Profitable Online Course: Generate Niche Online Course Ideas
4.8 (35 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Profitable Online Course: Generate Niche Online Course Ideas

Generate a profitable online course idea, before producing it and spending the most valuable commodity you have, ‘time’.
4.8 (35 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5,770 students enrolled
Created by Ravinder Deol
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Have a profitable course idea analyzed and profitability assessed, and if it looks like it’ll be profitable, you can continue to go ahead and produce the course on Udemy.
  • Identify profitable Udemy course ideas, before spending the most valuable commodity you have ‘time’ in producing and publishing the course on Udemy.
  • Understand the type of courses that are the most profitable on Udemy, by assessing specific metrics which judge the profitability of a Udemy course before even creating it.
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  • This course isn’t about the technical aspects of producing, and publishing a course. It’s about the most important stage before that, which is deciding on a course idea, more importantly a profitable one. As long as you understand that, all you need is a working computer, and from there I can help you generate your very own profitable Udemy course idea, which you can go onto create passive income with.

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Perhaps you have no course ideas? Perhaps you have one course? Perhaps you have many course ideas? Well, let me tell you this, you can be at any of those stages because on this course we’re going to walk through all three stages to help you generate a profitable course idea.

I’ll be taking you from “Point A” with no profitable course idea, all the way to “Point B” which will be finding that all important profitable Udemy course idea.

By the end of this course you’ll have generated a profitable Udemy course idea, which you can then go onto create and flesh out ready to publish live and earning a profit from. That’s the sole aim of this course, there are no beating around the bush lectures or waffle talk.

The first part of this course is going to be helping you to generate a list of course ideas, I’ll be going through various practical exercises which will help you to generate some great course ideas. Following on from there we’ll go into analyzing the course ideas you have, and work on picking the best one, which will then be followed by refining that specific course idea to ensure it’s the best one. Then we’ll go into how to ensure that the course idea you've chose has the best chances of being profitable.

My aim for all of you enrolled on this course is, helping you to generate and select the most profitable course to teach on the Udemy platform.

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying now, it goes like this, “one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure”. Let’s relate that to skills we’ll be teaching, of course we’re not calling our skills junk, we’re just using this to relate.

So a skill you think that is widely used, and isn’t valuable, simply because you’ve been using it for a long time, may be someone else’s treasure, hence they would pay good money to learn it. We can always learn something from someone, never forget that. So there is no doubt in my mind, you have a specific skill, or set piece of knowledge that someone out there is eager to learn.

I’ll be helping you to generate profitable course ideas, because it’s better to teach one in-demand course, than seven courses that are not in-demand.

And just something to end on. Many people think only those people such as Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins and so on can teach a course. But that’s not true, you too can be an expert in your field and teach a profitable course, remember the dictionary meaning of an expert “a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field”.

That person teaching a profitable course on the Udemy platform could be you! Enroll on this course today to generate your profitable Udemy course idea.


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is thinking about creating a Udemy course, but wants to assess whether the course idea has a good chance of being profitable before investing time in creating it.
  • Anybody can create a Udemy course, so you could have no course ideas at all, this course will be helping you to generate profitable course ideas which you can go onto create.
  • This course is targeted towards both newbie, and established instructors. Everything is explained in detail to help you generate a profitable Udemy course idea.
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Curriculum For This Course
30 Lectures
Let Me Give You An Introduction As To How We’ll Get Your Profitable Course Idea
4 Lectures 18:13

I just want to give you a warm welcome to this course before we steam ahead with locating your profitable Udemy course idea. So in this lecture I’m going to basically map out the entire course for you, giving you a clear road-map of how we’re going to start from here, which is point A with no profitable course idea, all the way to point B which will be finding that all important profitable Udemy course idea. That’s the aim with this course, I’m going to help you find a profitable course idea that you can go on to teach on Udemy.

[Please Note: The course image icon is made by Freepik from Flaticon and are licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0.]

Preview 04:34

Now I’m going to apologize for this beforehand, but, I’m going to compare Udemy courses to food for this lecture. Now if you haven’t eaten it might make you a bit hungry, but bear with, because there is logic in my comparison, and it’ll help get my point across better than anything else. So let’s get into all of this now, as to why teaching one in-demand course is better than teaching ten pointless courses.

Let me put this question out there now, and see your response.

