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Home Energy Made Easy: Save Time, Save Dollars, Save Energy

How To Immediately Start Saving 50% to 75% on Home Energy and Utilities, Doing Small Weekend Jobs In Your Spare Time.
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Created by David Sieg
Last updated 6/2015
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In May of 2008 I bought my house. Within one month, the housing market crashed and the cost of fuel and utilities skyrocketed.

Would an extra $50, $100, even $200 or more every month come in handy? These kinds of savings are possible in as little time as it takes to get your next utility bill. I was able to bring my utility costs down from over $500 a month to $75. Money back in my pocket. Think of the savings that can add up to over the course of one year.

Written for the home owner who is tired of paying many hundreds of dollars a month in gas, electric, and water usage costs. This course is about the many ways you can easily and simply modify your house, doing simple weekend jobs that will add up to saving big dollars. If you can use simple hand tools, you'll be able to start saving money immediately.

This course includes 19 videos and .pdf handouts covering every aspect of making your home more energy efficient. It goes from creating a simple "energy budget" to understanding where your biggest energy expenses are, to determining how to get the biggest bang for your energy buck, to systematically eliminating energy waste. You'll learn...

  • How to Get The Government to Pay For Your Energy System.
  • How to create an energy budget
  • How to Air-Seal Your House
  • How to remodel your house for maximum energy efficiency
  • Save money on Energy Efficient appliances
  • Save money on Energy Efficient Cooking
  • Save money on Energy Efficient Laundry
  • Passive Solar Heating
  • Energy Efficient Cooling
  • How to get Free glass for solar applications

I have written my instructions in very simple English so that anybody can do this.

Every single technique which I reveal in this course is easy to put into place in minutes - and can give you instant returns. I am going to give you full step-by-step instructions and very clear diagrams and photos for you to follow so that you can start saving money in just a few hours!

The current sale price of $19 won't last forever. At the certain point I will raise the price because this information is valuable.

Every minute you delay is actually COSTING you money ....

Get started now, for less than the cost of take out pizza, and start saving money immediately.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any home owners who wants to save money
  • People concerned about home energy costs and are looking at ways to reduce them.
  • People who are concerned about global warming and want to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • People who want to know quickest and easiest methods of saving energy dollars without expensive upgrades.
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What Will I Learn?
Reduce your home energy utility bills by 50% to 75%
Add to the resale value of your home
Make your home more energy efficient
How to get the US government and utility companies to pay for energy improvements
Make your home more comfortable
Create a plan for simple weekend projects that will drastically reduce their home heating and cooling costs.
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  • Know how to use basic hand tools safely
  • No prior carpentry expereince is necessary
Curriculum For This Course
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Get Started Quickly and Easily
3 Lectures 26:08

This chapter is all about learning WHY it is important to take control of your energy future now. This course isn't about causes or failures in our energy system, it's about real, do-able, everyday, solutions.

In this introduction you'll learn why alternative energy systems costs so much, as well as how to get the utilities, as well as state and federal government to help pay for improvements, or even pay for the total cost.

Preview 07:41

In this lecture you learn about creating an "energy budget," how it can help you, and why it is so critical to understanding your energy needs.I'll walk you through it, and even provide handy worksheets you can use to make this important step easy and painless.

Preview 08:39

In this lecture, you'll find an overview of the many topics which will be discussed in this course, how we will implement them, and why it will result in massive energy, as well as dollar savings.

It is estimated that the average home has enough air leakage that it is equivalent to a three square foot hole in your wall. Resulting in massive loss of heating and cooling.This chapter will show you how to find air leaks, and make a plan to plug them forever.

The .pdf handout includes places to check as well as room diagrams you can use for future reference.

Preview 09:48
Air Sealing: the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
5 Lectures 54:10

One of the most critical aspects of this course will be air sealing your home. Experts estimate that up to 45% of energy used in your home is wasted, and can be recovered via sealing off air leaks.

