to engage in targeted conversations that are purposeful and which can flip any ordinary encounter from boring chit-chat into one suddenly having a clear and exciting man-woman edge to it.
  • The entire "Pull-Tabbing" approach to meeting women is classy, clever and light-hearted. No rude or inappropriate comments are employed... you can use it anywhere with confidence that you won't get clowned or brushed off.
  • Actual (customizable) dialogs will act as CONFIDENCE GENERATORS to prevent you from having to endure the dreaded "blank mind disease"... you know, when you see a woman who looks approachable but you can't think of anything clever to say to her, so you say nothing?
  • System frees you to casually engage virtually all of the women that you might encounter everywhere and anywhere, because you'll have full control over the pace of events and will have subtracted-out that nerve-wracking "make-or-break" aspect of talking with a woman.
  • Pull tabbing makes it possible to open up and become naturally more social in ALL types of situations, not just when you're trying to meet an attractive girl.
  • Rejected?... No problem: the 'Graceful Extraction Statement' shields the sensitive Male Ego from having to endure any embarrassment whatsoever.
  • You rarely regret the things that you DO in life, but you often regret the things that you DON'T. Stop missing those good chances you run across now and then to bring love and romance into your life. Get a plan, and Carpe Diem!
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  • An Open Mind and a Willingness to Embark on an Exciting Adventure in Personal Growth

 Masterful Social Skills For Men is a confidence-boosting, life enhancing experience for guys who feel like they may have gathered some rust on their socializing skills - especially around women - or who would simply enjoy having a structured "meeting plan" ready and available in their heads to execute at a moment's notice whenever they encounter an attractive woman somewhere.  This would consist of a customized routine (but NOT a robotic one) that you can switch into instantly whenever you may need it in order to give yourself something cool, clever and purposeful to say to any women who catches your eye.

The program includes actual dialogs that you can use to force critical turns in any ordinary conversation - giving you the freedom to escalate things romantically whenever you might choose to do so.  These pointed "things to say" can be fully customized to suit your own personal style and personality, based on a simple formula that you will use to structure unique conversational dialogs for yourself.  No canned "pick up lines" allowed!

The program consists of 17 video lectures arranged in 5 sections, plus it includes 5 complete audio soundtracks in MP3 format and 4 short PDF summary guides for download.  The 17 lectures together total 2 hours of instruction.

I've corresponded informally with hundreds of men over the past 11 years since I released my first book on this subject of social shyness and rejection fear, and I've come to understand the sorts of common and repeated problems that they have endured through the stories they've shared with me.  There's a lot of pain as you might expect, but behind it all I've discovered several universal factors that I believe contribute heavily to a guy's social recalcitrance, or even outright awkwardness.  Many of these issues stem from a specific sort of shame which can get lodged in your unconscious mind at some unsuspecting point in your life, where it then modifies your situational behaviors in ways that it mistakenly believes will protect it.

In all, this program should be a fascinating exercise in self-investigation, possibly a life-altering one.

My workarounds for shyness and fear of rejection are woven throughout what I call the "Pull Tabbing" process - which you will learn is a practiced routine for casually (and discreetly) sampling the personalities of all the various women who may interest you.  That would be everywhere and anywhere that you happen to run across them: at work, in the gym, the mall, the classroom, at social gatherings, etc.

You'll learn how to identify and come to grips with the internal issues that have been driving your fear and social nervousness, as well as creating all the romantic excitement for yourself that you can possibly handle in the process.

Who is the target audience?
  • Men 18 to whatever who wish to expand their social and romantic horizons...
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Curriculum For This Course
26 Lectures
Social Skills Re-boot 2.0
4 Lectures 01:06:11
Topics covered:

Author introduction and upcoming Series preview...

Discussion of shame, guilt and other negative emotions that get caught up in the unconscious mind, where they create bad thinking habits that can be frustrating to understand and change...

The mechanics of how your subconscious uses powerful emotions like fear to "protect itself" from behaviors that it regards as dangerous to the existence of its' embedded belief system, regardless if those beliefs happen to be true or not...

Dealing with the Master Controller emotion: Fear...

