Learn The Pastry Arts - The World Of Cookies
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Learn The Pastry Arts - The World Of Cookies

Learn from Marco Ropke a fourth generation pastry chef with twenty five (25) years of international experience.
4.8 (22 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
322 students enrolled
Created by Marco Ropke
Published 7/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Demystify the world of pastry! With the skill set learnt you will not just learn recipes, but learn methods and understanding behind pastry arts.
  • By the end of this course all of your friends and family will be raving about your pastry skills.
  • Know why things turn out right, and why they sometimes turn out wrong. Understand the science behind the pastry arts!
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  • Willing to taste and eat your way through the pastry landscape.
  • A kitchen with a working oven.
  • Mixer
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Welcome to - The World Of Cookies!


Build the essential pastry training skills, and dazzle all of your friends in the kitchen.

New or old to the art of the culinary journey, this course is designed for speed and ease. Join us!

Have you ever wanted to dive into the pastry arts? Maybe you are a student or pastry professional who needs access to high quality recipes and videos?

Pastry Training Centre - A pastry arts training program, with a timeline that fits your schedule.

But what are our students saying?

“Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous classes and training of the past
few weeks! Thank you for the generosity of your time,  the high-quality impeccable
ingredients you use, for sharing all of your tools, your incredible
knowledge and especially the sharing of your recipes – I will keep them safe
and honored. I have not met yet such a generous and fine teacher.”

-Caroline Witteveen, Past Student.

Videos are all shot with TWO ANGLES in a professional pastry kitchen, learn from the best. All recipes are PDF Downloads, and easy to read and follow.

Owner and instructor Chef Marco Ropke is a fourth generation pastry chef from Germany with over twenty five (25) years of international pastry experience. 

He now brings his knowledge of European, Asian, and North American pastries to an easy to use online school.

The pastry training centre reflets Marco's deep passion for his trade and strong teaching ethics.

What to expect?

  • Lessons and Knowledge: Hands down the best resource and speedy but extensive knowledge into the basics and fundamentals of the pastry kitchen. 
  • Video Walk-Throughs: Every single recipes published will have a full video walk-through in 720p HD with TWO CAMERA ANGLES!. We know how important it is to have close-ups of the footage, but also feeling connecting with the teacher.
  • The science behind the art: Learn from Marco Ropke, who not only teaches you the methods and recipes, but also the science behind the art. Understand why things turn out a certain way, and be your own creator and create your own pastry recipes in the future that hold the fundamental basics to success in the kitchen.
  • History & Characteristics: Learn the history of many items you are going to be baking, and the characteristics that define their definition.

Lessons Covered?

  • Intro: We start with an intro to the pastry arts, the kitchen essentials, conversions, recipe understanding, and how to adjust based on different ovens, and climate temperatures in the kitchen.
  • The World Of Cookies: Not your average cookies, these cookies are fit for royalty. Learn about the traditional mixing methods, cookie styles, shapes, and methods. We outline a wide variety that spans many different skill sets and methods to make you an expert on the high-tea, cookies, and the characteristics that make them great!

    Dive right in and take the helm!

Who is the target audience?
  • Average Joe
  • Home Cooks
  • Professional Pastry Chefs
  • Hotel Training
  • Pattisserie Training
  • Part Time Cooks
  • Culinary Students
  • Pastry Arts Students
  • Bakeries
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
Pastry Basics & Fundamentals
7 Lectures 18:44



"One of the best instructors I’ve ever encountered, Chef Marco’s knowledge is extensive and his passion for what he teaches is inspiring. I would highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him to do so. "

Robin McNabb, Past Student

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Below are a few tips & tricks which you might want to read through and review as you get started in your new field of Pastry Arts.
Measurements / Metric System / Conversion

Recipe conversion tips and tricks.

