Infographic How To: Data, Design, Distribute

Unlock the power of infographics and learn the recipe on how to make sweet visuals that will engage your audience.
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  • John Meyer CEO/Co-Founder of

    My mission is to make the world an easier place to understand. Our team does this through design every day at I'm CEO/Co-Founder of a visual marketing firm that has worked with brands like Nike, PepsiCo, Marriott, the United Nations, Red Mango, New Relic and more on infographics and data viz. I speak around the country about infographics, the power of visuals, entrepreneurship, and focus. I'm a member of the Young Entrepreneurship Council and was named to Businessweek's Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25 in 2010.

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Infographic How To: Data, Design, Distribute

Unlock the power of infographics and learn the recipe on how to make sweet visuals that will engage your audience.
49 reviews


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This course will cover everything you need to know about infographics. The course starts at covering the power of infographics and why they are worth considering in your marketing and storytelling efforts. Then, the course will take you through the recipe that Lemonly, a design firm that specializes in infographics takes to make their own sweet visuals.

The course is structured in three sections: Data, Design, Distribute. Each section contains videos, screen captures, interviews and even sample documents available to download to use for your infographic creation.

Take this course to build a foundation for building great infographics .

    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Over 16 lectures and 59 mins of content!
    • By the end of this course you'll know the recipe to making sweet infographics.
    • Marketers
    • Designers
    • Public Relations
    • Content Strategy


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  • 1
    How To Infographics: Data, Design, Distribute Intro

    Lemonly CEO, John, kicks off the How To Infographics course.

  • SECTION 1:
    The Power of Visual Marketing
  • 2
    Why does visual marketing matter?
    Before we start making infographics we need to know why are they important? Why does visual marketing even matter?

    This video is a snippet of CEO, John T. Meyer, giving a talk on the Power of Visuals at New Media Expo in Las Vegas. The 13 minute snippet looks at why visual marketing matters from both a quantitative and a qualitative angle. 

  • 3
    What is an infographic?
    We ask the team how they definite what an infographic is. What is your definition?
  • SECTION 2:
    Start with Data
  • 4
    Step 1: Inform
    Whether you are making an infographic for yourself or a client, you will need to decide what type of infographic you want to create and the goal of that graphic. There are two types of infographics; brand infographcis and editorial infographics. In this lecture, John introduces you to the different types of infographics and how to define goals for your project.

  • 5
    Step 2: Gather
    Every good infographic starts with strong data. Now is the time to think about what type of data you want to gather, Qualitative or Quantitative, and how you're going to organize that data. 
  • 6
    Step 3: Discover
    Now that you have your data, it's time to discover the story within your research. In this lecture we define patterns and key points to look for in your data to make a great infographic. 
  • SECTION 3:
    Delightful Design
  • 7
    Step 4: Wireframe

    The first step in the design process is to create a wireframe. So what's a wireframe? A wireframe is a blueprint or visual guide that represents the skeletal framework on an infographic. Essentially this is your outline for the infographic. Let's take a look at how to create a sweet wireframe. 

  • 8
    Step 5: Mood Board

    The mood board is a poster design that may consist of images, text and samples of objects in a composition displaying the mood of the graphic. It illustrates visually the direction and style in which the designer is pursuing. Take a look at this interview with lead designer, Ashton, on how to effectively create a mood board.

  • 9
    Step 6: Design
    Once you've got the wireframe and mood board complete, you're ready to start the design phase. Listen to this interview on designing sweet visuals with creative director, Amy.
  • 10
    Step 6.1: Design - Basics of Illustrator
    DESIGN DEMO: The possibilities in Illustrator are endless, so where to begin. See some common tools to use while illustrating your infographic.
  • 11
    Step 6.2: Design - Building in Illustrator
    DESIGN DEMO: Pie chart or bar graph? This video gives you an overview of how to customize your sweet data.
  • 12
    Step 6.3: Design - Final Touches in Photoshop
    DESIGN DEMO: Now that you have your graphics built, time to polish things up! This video gives you an overview of common Photoshop tools used to add the final touches to your infographic.
  • 13
    Step 7: Launch

    With your graphic finally complete and designed exactly how you want it, we are now ready to launch! In this lecture we'll look at some key points in the launch process such as naming your files and timing your launch.

  • SECTION 4:
    Ready to Distribute
  • 14
    Step 8: Promote
    Now that your infographic is designed, it's time to share! You want others to share your sweet graphic too, so in this lecture we take you through's three tiered approach to promoting your newly designed infographic. 
  • 15
    Are you stuck? Additional Resources
    If you're feeling a little stuck or overwhelmed, here are few additional resources to help you out.
  • 16
    Show and Tell
    Now you're ready to show off your infographic and we want to see it. Join our show and tell by tweeting us a link to your graphic @thinklemonly  or email us at


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  • Bader Alotaibi
    worst course on udemy

    please don't waste your time and money although i got this for $10 i'm requesting a refund , Fluff nothing in there

  • Ryan Budmayr
    Highly Recommend

    The course offered a one-stop shop to understand the importance and relevance of infographics. In addition, the brief tutorial offers examples of how to produce great infographics, regardless of the size of your company or organization.

    Great Introductory Course

    I provided this course to my employees as we were looking at creating info graphics to help make our consumer reports more user friendly and appealing. It was perfect to get us motivated to do so. Also, John was extremely helpful in getting me signed up for the course. Great job!

  • Michael Todd
    Informative and conversational

    The Lemonly team concisely explains the process of making infographics, with background and steps like wireframing to launch. Thanks for providing this resource!

  • Mark Dickson
    Easy step-by-step walkthrough

    This is a great overview of infographics, with walk-through steps to creating your own stunning infographics. Easy to understand and implement, and as a freelance illustrator and graphic design teacher, it has given me lots of ideas for my teaching.

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