Sell Your Expertise by AI Chatbot - Basic Concepts
3.5 (28 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Sell Your Expertise by AI Chatbot - Basic Concepts

Core concepts to help you build a Chatbot effectively and affordably with your selected AI Software Developers
3.5 (28 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,981 students enrolled
Created by Peter Urey
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand what's required to build a chatbot and avatar using IBM's tool kit
  • Recognise the requirement to work with software development partners and be able to negotiate skilfully with them
  • Gain insight into the process of creating a dynamic working model of the elements and relationships which constitute the way your brain works to deliver your expert skills
  • Follow the fast-pace of new product announcements and quickly arbitrate between what will add value to your offering and what won't
  • Protect yourself from those who might be over-pricing their skills whilst the market is in the infant phase
  • Find and create relationships with the team of suppliers best suited to your needs
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  • An active interest in improving the client experience
  • A reasonable grasp of business computing terminology
  • Highly likely to have an existing online presence - possibly an existing Udemy instructor
  • Some basic familiarity with Artificial Intelligence from the mainstream media
  • The entrepreneurial spirit to consider innovation in their product offerings
  • Belief that AI is the coming wave and a desire to explore the full potential

If you sell your expertise for a living, you will discover significant benefits in transferring your knowledge to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is now possible to create an online chatbot with near human characteristics to deliver your intellectual property to the world.

From your website your clients will be able to interact with the AI system to receive a personalised experience of the way you deliver your specialist skills. The Chatbot will be able to track the client's progress and adapt the learning experience to suit their individual mood, personality and abilities.

Your unique talents will be instantly made available to a global audience 24 / 7.

Up until August 2016 the software to build a chatbot has been in prototype with major corporations but now it's going mainstream. This course outlines the basic concepts, taking IBM's offering as the template because it is currently the most well developed.

This is a very new field of commerce for the smaller business and there is a lot you need to be aware of before embarking on the journey. Armed with an understanding of what you will need to do personally and what help you will need from Software Developers will help you build the right partnerships. This will make it easier for you to negotiate contract terms at realistic market rates.

You will also learn what sorts of skills any software developer partners ought to have and how to recognise them in their CVs and past experience.

You will be sharing in my learning from beginning the process of transferring my coaching skills onto

an AI chatbot platform and we also consider what a legal practice would need to do to operate in this way.

  1.  We look at the conversion of human language into machine language.
  2.  Then we convert our expertise into a dynamic model by annotating our key documents.
  3.  Consideration is given to the skills, qualifications and investment required to build a chatbot.
  4.  Delivery of the system via an animated avatar is examined.
  5.  Inspirations from early market entrants illustrates just what can be achieved.

At he product level we give  top level view of IBM's Watson Knowledge Studio and the Alchemy APIs. The Course is not aimed at Software Developers, although they may find it interesting, but at small independent business owners selling their expert skills. This probably covers all Udemy instructors.

My background in IT gives me an advantage in taking complex IT products and making them comprehensible to the business user. A conceptual understanding of the overall process will position you well to start making the transition from standard online delivery with all its limitations into a fully interactive chatbot experience.


Who is the target audience?
  • Businesses that sell specialist expertise, typically face to face, which have been transferring their skills to online knowledge sharing platforms
  • Innovative business owners with reasonable IT skills but not yet at the Software Developer level
  • Client groups would include coaches, teachers, therapists, mentors, language trainers, lawyers, accountants, medical advisers and all providers of online learning products
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Curriculum For This Course
26 Lectures
Introduction and Course Objectives
4 Lectures 05:54

The course is designed to provide a high level conceptual understanding of chatbots.

We break it into 5 elements:

1. Conversion of human language to a predictive machine language.

2. The core AI engine which has to be taught the dynamics of your expertise.

3. Building an animated avatar.

4. The required software developer skills and indicative pricing.

5. Inspirations to appreciate what can be achieved.

Preview 01:54

As both online coaching provider on the Udemy and The Economist platforms and as a technology marketer, this course is grounded in hard practical experience.

The intention is to guide new entrants with a commercial rather that a coding background through the basics of chatbot development by sharing my learning in building my own coaching bot.

Preview 01:53

Course outline. If there are areas you would like to see expanded please message me. Specific coding queries are not my area of skill but will do my best to find people who can assist.

Preview 01:31

There is a lot of great learning to be had for FREE once you sign up for an IBM Bluemix Account. It's a great way to discover which elements you will need to start building your chatbot. The demos and documentation are broadly accessible to an averagely computer literate person  in my view although it does get techy very quickly once you dig deeper. 

Preview 00:36
The Alchemy APIs - preparing Human Language for Machine Learning
10 Lectures 24:31

We have elected to start with Language Conversion rather than full on AI operations because the Natural Language Classifier is the gateway to AI and illustrates AI Machine Learning in action. This helps convey the basic concepts in a gradual way.