Recipe Conversions

Know the difference between a professional baker oven, and a home oven. This lecture will teach you the rule of thumb when adjusting for home recipes vs. professional recipes.
Pastry Bakery Ovens - The Difference

Best practice when using either a Kitchen Aid Mixer, or a Professional Pastry Mixer.
Kitchen Aid & Pastry Mixers

General rules, and tips on preparing yourself before you begin to bake or start any recipe.
Preparing To Bake

These are the recommended and essential tools you will require. While not all are mandatory, we do recommended taking our outline serious to be able to excel!
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The World Of Cookies
17 Lectures 03:20:00
An introduction to 'The World Of Cookies'.
Preview 00:59

Learn about the different Characteristics of Cookies, as well as baking methods, and history.
Cookies - Characteristics

Learn about the different classifications and mixing methods of cookies.
Cookies - Classifications & Mixing Method

Recipe Yield: 50 Pieces

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 200 g Butter, vanilla dough
  • 100 g Sugar, vanilla dough
  • 2 piece Egg Yolks, vanilla dough
  • 1 Pinch Salt, vanilla dough
  • 300 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour, vanilla dough
  • 1 ml Vanilla Extract, vanilla dough
  • 200 g Butter
  • 100 g Sugar
  • 2 piece Egg Yolks
  • 1 piece Salt
  • 285 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour
  • 15 g Cocoa Powder


  1. Prepare the Vanilla Sweet Paste and the Chocolate
  2. Sweet Paste, ensure to use cold butter and knead both doughs only a short time.
  3. Roll out both doughs to about 3 mm thickness, cut into stripes and assemble the stripes like a checkerboard.
  4. Enrobe the checkerboard with one layer of vanilla cookie dough.
  5. Chill cookie dough well before slicing them.
  6. Bake at 320 F.
Checkerboard Cookies

Recipe Yield: 12 Cookies

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 200 g Almond Paste: DGF 50%
  • 140 g Sugar
  • 40 g Nuts: Almond Powder
  • 20 g Honey
  • 40 g Egg White
  • 50 g Nuts: Almond Sliced


  1. Mix all the ingredients together except the flaked almonds.
  2. For large almond crescent, scale the dough in 50 gr. And shape it round and long.
  3. Roll each one in the flaked almonds and bake by 180c until golden brown.
  4. Immediately after baking brush them with gummi arabicum.
  5. Once cold dip the end in dark chocolate.
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Recipe Yield: 680 g

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 130 g Butter
  • 60 g Brown Sugar (Demerara)
  • 80 g Sugar
  • 1 g Salt
  • 1 g Vanilla: Vanilla Extract
  • 1 piece Eggs
  • 200g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour
  • 2 g Baking Soda
  • 160 g Chocolate Chips for baking


  1. Cream the butter, sugars, salt & vanilla together until light and almost white in color.
  2. Add one by one the room temperature eggs to it and combine well.
  3. Sieve the flour and the soda together, mix in the chocolate chip and blend it under the cookie batter.
  4. Bake at 160 C for about 7 min. Soft centre.
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe Yield: 24 Cookies

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 160 g Butter
  • 100 g Sugar
  • 1 piece Egg Yolks
  • 150 g Flour: Soft Pastry Flour
  • 30 g Seeds: Sesame Black
  • 30 g Seeds: Sesame White
  • 75g Nuts: Coconut Powder (Medium)
  • 1 piece Lemon Zest
  • 2 g Baking Powder


  1. Mix together butter and sugar.
  2. Add remaining ingredients to it and knead until it forms a dough.
  3. Roll it into a log, chill and slice into rounds.
  4. Bake until the edges turn golden brown 180 C.
Coconut Sesame Sable

Recipe Yield: 24 Cookies

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 150 g Marzipan
  • 30 g Sugar Icing
  • 20 g Butter
  • 30 g Honey
  • 1 piece Egg White
  • 100 g Jam Raspberry


  1. Roll out the sweet paste, cut it into desired shape (5 cm wide, length as sheet pan) and bake blind (light color only).
  2. Attach always two of the pre-baked sweet pastes together with hot raspberry jam.
  3. Mix together the almond paste, butter, honey & icing sugar use the egg white to achieve a firm piping consistency.
  4. Pipe the almond filling along the sides of the sweet paste and a caramelize the almond paste under a salamander.
  5. Fill the centre of the cookies with jam.
Eisenbahner Cookies

Recipe Yield: 75 Pieces

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 280 ml Cream 33%
  • 280 g Sugar
  • 56 g Honey
  • 56 g Butter
  • 1 g Vanilla Extract
  • 280 g Nuts: Almond Sliced, Flaked
  • 100 g Dry Fruit: Cranberries

Cutting Notes:

  • 1 recipe = 1 half sheet pan
  • Cut into 3" x 1" pieces


  1. Lay out a baking-tray with sweet paste and bake it blind in the oven. 345 F
  2. Boil together the cream, sugar, honey, butter and flavouring and add the almonds and cranberries to it.
  3. Spread it on the sweet paste and re-bake the florentine in the oven until baked and golden brown in color.
Florentine Cookies