Preview of pull-tabbing, icebreakers and graceful extraction statements and how these elements will keep your fear at bay long enough for you to unleash new behaviors that will create newer, more positive self-beliefs within your unconscious mind...

Preview 15:02

Topics covered:

The terrible result of extreme shyness citing the tragic story of the Virginia Tech shootings...

Why shyness makes a person so utterly socially radioactive to others...

Why you must learn to manage the mood and reaction of other people by modeling the psychological state you wish them to be in, but in a POSITIVE manner, not a negative one...

Learning to direct your mental focus OUTWARD rather than inward...

Moving Beyond Your Shyness

Topics covered:

Shame and shame-binding are the central mechanisms of self-behavior modification that are used by your unconscious mind to control you, we examine these concepts...

Shamed Emotions: The Basis of Rejection Fear

This is the complete audio soundtrack for Section 1 - Social Skills Re-boot 2.0, lectures 1-3
Section 1 Audio Soundtrack
Pull Tabbing and Icebreakers
9 Lectures 01:28:25
Topics covered:

The system is introduced as being designed for the casual meeting of women anywhere and everywhere, rather than some high-pressure bar pickup scheme...

Program instills confidence by way of giving you concrete things to SAY via practiced dialogs...

Low self-esteem degrades your male display, setting off a downward cycle of lowering self-confidence due to the continued negative feedback that you get from people...

Social Confidence Primer

Topics covered:

The Pull-Tabbing flowchart is introduced and the theory behind the entire move described...

We learn to comparison shop for women by sampling their personalities by using a (semi)-memorized conversational pattern that gives us complete control over how far we take things in each situation...

This approach removes the dreaded "all-or-nothing" high pressure aspect of socializing on a potentially romantic level, and thus it removes and cancels out much of the FEAR LOAD...

That's because your response to her is always a GRADUATED ONE that you can fine tune as you go along...

The Pull-Tabbing flowchart is now examined in further detail and the major steps outlined...
Pull Tabbing Overview

Topics covered:

The proper way to enter someone's field of view in order to get yourself noticed...

Developing an Excuse to Engage by using a character angle...

Maintaining the correct Approach Attitude (now it sounds like we're landing airplanes! ;-)...

The correct and critical application of Eye Contact to communicate a possible man-woman interest...
The Art of The Approach

Topics covered:

Using non-verbal signals EXCLUSIVELY to deepen the connection with a woman that you've just met...

Setting the stage for a verbal "changing of the gears"...

Now it gets exciting!...

The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

Topics covered:

Now we encounter your first major decision point in the process and have to decide whether to escalate or walk away...

The factors that go into this decision are discussed...

The Icebreaker Statement is now introduced and previewed...

Getting an Accurate Read on a Girl

Topics covered:

Using the concept of "resigned speculation" as the standard format to generate an Icebreaker...

How to customize your own icebreaker statements...

The trick to remembering someone's NAME even in a tense situation, which is necessary to attract their focused attention...

The careful use of SILENCE to force a response to any powerful question...

Two major fear points - 1) what to say and 2) how to retreat without looking foolish - are covered by the Graceful Extraction Statement described later in the flowchart...
Going for the Gold... The IceBreaker!

Topics covered:

How to design, study and practice your dialogs for maximum memory performance...

Length of time and repetition needed to "burn out" all of your shame and embarrassment, this exhaustion of the unconscious will make it much easier to speak these words to a woman for real without feeling unduly nervous or fearful, and thus make you seem supremely confident in front of her...
Self-Training and Shame Desensitizing

This is the complete audio soundtrack for Section 2 - Pull Tabbing and Icebreakers, lectures 5 - 11
Section 2 Audio Soundtrack

This is a summary guide for the first TWO Sections, highlighting the most important concepts introduced and examined in each.  Please download this PDF guide and have it handy for reference in a separate window as you watch the videos, especially during section 2.

Sections 1-2 Summary Guide
15 pages
The Perfect Close
4 Lectures 15:53
Topics covered:

Complete top-to-bottom review of the Pull Tabbing Flowchart...

Two options for arranging a future get-together and how to be prepared for both...
Getting Your Head Straight

Topics covered:

How to design and use custom "Me" cards to impress her while getting her contact information...

