PowerPoint Alchemy: Career, Entrepreneurship & Sales Videos

A-Z guide on advancing your career, rocking business pitches, creating PPT videos & masterminding $20k products
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About This Course

Published 3/2015 English

Course Description

----Introductory Price ONLY - Increasing to $297 Soon---

Over $100,000 of Actual PowerPoint Products Sold

Want to create ninja PowerPoints that blow your boss away and advance your career? PowerPoints that have the power to close client deals and that can turn into captivating videos?

Guarantee: By the end of this course you'll be a PowerPoint ninja with the ability to create mind-blowing presentations, wireframes for developers and even sales videos!

My name is Eric Weiss and I want to welcome you to our PowerPoint Alchemy course. We've done over $100,000 of sales selling actual PowerPoints.

As an ex-Investment Banker working in Mergers & Acquisitions, PowerPoint put my career on steroids and now as an Internet Entrepreneur it helps me drive sales, build course content & create videos for my multiple million dollar businesses.

During the next 3 days I'm going to turn you into a PowerPoint Alchemist by not only teaching you the fundamentals like the keyboard shortcuts, SmartArt graphics & LIVE presentation mastery but we'll dive into real world applications and case studies including:

-Our PowerPoint Mixology Framework to completely revamp your PowerPoint in less than 30 minutes

-How to steal SWOT Analysis, Porter's 5 Forces & Gantt Charts to sharpen your corporate presentations

-My Investment Banking M&A Experiences and a Goldman Sachs PowerPoint Case Study

-How we created multiple PowerPoint Products that generated over $20,000 each

-How to create PowerPoint Wireframes for 6-Figure Software Development Projects

-How to use our 15-minute PowerPoint Video Insta-Creator to create mind blowing PowerPoint videos like the one used for this promo video

Plus you'll receive 3 Bonuses...

-Bonus #1: The 50+ Slide PowerPoint Deck we used to build out content for this course - you can reuse it in your job or business to gain that competitive edge

-Bonus #2: Our 49 Slide Wireframe Template we use internally to develop 6-figure products

-Bonus #3: Our Copy & Paste Webinar Presentation that we've used to sell $1.9 Million of Products

If you want to learn the fundamentals, secret tricks and practical real world applications of PowerPoint with the actual templates we use in our business on a daily basis then this is the course for you!

The Better than Money Back Guarantee

We're giving you a double your money back guarantee. Take action, get in our Private Facebook mastermind and if you don't think the course was worth your time I'm going to give you double the money out of my own pocket.

Special Introductory Price - Rising Soon

Even though we've done over $3 million in sales (closer to $4 million now) and we normally charge $497, $697 and $997 for our life changing courses, we will keep this introductory price before raising it as a special for the Udemy community.

Take Action & Enroll

Checkout the previews and enroll now. I'm confident you'll love the course and that once you take action you will revolutionize your PowerPoint skills.

Talk soon, Eric

What are the requirements?

  • Nothing - we walk you through copy from A to Z from introductory all the way to extremely advanced real world applications

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Use PowerPoint including the keyboard shortcuts, slide master & SmartArt graphics like a ninja
  • Create videos, webinars & wireframes from scratch or using our templates
  • Create well-designed PowerPoint presentations or leverage a secret source of done-for-you PowerPoints
  • Use our rapid insertion photo album creation method to create PowerPoint Photo Albums in seconds
  • Sharpen their corporate presentations with SWOT Analysis, Porter's 5 Forces & Gantt Charts

Who is the target audience?

  • Corporate professionals aiming to advance their career with razor sharp PowerPoint skills
  • Entrepreneurs desiring to improve their business by creating sales videos in PowerPoints and top quality presentations
  • Investment bankers and consultants who use PowerPoint on a daily basis