Recipe Yield: 12 Cookies

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 100 g Butter
  • 125 g Sugar Brown (Demerara)
  • 1 piece Eggs
  • 60 g Organic Steelcut Oats
  • 30 g Seeds: Sunflower Seeds
  • 30 g Golden Flax Seeds
  • 20 g Millet
  • 30 g Fine Coconut Powder
  • 40 g Raisins
  • 20 g Cranberries
  • 4 g Baking Powder
  • 100 g Organic Stoneground Whole Wheat Flour


  1. Cream together the room temperature butter and brown sugar until light.
  2. Add the egg to it and mix well.
  3. Mix all grains, seeds & dry fruits and add to the mixture.
  4. Add the flour and baking powder at last, mix gently.
  5. Scoop out and bake.
Harvest Grain Cookies

Recipe Yield: 400g

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 45 g Almond Paste: DGF 50%
  • 120 g Sugar Icing
  • 2 piece Eggs
  • 110g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour
  • 15 ml Cream Whipping Blend


  1. Blend together the marzipan and the icing sugar and little bit of the eggs.
  2. Once smooth add the remaining eggs to it and then the soft cake flour.
  3. Add at last the cream to it and let the tuile batter rest in the fridge for a few hours.
  4. If tuile batter is to thick, dilute it with more cream.
Hippen Tuile

Recipe Yield: 24 Cookies

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 200 g Butter
  • 80 g Sugar Icing
  • 50 g Almond Paste: DGF 50%
  • 1 piece Egg Yolks
  • 240 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour
  • 1 piece Lemon Zest
  • 1 ml Vanilla Extract


  1. Knead slowly together the butter, marzipan and icing sugar.
  2. Add the lemon, vanilla and egg yolks to it and knead it until smooth.
  3. Add at last the flour to it and knead it gently.
  4. Roll the cookie dough to a perfect cylinder(15” long), place it in the fridge / freezer until dough has hardened.
  5. Take the cylinder and roll it in sugar, this sugar crust is characteristic for Sable Cookies.
  6. Slice the cylinder and place the cookies on baking trays, bake them at 190 C until the sugar on the sides of the cookies starts to caramelizes, the center of the cookie should be baked with little color only.
  7. Bake the cookies on double trays to prevent the underside of the cookie taken on too much color.
  8. Bake at 320 F.
Lemon Sable

Recipe Yield: 450 g

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 100 g Butter
  • 50 g Sugar
  • 1 piece Egg Yolks
  • 1 Pinch Lemon Zest
  • 1 ml Vanilla Extract
  • 1 g Spices Cloves
  • 1 g Spices Cinnamon Powder
  • 75 g Nuts: Hazelnut Powder
  • 125g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour
  1. Prepare a Sweet paste from the ingredients, knead the dough a very short time, it is very easy to over knead a linzer dough.
  2. Roll the dough out to 3 mm. Cut small discs out with a fluted round cutter.
  3. Cut the center from half of the discs out with a small round cutter.
  4. Bake all the linzer disc’s in the oven at 160 C until very lightly colored.
  5. Mix Raspberry Jam, water and sugar together and cook it until slightly reduced.
  6. Dust the disc’s without a center with icing sugar and place them on top of the remaining discs.
  7. Pour the hot reduced raspberry jam in the center of the Linzer Cookies.
                Linzer Cookies

                Recipe Yield: 12 Cookies

                Recipe Ingredients:

                • 50 g Butter
                • 90 g Sugar
                • 1 Pinch Lemon Zest
                • 1 piece Eggs
                • 1 piece Egg Yolks
                • 135 g Flour: Soft Pastry Flour
                • 5 g Baking Powder
                • 40 ml Milk

                Flavour Ideas:

                • Fennel & Lemon
                • Madelaine
                • Peanut Butter Madelaine
                • Cassis Madelaine
                • Coffee, Orange &
                • Hazelnut Madelaine


                1. Cream together the butter, sugar and lemon zest.
                2. Add the vanilla and then in addition the eggs.
                3. Sieve the dry ingredients and fold them gently under.
                4. Bake in a hot oven 320 F for approx 6-8 min - (20 g poppy seeds).
                Madelaine Cookies

                Recipe Yield: 400 g

                Recipe Ingredients:

                • 50 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour
                • 150 g Sugar
                • 75 g Butter
                • 75 g Juice Orange
                • 1 Pinch Orange Zest