Preview 05:34

I find that a lot of people, and I mean a lot, question their own abilities. Now it’s not something abnormal to be doing, it’s a perfectly natural as a human to question our own abilities and compare ourselves with others, who in fact are a lot further down the line that us.

So this is the first part of people thinking that they aren’t experts. Because you are, and I’m going to show you exactly why and how in this lecture.

Preview 05:04

In this lecture I want to quickly go over the hot topics Udemy publish on their website for instructors, so the page you see in front of you now is the hot topics pages. As I scroll down you can see the amount of topics that Udemy class as hot topics, these are courses that are in demand according to Udemy data, as well as courses that have been requested by Udemy students.

So those are the hot topics, let me delve deeper into this now as to why you should pay attention to this list. But don’t follow it religiously!

Preview 03:01
If You Have No idea Of What You’d Like To Teach On Udemy I’ll Be Helping You Now
7 Lectures 29:34

This section of the course is where we get started with mind-mapping potential course ideas, with these ideas we’ll be refining and assessing them as we go through each section in this course to ensure once we reach the end, we have a profitable course idea you can start teaching on Udemy.

So remember, this section is for those who really want to teach on Udemy, but don’t know exactly what to teach on the platform – more importantly what to teach that will be profitable. Because we don’t want to invest all our time and resources into a course idea that isn’t going to be successful.

This Section Is For Those Who Really Want To Teach, But Don’t Know What To Teach

Answer this simple question. When was the last time you evaluated everything you’ve learned over the years, and identified where your skills predominately lye? I’m guessing it was some time ago, or even not at all. So I think it’s time we evaluated your skills.

Now the key to creating a profitable course on Udemy is taking the action of identifying your skill-set to see which course category you can actually teach in successfully. Because without identifying where our skills actually lye, we could end up teaching in a field where our skills aren’t aligned.

Lets Start Off By Evaluating Your Skill Set, And Seeing Your Where Skills Shine

In this lecture I want to talk about what really interests you, so gets your attention. As well as that, I want to talk your hobbies. So this lecture is focussed around finding potential course ideas through what you do in your so called, me time.

Let’s take it from the top with hobbies. I’m sure you all know what a hobby is, it’s simply some sort of activity that you take part in for pleasure and relaxation. Popular hobbies are activities such as cooking, dancing, drawing, gaming and so on – I mean the list can literally go on.

Now Lets Talk About Your Hobbies And Interests, What Do You Do In Your “Me” Time

Let’s now move onto an area of our lives we can all source some awesome course ideas from. It’s from current, and previous roles in our careers. Every single person in this world has worked in a specific role some way or another, so from that, we’ll be able to look at course ideas we can create out of those work experiences we’ve had.

I want you to look at both current and previous roles you have held, not just something you’re doing at this present moment in time. So do look at what your job roles have comprised of, remember, past and present.

Lets Explore Your Current And Previous Roles For Course Ideas Hiding There

Now with this lecture to get a course idea, it’s pretty open, and perhaps it will link back to other lectures in this section such as when talked about hobbies and so on. But what I want you to do is take some time out, perhaps in front of the TV, or wherever you feel most comfortable and sit for about an hour with a pen and paper without any internet access.

While there, I want you to list things that took you a fair amount of time to learn, but now you’re proficient in. I’m just going to throw some examples out there, so; cooking, knitting, coding, graphic design, specific gym work-outs and so on. I mean the list goes on. By the way, that wasn’t my list, it was literally what just popped into my head.

I Really Want You To Dig Deep Now And Look At What Took You A Long Time To Learn

Now a lot of people who are new to the idea of creating courses on Udemy, are always trying to identify a brand new niche that no one else on the platform has thought of, or isn’t competing in.

Let me just tell you this, there are no unknown niches as such, the fact is, that we were just unknown to that specific niche before our research.

Udemy is still a relatively new platform, so there is still the chance to dominate in a particular niche and deliver the best courses for that niche you possibly can. However, there is also the scenario that the niche you want to create a course in, isn’t profitable. Well that’s why you’re on this, to identify that, and ensure your course idea is profitable.

New Niches Are Coming Along Regularly, So Exactly How Can You Spot Them

Welcome to the very first assignment on this course. As it says you will need to apply all the techniques explained within the lectures in this section, to generate five course ideas you want to move onto the next section with.