Using the Handshake Trick to punctuate an amazing first impression that will get her thinking about you afterwards...

Me Cards and Handshake Tricks

This is the complete audio soundtrack for Section 3 - The Perfect Close, lectures 14 - 15
Section 3 Audio Soundtrack

This is a summary guide for section 3, highlighting all the most important concepts.
Section 3 Summary Guide
7 pages
Establishing Maximum Ego Protection
4 Lectures 37:09
Topics covered:

Proper delivery and use of the Graceful Extraction Statement...

How this is a SHOCK to her that separates you from the pack of ordinary guys and elevates your male status, giving you a potential second chance with her right on the spot...

Doing an optional Card Push to keep the play alive...
Graceful Extraction

Topics covered:

How this entire routine protects you from shame and embarrassment if done correctly...

Tactics to help you operate as a "lone wolf" with no wingman or fix-ups...

Spoken delivery examples of the 4 main dialogs plus practice tips...

Custom Dialogs For Lone Wolves

This is the complete audio soundtrack for Section 4 - Establishing Maximum Ego Protection, lectures 18 - 19
Section 4 Audio Soundtrack

Sections 4-5 Summary Guide
8 pages
Cultivating a New Attitude
5 Lectures 42:33
Topics covered:

How the inner workings of the unconscious mind play such a major role in stunting one's personal growth.  Clear understanding here opens the door to freedom...

How control over your behavior by the unconscious mind is exercised via the mechanism of your motivation level...

The three "pillars" of poor motivation when it comes to pursuing romance...

How early experiences hardwire personality weaknesses into your attitude that extend well into the future...

How anger could be masquerading as apathy...
The True Nature of Motivation

Topics covered:

Reconciling the Time necessary for social activity and maintaining a relationship...

Isaac Newton as a model of personal obsession...

The need to engage in self-examination in order to understand the true nature of your fears...

Reconsidering the structure of your life HABITS, from which your life situation flows...
Making the Time for a Relationship

Topics covered:

How having too much time and energy invested in your current routine and predictable life could be creating strong mental inertia that works against the personal or lifestyle changes you need to advance and grow...

How you must WELCOME the challenge of emotional turmoil being introduced into your life by the unpredictabilities of a social life, one that includes lots of women...

How pull-tabbing gives you a tool to accomplish a particular life goal (finding romantic love), and as a side benefit, will ultimately impart a deep-seated CONFIDENCE that will power further life adventures...

How one simple moment of BOLDNESS can change the trajectory of your entire life...
Embracing Emotional Turmoil

This is the complete audio soundtrack for Section 5 - Cultivating a New Attitude, lectures 22 - 24
Section 5 Audio Soundtrack

This Quick Study Guide summarizes the entire MSSM program and presents the main dialogs for study, PLUS it contains worksheets for designing your own customized versions of all 4 major dialog scripts.
MSSM Quick Study Guide
12 pages
About the Instructor
Michael Pilinski
4.2 Average rating
10 Reviews
281 Students
1 Course
Social Life Coaching for Men

 Michael Pilinski is the author of several books in the men's dating market: Without Embarrassment, She's Yours for the Taking, How to Seduce a Woman in 5 Steps and The Pick-Up Artist Quizbook.  Mike has also written a beginner's guide to FOREX currency trading, and a science-fiction technothriller called The Necronaut.  He has spent time working as a photographer, technician and is currently in the construction trade part time (mostly for the exercise!).

During this mid-thirties, Michael worked through and overcame a nagging problem with social shyness that had been growing worse over the prior decade, essentially on his own - and has built a passion out of instructing other men on exactly how he did it by way of his numerous books and postings over the past eleven years.  His goal has been to show men how to overcome their own issues of social awkwardness and romantic shyness and learn how to gain access to the full romantic possibilities that are waiting for us ALL.  On the topic of meeting and dating women, his teachings have been regarded as some of the best and most reasonable out there.  And the classiest.

That's because Mike hasn't just learned what he knows about dealing with fear of rejection through study and reading, he's lived it.  And there's a good chance that you will connect with his personal story and his romantically exciting ideas as well.