Meditation for the Hustling Entrepreneur
3.5 (1 rating)
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Meditation for the Hustling Entrepreneur

Learn How to Use Meditation to Calm Your Thoughts, Become More Positive, and Manifest Your Desires!
3.5 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
132 students enrolled
Last updated 1/2016
Price: $35
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn What Meditation Is
  • Become a More Positive Individual
  • Calm Your Over-Active Mind
  • Increase Your Internal and External Awareness
  • Learn How Meditation Can Be Applied in Your Life
  • Understand the Power of Your Breathe
  • Learn How To Manifest Your Desires
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  • A Quiet Place to Sit
  • Lungs

Do you think a lot?

Do you ever feel like your mind is on overdrive and you just need to calm your thoughts?

Wish you could learn how to create success without so much stress?

Do you want more energy throughout each day?

Want to be in a state of constant learning?

Ever wish there was a way to switch your mind on and off upon command?

Meditation is the solution. Have you ever wanted to learn about meditation?

Over 20 Lectures and 3 Hours of Content!

Meditation for the Hustling Entrepreneur is a course designed to teach YOU - entrepreneurs and individuals with a desire to learn - the benefits of meditation, how the experience meditation can benefit your life and career, and how to begin learning and practicing meditation. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to create more success or you are just an individual looking to live a more peaceful existence, I have designed this course to teach you how to meditate and the benefits it can have in your life.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Increase Positivity
  • Develop More Compassion
  • Increase mental clarity and focus
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Make better and more calm decisions
  • Increase your creativity
  • Better Sleep
  • Meet day-to-day challenges with ease
  • Increase your self-acceptance
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Release and Eliminate Stress
  • Define success and achieve your definition of success

Who Am I and Why am I Qualified?

My name is Michael Jacobs and I'm a serial entrepreneur, mind trainer, and conscious speaker. Before I began meditating, I was simply a lost entrepreneur. I tried launching multiple companies and failed miserably. Each failure dug me into a deeper and deeper hole, mentally and emotionally. I had little sense of direction and an even smaller amount of confidence to pursue my dreams. I felt confused with life and did not understand the abilities I had hidden within myself. Then, I was taught meditation....

I first began learning meditation while living in India and working on my first start-up company. Through the techniques and practices I learned from gurus in India as well as from my own personal internal exploration, within 8 months I was able to create a company, launch a mobile app on the market, gain over 5,000 unique users, and be featured in over 50 publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine (June 2013 Issue)! The practices I teach have put me in front of venture capitalists looking to invest in my companies, created opportunities for me constantly travel the world, and have helped me hangout with rockstars like Gary Vaynerchuk. Most of all, these practices and techniques have lead me to being connected with the most amazing group of individuals and entrepreneurs that I am forever grateful for.

My desire is to deliver the messages that I learned while in India to you, so that you can begin to experience the benefits that meditation provides.

What are people saying about Michael and his meditations?

"Michael has a way of making those around him feel at ease. This guided meditation has helped me to slow down my constant thought process and give each daily task the time and mental energy it deserves. By letting go, I’ve been able to truly center myself and go about my daily activities in a more controlled and confident manner. I’d recommend this system to any entrepreneur who is constantly on the move." - Jamie Zeller, Owner of RackYourBoard

"Michael...that meditation took me to a level of peace and depth that I haven't been to in a while! I could not have accomplished that on my own terms quite the same. I feel so clear right now! Thank You & Namaste!" - Mike Tielemans, Marketing Consultant

"Michael is one of those all around good to know human beings. You feel like the best version of yourself when you talk to him. I've attempted to meditate by myself for the last few years, and guess what, I suck at it. My closest version to real meditation is zoning out while hanging laundry on the line. Michael's guided meditations have allowed me to relax, unwind, and just BE. Priceless. Bonus: He tells you what to do, and your eyes are closed so you don't feel like an idiot. I highly highly recommend participating." - Tatum Cohen, Entrepreneur

"Michael, your ability to calm me down with your meditation techniques has changed the way I look at life and how I express myself. I felt so at peace and centered after your meditations. I am truly blessed to have met you. Namaste. (:" - Pedro Valdez, Artist

What's included in the course?

1) Learn some basics of meditation

- Sitting Position

- Posture

- Breathing Techniques

- Relaxation

- Basic Guided Meditation

2) Increase Your Awareness

- Internal vs. External Awareness

- Awareness of Thought and Feeling

- Guided Meditation to Increase Awareness

3) Calming an Over-Active Mind

- Causes and Harms of an Over-Active Mind

- How to Calm Your Thoughts

- Calm Thoughts Create Focus

- Guided Meditation to Calm the Mind

4) Become More Positive

- What is the Root of All Negativity?

- How Can Negativity Be Overcome?

- Guided Meditation to Become More Positive

5) Begin Manifesting

- What is Manifestation and How Does it Work?

- Steps to Manifesting Your Desires

- Guided Meditation to Manifest Your Desires

Acquiring this state of mental and physical relaxation is the immediate benefit you receive after you are done with the meditation session. However, to experience deeper mental changes in your life, you will need to execute a little patience and practice meditation every day.