Preview 03:21

The first hard commercial realities of building your chatbot. The model is designed to encourage early experimentation which is the best way to discover what you are going to be capable of achieving.

Preview 03:10

Now we start experiencing how complex the model is likely to become. Considering how your conversations with clients typically flow is the basis of training the chatbot to behave empathetically. You as the domain expert will do all the hard work in pre-planning. 

Whilst the Conversation API uses AI it in itself is not the whole story and more work on modelling the dialogue which emerges from the AI engine will be required later in Watson Knowledge Studio.


Text to speech and speech to text are in themselves illustrations of AI at work. They are vital to the process of enabling Watson, the heart of AI processing, to comprehend what's going on and to output something meaningful in a human voice.

These two APIs demonstrate AI in action as we build up to the full process later in the course.

Text to Speech and Speech to Text

Commercial rates for using the APIs. Once again, pricing encourages usage.

TTS and STT - Usage and Pricing

The chatbot can learn to be empathetic through the examination of relatively small samples of voice and text.
Conceptually the idea of linking responses to mood and tone are easy to grasp as it's natural to humans but not so for machines so quite a lot of coding and training required to get this right to avoid the avatar sounding robotic.

Personality Insight and Tone Analyser

The commercial basics - you may want to hold back on this until you experience your own chatbot with a robotic voice before adapting it to become more humanised.

Pricing - Personality Insight and Tone Analyser

This API prepares the chatbot to deliver excellent predictive responses to the more obscure conversations which would be too time-consuming to train into the system manually.

Happily, the more raw content you upload the better able the avatar will become at providing very accurate answers. It starts learning and improving from the very start.

Retrieve and Rank and Document Conversion

The commercial basics of building a library for your support documents.

Retrieve and Rank and Document Pricing

Trade-off Analytics
Watson Knowledge Studio
5 Lectures 10:48

Get signed up to work with Watson at the heart of the AI process. Assign working areas  for your projects and take full advantage of the FREE trail period. Based on seeing the APIs so far, you will realise the value of preparation before beginning the training of Watson.

Signing Up for Watson Knowledge Studio

This is where the hard work really begins!

The APIs have been preparing the ground for Machine Learning. Watson Knowledge Studio is where you teach Watson how your brain handles the complexity of your chosen filed of expertise.

It make come as a surprise to you just how convoluted your thinking really is as you ponder the entities and relationships between them but Watson will absorb it all and learn from every single input.

Much of your effort must be done offline modelling your thought processes and the dynamic logic of your client interactions. 

Defining Entity Types - the things your expertise is made of.

This is the heart of the AI process. Thinking through the building blocks of how your expertise actually works and training Watson in the linkages. In your prior work you have already taught it much of the way your human language works. Now it builds up predictive patterns if the way you see relationships between things and the way you respond to situations.

Manual Entry of Entity Types and Relations

We provide a very simple illustration on the relationship building process to avoid getting drawn into the complexities of annotation. What matters for this course is that you appreciate the concept of annotation rather than all the intricacies of using the application.

You will only annotate well if you have built a solid working modell of  how you think when in expert mode.

Annotating Documents to create The Ground Truth

These costs are most likely going to be carried by your developer team. This insight will help you decide if a developer partner is charging realistic rates or trying to take advantage of your perceived lack of awareness.  

This course will pay for itself if you can avoid being over-charged.

Watson Knowledge Studio Usage and Pricing
Creating an Animated Chatbot Avatar
2 Lectures 05:53

The very basics of avatar selection and training.

Seek out people with game developer experience as they have already mastered the art of building life like animations which can move their lips roughly in sync with the text sent to them from Watson Knowledge Studio and the Alchemy APIs.

Chatbot Animation

Avatars are now very accessible and broadly affordable but do shop around. Depending on your expertise you may only require a talking head but full motion can also be captured requiring a lot more input from you.

Pricing Guidelines to Build Avatars
Identifying Software Development Skills
2 Lectures 07:42

We are not quite in the Wild West but there are cowboys out there. Some of the tips here will help you identify people who have the skills you need. 

Software Developer Skills

Roughly indicative US rates for AI Developers at the start of 2017. Do some checking by googling recruitment firms. Currently demand is very high so do plenty of homework before engaging developers.

Rough Guide to Software Developer Costs
Inspirational Case Studies
2 Lectures 03:12

Illustrations that AI is coming to face to face coaching and that even micro businesses can participate. It's much easier to participate than you might have first thought.

Three examples of what can be achieved

A vision of things to come. This technology can not be ignored. Online learning will inevitably migrate to AI. Be there early!

Corporate Inspirations
Closing Observations
1 Lecture 02:28

Many thanks for your interest and support. Message me if you have any questions. Hope to work with you again soon.

Closing Observations
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