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Day 0: Introduction to PowerPoint Alchemy
  1. Welcome to the 3-day PowerPoint Alchemy course
  2. Practical applications of PowerPoint to advance your career, create sales pitches, webinars, videos, sell PowerPoint services & even create PowerPoint products
  3. Released 4 PowerPoint products personally and helped 2 of our students create PowerPont products that have grossed in total over $100,000
  4. Our company mission is to to turn as many nine to fivers into six-figure marketers
  1. Black Art Secret Facebook Community
  2. Black Art Secret YouTube Channel
  3. Overview of value-add case studies on the DigiStrats site
DigiStrats University
  1. Personal 1-on-1 strategy session once you complete the course
  2. Complete the course and take action to get your bonus worth $125
  1. Overview of the 3 days
  2. How to study the course - follow along & take action
  1. Leveraging PowerPoint to advance your career
  2. Making money with PPT through webinars, sales videos & creating Udemy courses
  3. Using PowerPoint with entrepreneurial ventures such as products, brochures, flyers, lobbies in your brick & mortar businesses & wireframes
  1. 2 different types of PowerPoints
  2. The "Presentation" PowerPoint - minimize text, graphics & objects focusing on the presenter
  3. The "Investment Banking" PowerPoint - creating pitch books
  1. I suck at PowerPoint
  2. I can outsource PowerPoint creation
  3. One small change takes hours
  4. I can present without PowerPoint
  5. I can't use these PowerPoints & strats in my job
  1. Top 3 Applications– Write down the top 3 applications of PowerPoint for you!
  2. Facebook– Join the FB group and introduce yourself
  3. Day 1– Jump into Day 1!
Section 2: Day 1: PowerPoint Mixology Framework
  1. The top 4 secrets of PowerPoint - if you do nothing else watch these!
  1. Choosing your color pallet, scheme and design
  2. You'll want to do this for every PowerPoint - it's like fashion you don't want to have rainbow colors so it's best to start off with an image or an idea
  3. Most of the time you're starting off with a color or a logo that the PPT should be based around - for example a product line, the logo of the client, etc.
  1. Secret resource of PowerPoint templates
  2. Don't forget to install the fonts
  1. Done-for-you PowerPoint presentation template for your pitches, job, webinars or any other purpose
  1. Concept of layering
  1. Always double check the slide ratio from the beginning
  2. The difference between 16:9 and 4:3
  3. In general use 16:9
  1. Download Template – Use ours or find one to follow along
  2. Double Check– Go into the slide master, double check that slide sizes are 16:9 and stick to the color pallet!
Section 3: Day 2 - PowerPoint Alchemy Fundamentals
  1. Step 1 - Shortcuts
  2. Step 2 - Concepts
  3. Step 3 - Exercises
  4. Step 4 - Images
  1. Overview of the ribbons
  2. The main keyboard shortcuts
3 pages
  1. PDF of the main keyboard shortcuts to be printed and referenced on a daily basis for the next week or two
  1. When a direct shortcut doesn't exist and you need to do repetitive tasks
  2. Scenario: Placing images into slides & changing pictures
  1. Quick check that your fonts are installed
  2. If not install and then restart PowerPoint
  1. Changing the background in the master
  2. Creating unique backgrounds and using patterns
  1. Creating layouts and changing them only in the slide master
  2. Resetting slides like magic
  1. Pasting from Word or the Internet
  2. Keyboard shortcut for paste special
  3. Example from the DigiStrats site
  1. Using theme colors with shapes
  2. Eliminating the stroke
  3. Ungrouping and second layers of shapes
  4. Creating PowerPoint shapes
  1. Grouping and ordering shapes
  2. Goldman Sachs PowerPoint deck to illustrate various concepts
  1. Distributing shapes after grouping them
  2. Aligning top and center
  1. Holding shift when drawing lines to create vertical or horizontal lines
  1. Using guides, gridlines and the ruler when dragging and aligning objects
  1. Using the format painter with images
  2. Double clicking on the format painter
  1. Different types of bullets
  2. Matching the color of bullets to the theme colors
  3. Consistency with bullets
  1. Matching tables to the theme colors
  2. Merging cells
  3. Formatting the background - individual vs whole
  1. Adding words like Udemy to the dictionary
  2. Squiggly lines and what they mean
  3. Additional font options
  1. Working with logo images - transparent & PNGs
  2. Resizing the logo
  3. Creating the "My Past Clients" slide
  1. Resizing shapes
  2. Locking aspect ratios
  3. Circle example
  1. Using the PowerPoint screen clipping tool with websites and programs
  1. Using flaticons
  2. Replacing images
  3. Recap of format painter and the Quick Access Toolbar
  1. Taking proof shots using PowerPoint, Jing or Snagit
  1. Using real images
  2. Using stock images
  3. Mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars
  1. Using comments when collaborating with co-workers
  2. Inserting notes / scripts
  1. How to use presentation mode for webinars and live presenting in front of a crowd
  2. Using dual monitors
  3. Using the presenter view with notes
  1. Outline view for easy insertion
  2. Slide sorter view to move slides
  1. The "Fill-in-the-Blank" Sales Video PowerPoint
  2. Just replace the text and start recording
  1. Recording "timings" in PowerPoint
  2. Timing the PowerPoint with photo albums, kiosks at tradeshows and presentations in the lobby of your brick & mortar business
  1. Creating a video like a sales video or even a YouTube video
  2. "Record slide show" records your voice and if you keep it checked it will record the slide and animation timings to prepare it for creating the video
  3. Using it for rehearsing