After a while you will experience change in your mental health and slowly, you shall experience positive change in other areas.

To achieve greatness, whether at work, at home, or at school, a daily 30 minute session of pure meditation will help you tackle the day with increased clarity.

Join Me Today!

Meditation is indeed a shortcut to feeling good and hence the reason why millions across the world are meditating every day. Many people that begin meditation for the first time get perplexed by the mental insights and awakening they gain. They are shocked by the release of all mental and physical stress that had previously piled up.

Take this course essentially for FREE today with the 30 day money-back guarantee! Dive into the material, watch the videos, and if you don't think the course is worth the money, I'll refund your course. :)

Click 'Take Course Now' above to start the course now! See you in the course!

Namaste :)

*If you want to take this course, but can not afford it, contact me via my website or social media. I am happy to work something out. Everyone who is interested deserves to learn the power of meditation :)*

Who is the target audience?
  • People Wanting To Learn Meditation
  • Hustling Entrepreneurs Looking for a Way to Unwind
  • Individuals Looking to Increase their Positivity
  • Beginners/Intermediates to Meditation
  • Individuals with an Over Active Mind
  • People Looking for a Deep Meaning to Life
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
Introduction (Watch Now for FREE!)
2 Lectures 25:32

Introduction to the course - Meditation for the Hustling Entrepreneur

Preview 14:26

This is a partial guided meditation to give you an idea of how guided meditations work and what to expect throughout the course.

Preview 11:06
Basics of Meditation
3 Lectures 35:58
Sitting Position and Posture

Where Do I Start?

Guided Meditation - Basic Techniques

This quiz is to keep you accountable for practicing meditation daily. Take 10 minutes in the morning or evening to find a comfortable place to sit and meditate upon Lecture 6: Guided Meditation - Basic Techniques.

Practice Basic Guided Meditation
1 question
Increase Awareness of Thought and Feeling
3 Lectures 30:43
What's Important About Awareness?

Thought vs. Feeling Awareness

This lecture is a guided meditation to help you increase your internal awareness.

*For those who are looking for a longer meditation to increase internal awareness (when you get more experienced with meditation), I have attached an extra video in the external resources section.*

Enjoy :)

Guided Meditation - Increase Awarness
Calm an Over-Active Mind
3 Lectures 30:11

A discussion of what causes an overactive mind and the benefits of calming your thoughts.

What Causes an Overactive Mind?

What Does Meditation Do to Help?

This is a guided meditation for calming your mind. Enjoy :)

Guided Meditation - Calming Your Mind = Clear and Focused
Become More Positive Daily!
3 Lectures 40:28
What is the Root Cause for Negativity?

Tips and Tricks to Multiple Your Positivity INSTANTLY!

This is a guided meditation to increase your levels of positivity and help you overcome negative thinking. Enjoy :)

Guided Meditation - Feel More Positive NOW!

I want you to begin implementing the tips and tricks designed to help you become more positive. Have you been practicing these?

Implement Tips/Tricks
1 question
Manifest Your Desires
3 Lectures 34:12
What is Manifestations and How Does It Work?

Steps to Manifest Your Desires

This is a guided meditation to help you begin manifesting your desires! Enjoy :)

Guided Meditation - Learn to Manifest Desires

This quiz is to keep you accountable for practicing meditation daily. Take 10 minutes in the morning or evening to find a comfortable place to sit and meditate upon. Namaste

Final Quiz
1 question
3 Lectures 06:03
Practice Plan

Thank You

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About the Instructor
Michael Austin Jacobs
3.9 Average rating
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577 Students
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Meditation Guide

Michael Austin Jacobs is a #1 Best-Selling Author, Meditation Guide and Serial Entrepreneur. He has trained people around the world in the patterns of the mind, consulted major companies such as Macy's on business strategies, and is also an active contributing writer for Entrepreneur.

Michael first began to awaken to his own purpose and power during his travels throughout India. After returning from India, he launched a mobile app company. Within 12 months of launch, the app gained over 10,000 users and was featured as one of Entrepreneur Magazine's "101 Brilliant Companies."

Soon, Michael felt he was being called in a different direction. After selling his mobile app company, he began giving his focus to being a guide to others through a balance of internal and external development. In pursuit of greater wisdom, Michael decided to pick up the majority of his belongs and travel through Central America for 4 months.

While in the jungles of Costa Rica, Michael began connecting with his purpose and the meaning of his life. While on his journey, he began channeling his creative energy into written words. Only weeks after his return home, Michael published his book, 101 Daily Thoughts and Affirmations to Create Positive Change, that soon became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in 6 different categories. Michael soon followed up with his second book, Peeling Back the Layers of the Mind, which became an instant Amazon #1 Best-Seller.

Michael has trained hundreds of people throughout his world travels in the Law of Attractions through practices of the mind. Throughout this time, he developed a special gift to connect with others on a deep level and see past their limiting beliefs to be a guide for them. Michael's main message is, "Everything in life comes down to awareness and decision. When one becomes aware of their life's purpose and makes the decision to pursue it, everything in their reality will transform."