ASSIGNMENT 1 - Apply Everything In This Section To Get Five Course Ideas
1 page
Lets Now Organise All Those Course Ideas You Have Running Around Your Head
5 Lectures 17:40

Now that we have a list of potential course ideas to work with, in this section is where we start digging further into them, to see which suits us the best. So now we’re one step closer to finding our profitable course idea, which of course, we can go on to teach on Udemy.

So remember, this section is for the course ideas we generated in the previous section, we’re going to basically be organising them in a way which allows us to select the most profitable one on first sight to create, then in the following section we’ll work on that course idea further to ensure it really is the most profitable one to be going ahead with.

This Section Is All About Narrowing Down The Courses You Want To Teach

In this lecture we’re going to be organising your course ideas into logical categories, and what better way to do that, than use the Udemy website, and categorize your course ideas using the same categorization Udemy does. So what you’ll want to do to begin with, is head over to the Udemy website, and get onto this page here where you can see the categories along the left hand side. You might have to click browse courses to get this to appear for you.

Lets Organise Your Course Ideas And See Which Category Is Most Popular

So I’m sure you’re now thinking, why an elevator pitch? Well the reason is simple, let me explain. If you can’t explain your course idea clearly within 20-30 seconds without doing any research, then it’s obvious that at this moment in time it’s not right for you to teach the course in question.

So that’s the reason for an elevator pitch, because it helps us really think about what we will be able to teach a course in. It may be good for us to have a long list of course ideas, but by doing this elevator pitch, it helps us narrow down the courses we can actually teach successfully on Udemy.

Now The Elevator Pitch, Which Course Idea Can You Explain Without Researching

For this stage of the so called elimination of courses from your list, I want you to think into near, or maybe distant future. I want you to think past your first course, towards your second, third, fourth, fifth course and more. I know we’re thinking down the road, but in order to set you up for profitability on Udemy in the near and distant future, we need to think about.

So let me tell you this right from the set-off, you don’t want to be creating a range of non-related courses. So for example a, IOS development course, then go and create a, Italian cooking course, and then a weightlifting tips course. There not related, you’re wasting your time doing this, if you did of course, I advise against it. Because with each course, you won’t be able to leverage student in the other course to get them to buy your new course, and of course increase profitability.

Lets Think Into The Future, So Which Course Could You Create A Follow Up For

Welcome to the second assignment on this course. Now, as this says, you need to apply everything learned in this section to narrow down your five course ideas to just one, yes that’s correct, one.

ASSIGNMENT 2 - Apply Everything In This Section To Narrow Down One Course Idea
1 page
You Should Now Have A Specific Course Idea, Now I’ll Be Helping You To Refine It
5 Lectures 19:46

Let me just give you a run-down of what we’ll be covering in this section. So as you would have noticed from the section title, I’m going to be helping you to refine your course idea before moving onto assessing its profitability in the next lecture.

So the course idea we’ll be refining in this section, will be the one, but as I mentioned it ca be a max of three you narrowed down in the previous section, but throughout this section I’m just going to refer to it as one course you have. So that’s the course idea we’ll be working with in this section, and onwards. No more eliminations. We’re getting ever so close to finding out if your course idea is going to be profitable now.

Here I'm Going To Help You Refine Your Course Idea To Ensure It's Right

In the first part of the refinery process in this section I want to help you narrow down your course topic. So by narrow it down I mean we need to essentially sum up the topic in a single sentence.

Let me give you an example to help you further here. So let’s say you’re going to be teaching an app development course. Great, you’ve got that written down. But, that’s still too broad. We need to be thinking about things will you be teaching app development for IOS or Android, what sort of apps will you be helping students to create – if you can provide mock-ups of well-known apps such as Instagram great, because it narrows it down further and helps students visualize what this course will help them to do.

So You May Have Your Course Idea, But We Really Need To Narrow The Topic Down

In this lecture we really need to find out what need your course is going to fill, because if it does not fill a need, the chances of it becoming a best-seller are slim. So in this lecture I’m going to be giving you everything you need to go out and find out what need your course fills.

You may think this is similar to launching a business, and you’d be right, the process is very similar, but also very different at the same time, because we’re going to launching a digital product, which of course is our online Udemy course.

We Need To Really Think About Your Course Idea Now, And See What Need It Fills

This lecture is extremely important, well, as all are. However this is about specifically targeting your potential students, so who are they. This is the final step in this section before we move onto assessing the profitability. The last lecture will really help you here, so do refer back to it if needed.