                1. Mix the sugar and the flour in a bowl.
                2. Add the orange juice to the hot, clarified butter.
                3. Fold the liquid into the sugar/ flour and mix until well blended, add the orange zest to it.
                4. Let it rest in the fridge until firm.
                5. When ready to bake, either drizzle on a non-sticking sheet making a lattice, or spread very thinly with a spatula.
                6. Bake until golden brown.
                Orange Tuile Wafer

                Recipe Yield: 600g

                Recipe Ingredients:

                • 105 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour
                • 1 g Baking Soda
                • 1 g Salt
                • 85 g Butter
                • 125 g Sugar Brown (Demerara)
                • 1 piece Eggs
                • 195 g Butter: Peanut Butter
                • 50 g Nuts: Peanuts, broken / roasted


                1. Sieve together the cake flour, soda and the salt.
                2. Creme together the butter with the brown sugar until light.
                3. Add then the egg to it and continue to mix until incorporated.
                4. Add then the peanut butter and the roasted, crushed peanuts to it, mix well.
                5. At last add the sieved dry ingredients to it and blend them in, don't over mix the dough once the dry ingredients are added.
                6. Scoop cookies out and bake by 350 F.
                Peanut Butter Cookies

                Recipe Yield: 500 g

                Recipe Ingredients:

                • 100 g Almond Paste: DGF 50%
                • 2 piece Egg Yolks
                • 1 ml Vanilla Extract
                • 1 Pinch Lemon Zest
                • 55 g Butter
                • 100 g Sugar Icing
                • 200 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour
                • 50 g Sugar
                • 50 ml Egg White


                1. Cream together the marzipan, butter, sugar and add the egg yolks to it.
                2. Whip up the egg whites and sugar to a stiff meringue and fold it under the marzipan batter.
                3. Fold at last the flour under.
                4. Pipe the cookie dough on trays.
                5. Bake them by 320F
                Piped Butter Cookies

                This is the section quiz for 'The World Of Cookies'. 

                We recommend getting your reading material ready for these tests.

                Section 5 - Final Quiz
                13 questions
                In Closing
                1 Lecture 00:55
                In Conclusion - What's Next?
                About the Instructor
                Marco Ropke
                4.5 Average rating
                139 Reviews
                1,323 Students
                3 Courses
                Fourth Generation Pastry Chef, Twenty Five (25) Years Exp.

                Marco Ropke


                Born and trained in Hamburg, Germany. He started young in his career. Helping out occasionally at the age of 6 in his parents pastry & bakery shop before starting his three year German pastry apprenticeship at the age of 15.

                • Relocated to Lyon, France when he was 18 to continue his education and to work as chocolatier / glacier at the ‘Marron aux Glace Patisserie’ in Lyon, which Chef was the founding member of the Relais Desserts Associations of leading pastry shops.
                • Moved to the Turnberry Hotel Golf Courses & Spa in Scotland at the age of 20 only to be promoted to Executive Pastry Chef, running the pastry kitchen of this British 5 red diamond property at the age of 21.
                • Several years of traveling and working as Executive Pastry Chef at some of the best hotels in the Middle East and Asia followed, Forte Grand Meridian Hotel in Dubai; the Peninsula Hotel in Beijing; Hilton Hotels in Japan (Otaru & Osaka), Hilton Hotels in China (Taipei, Shanghai, Dalian & Chongqing).
                • Immigrated to Canada in 2002 to continue his career as Executive Pastry Chef at The Four Seasons properties in Vancouver and Toronto, before finally settling in Vancouver to pursue his career as Pastry Instructor at the North West Culinary Academy of Vancouver.
                • Obtained his Provincial Instructor Diploma from VCC in 2006.
                • Moved back a final time to Asia in 2007 as Executive Pastry Chef for the new-opening of The Ritz Carlton & JW Marriott Hotels in Beijing, featuring close to 1000 bed rooms and up to 14 food & beverage outlets while supervising 42 pastry cooks during the Beijing Olympics.
                • Returned to Vancouver in 2009 to fulfill his dream in opening his own Pastry Training Centre.


                • German Pastry Trade Certification and the Provincial Instructor Diploma.
                • Various awards, gold, silver & bronze medals from pastry competitions in Vancouver, Dubai, Lyon, London & Glasgow.

                The Pastry Training Centre reflects Chef Marco Ropke’s deep passion for his trade and a strong teaching ethic.