  1. How to create the PowerPoint
  2. Recommend PowerPoint if you don't have Camtasia
  3. Limitations are you can't edit audio, can't record outside of PowerPoint, can't record in higher resolutions and can't do too many edits - it's really the quick and dirty way to produce videos which can still be very effective
  1. Timing the animations
  2. Using "on-click"
  3. Ordering animations
  4. Using animations with the Slide Master
  1. Timing the transitions
  2. Using "on-click"
  3. Using transitions with the Slide Master
  1. Print to PDF and how to use it to see a "print" view
  2. Save to PDF when distributing the pitch book
  1. Overview of charts and graphs
  2. Constructing charts from scratch
  1. How to use organizational charts for HR tasks and to construct an org chart
  1. Using the SmartArt Graphics
  2. Why WordArt should be used very seldom
  1. How to use flowcharts in PowerPoint to build process flows for bank projects and to map out processes when you can't use Visio
  1. Linking action buttons to external URLs
  1. Overview of the equations and how to use them instead of building equations from scratch
  1. Embedding external media into your point
  2. Different types of embedding options
  1. Exporting slides as a PNG to be used for Animoto videos or FB
  2. Importing other presentations to merge into one
  1. Create a photo album by inserting multiple photos from a folder
  1. Source of PowerPoint templates
  2. Why other templates are better than the Microsoft ones
  1. Follow Along – Did you follow along and play around with every concept that we covered?
  2. Real World Applicatoin: Create PowerPoint – Select one project in your business or at work and use all of these concepts to create a PowerPoint
  3. Share – Share it in the Facebook group
Section 4: Day 3 - Corporate Ladder & $10k PowerPoint Applications
  1. Part 1 - Advanced Diagrams
  2. Part 2 - Case Studies
  3. Part 3 - Creating products, videos & webinars using PowerPoint
  4. Part 4 - Bonuses
  1. Looking smart at work by using Venn Diagrams & Corporate Charts
  1. Building a SWOT Analysis using SmartArt Graphics
  2. Finding Porter's 5 Forces and Gantt Charts online
  1. Corporate case studies
  2. Printing out PowerPoints and painful proof reading
  3. The proper way to print out pitch decks - Kinkos and binding them
  1. Putting your name in the meta data of the PowerPoint
  2. Saving as PDF if you're distributing
  1. Leveraging slideshare.net for inspiration
  2. Researching topics and learning from other presentations
  1. Embedding demo videos into the PowerPoint
  2. The problem when systems go down and how to avoid it
  1. How to buy and resell PowerPoints
  2. Secret resource of 1,000s of quality products to turn into $20k+ launches
  3. PowerPoint niches: Real Estate, social, webinars, local and sales videos
  4. Customers want mutliple colors, content and graphics
  1. Introduction to bonus videos on the Video Sales Letter Creation process
8 pages
  1. How to fill in the template
  2. Cutting words during the second and third iterations
4 pages
  1. The "Fill-in-the-Blank" Sales Video Copy Template to create quick sales videos
  1. Creating quick PowerPoint sales videos
  2. How to use animations
  1. The "Fill-in-the-Blank" Sales Video PowerPoint
  2. Just replace the text and start recording
  1. How to record in Camtasia
  2. 720x1280 recording dimensions for Udemy
  3. Correct audio settings
  1. Selling PowerPoint services on Fiverr
  2. Buying PowerPoint Fiverr gigs to save time
  1. How we use PowerPoint to create webinar presentations
  1. The PowerPoint template used with this course in a fill-in-the blank "pitch presentation" format
  1. How we use PowerPoint to build out our content for our Udemy courses
  1. How we publish our Udemy course content on slideshare.net
  1. What are wireframes
  2. Sample wireframe PowerPoint and walk through
  3. Using the whitelabel framework within the wireframe
  1. Our proprietary wireframe template for developing softwares
  1. Real World Application: Create PowerPoint – Select one project based on these applications in your business or at work and create a PowerPoint based on what you learned
  2. Share – Share it in the Facebook group
Section 5: Conclusion & Next Steps
  1. Congratulations
  2. Taking action with PowerPoint and next steps
  1. Recap– Did you do all the action steps?
  2. Create It– Create at least 2 PowerPoints based on the concepts in this course.
  3. Listen – Re-visit the course
Final Exam
3 questions
Secret Discounts
Sources & References for Images Used
1 page

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Instructor Biography

Digi Strats, Software Investor|Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Asset Investing

Focusing on digital asset investments including a portfolio of companies that include:

-Part of investor consortium that executed buyout of a 7-figure SEO SaaS investment
-Select investment increased bottom line by 40% in less than 6 months

Digital Marketing

With over 50 product launches from information and software products, DigiStrats uncovers the true secrets of success of top marketers.

Product Creation

A specialist with multiple product launches in the fields of:

-Social Media & Facebook Marketing
-Wordpress (html5, UI/UX, themes)
-List building

Some marketing achievements include:

-Strategist behind multiple successful software brands
-Creating webinar sequences & funnels
-Selling 1,000 units of a software product in under 45 minutes

Traveling & Internationalization

-Master at lifestyle design mixing online ventures with perpetual travel
-Lived in 5 different countries across 4 different continents
-Knowledgeable in 5 languages
-Managing remote staff members with primary operations in the Philippines and India

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