So here comes the question, why do we need to define our target audience? Well we need to define our target audience, let me refer to it as your target student, so we need to define your target student because we need to create our course with these people in mind, as that is who it’s aimed towards. Now of course Udemy will do marketing on your behalf when your course is live, but they can’t market it effectively if there isn’t a defined target student in mind. So this is why we need to define our target student, because it will help increase our profitability, due to be able to create a hyper targeted course.

Every Course Needs A Defined Target Audience, Lets Track Down Yours

Welcome to the third assignment on this course. With this assignment, you need to take your course idea through the refinery process I detail in each lecture within this section. By doing this, it’ll help us make sure your course idea has the best chance to become profitable on Udemy.

ASSIGNMENT 3 - Apply The Refinery Process In This Section To Refine Your Course
1 page
We've Now Narrowed Down A Specific Course Idea, Lets Ensure It'll Be Profitable
6 Lectures 20:45

This section is what I’m going to call the finale of this course, because after all our hard work in eliminating course ideas down to one we now have that one that we think will be profitable, but now in this lecture it’s where we are going to put that course idea, and your knowledge to test, to actually see if it has a good chance of being profitable.

If it does great, you can steam ahead with course creation. If not, you of course should repeat this process till you find the course idea which is the perfect fit for you.

In This Section We’re Going To Test Whether Your Course Idea Will Be Profitable

In this lecture I really want to discuss what transformation your course actually provides. Because it’s proven, that with courses that provide transformation, the profitability is also considerably higher as well. So it’s a very important topic we need to cover.

Lets Start With The Key Of Any Online Course, Does It Provide Transformation

Let me ask you this question, I want you to really think about how you would reply. So here it is. Does having more information in your course, make your course more valuable? What do you think?

Now I’m guessing a lot of people will say, yes, it does. But you’d be wrong. Because a lot of the information could just be fluff, and be taking the long way round to getting to a student’s learning goal for your course.

So You Have All The Course Material, But What Do Students Actually Need To Know

This lecture relates to the last in many ways. I’m sure you’ll remember what I covered in the last lecture in regards to only including the information needed to achieving the learning outcome, and not padding it out with lots of fluff. Do you remember? Of course you do!

Well that’s what this lecture relates to, not padding your course out for the sake of it. So let me give you a run-down of how I’m going to go through this lecture, as the majority of it was covered in the last lecture. So what I’m going to do initially is cover the optimal length of a course, and knock some misconceptions out of the basket for everyone, then I just want to sum up why longer courses does not mean better courses.

Now Comes An Important And Very Debated Topic, How Long Should Your Course Be

I have to say, if you’ve followed everything in this course and reached this stage, well done! There was a lot to take in, but it’s all there for you to gain that profitable course idea which you can create a course out of.

So what I am going to cover in this lecture? Let me tell you. I just want to sum everything up in terms of a blueprint for generating a profitable Udemy course idea. I’m a big believer in the power of three, so I’m going to sum everything up for you in three steps. These three steps are everything we’ve been over in this course. So should you feel you haven’t generated your most profitable course idea yet, go over these steps, of course using the lectures in previous sections and work through refining your course idea again to find the one to work to create.

Let Me Round This Section Off With The Blueprint For A Profitable Course Idea

Welcome to the final assignment on this course. This is a very important assignment, as all are, but here we get to put all our hard work together. So with this assignment, you need to analyse your course idea using my proven methods, all in the aim of testing its profitability before moving onto creating it.

ASSIGNMENT 4 - Apply The Analysis To Test The Profitability Of Your Course Idea
1 page
Let Me Round This Course Off, And Give You An Opportunity To Work With Me
3 Lectures 08:49

I know I said this in a previous lecture, but a huge, huge, well done on reaching this part of the course. This course has been very intensive taking you though each step to generate your very own profitable course, now for your commitment to this course, and generating a profitable course idea I have an incentive for doing so, which you can of course take advantage of if you wish to.

If You Have A Profitable Course Idea We Could Potentially Co-Instructor

You’ve officially done it! Reached the finale, so the end of this course. I’ve got a few things I want to re-cap over, and mention how I’ll be keeping this course fresh for all of you out there, hence making this course a worthwhile investment.

I Wish You The Best Of Luck With Developing Your Profitable Course On Udemy

Thank you for enrolling on my course, and if you are multiple student, thank you again. I can only create great courses with the support of yourselves.

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