In this chapter I'll show you how to stop, and plug the air leaks you found in the last chapter. I'll share the tools you'll need, as well as the materials and where they can be bought.

Air sealing Part 1

This is a continuation of the last chapter with more in depth material.

Air sealing Part 2

This chapter covers the things you need to know to properly update and air seal your basement. Up to 25% of heat is lost through your basement.

We'll discuss the different kinds of basements and ways of dealing with heat loss with each. We're going to discover where your basement is vulnerable to heat loss and systematically put a stop to his method of wasting your money.

Air sealing the basement

Windows and doors can account for up to 25% of total house heat loss. Since we have air sealed the inside of the house, now we start on the outside.

Updating the outside walls

Your attic is another place where there is real potential to waste money on heating and cooling. Insulation helps but is not enough. In this chapter I go through the various ways in which you are wasting money venting precious heat and/or cooling into a dead space. We'll look at the places it occurs and explore strategies for making this area as energy efficient as possible.

Updating your attic
Save Money with Appliances
5 Lectures 57:07

This is the half-way point in this course. By now you're seeing significant energy savings and this is reflected by reduced utility bills. Now we will start fine tuning various aspects of your lifestyle for even more energy savings. By understanding the "energy hogs" in your appliances you can plan now for energy savings when you go to buy new ones.

Updating your appliances

In this chapter we'll look at money saving ways to reduce your energy consumption through smart cooking habits. Little changes here and there can result in big savings. I'll even show you how to build a quick and easy solar oven/cooker to use in emergency situations if, or when, the power ever goes out.

Save Money cooking, and making a solar oven

Doing laundry, heating hot water, using the clothes dryer, are extremely energy intensive activities. I'll show you how to minimize all aspects of cleaning your clothes.

I'll even show you how to you can start saving money immediately by making your own laundry soap (Liquid or powered) that will clean your clothes better than store bough detergents and cost about 3 cents a load.

This one action is more than enough to pay for this entire course many times over. Not to mention you'll save money on energy as well as your clothes will be cleaner, brighter, and smell better than ever before.

Save Money doing laundry

There is no doubt that heating hot water is a huge energy expense. In this chapter I'll show you ways to save money on hot water as well as reduce the energy necessary to produce it. You'll learn quick and easy methods to save money now, as well as reduced your hot water heating bill.

Save Money on Hot Water

Outlined here for the first time are ways you can reduces your utility bill immediately! By understanding the importance of lighting and the many alternatives available, you can can have an immediate impact on your utility bill and your wallet.

I was able to shave $50 off my utility bills just on lighting alone. This chapter can save you money starting today.

Save Money on Lighting
Save Money on Heating and Cooling
2 Lectures 18:14

In this chapter I'll share concepts in solar heating and whether, depending your situation, you can start taking advantage of easy methods to use the sun to reduce your heating bills. It's easier than you think!

Save Money with Solar Heating

If you live in a hot climate, or if cooling bills in the summer are a concern, this chapter is for you. Here you'll find inexpensive ways to lower your cooling bills with very little work. It's called convection and it has been used for hundreds of years.

It's simple, it's easy, and I'll show you how.

Also included is an ingenious way I've used for years using two window fans to create a pleasant breeze throughout my entire house.

Save Money with Passive Cooling
"Down and Dirty" Changes to Save Even More
4 Lectures 32:10

You've come a long way by this chapter and you're seeing energy savings that have significantly lowered your utility bills. For some people that will means hundreds of dollars a month.

Now is the time to look back and take stock of what you've done, how much it has saved, and to celebrate your new energy freedom.

Well also look at ways you can take individual, energy intensive rooms of your house, and save even more money.

Changing Your Energy World One Room at a Time

You spend a lot of time, and waste a lot of energy in the bathroom. Not to mention using hot water, and excessive lighting. This chapter looks at "80/20" methods of getting the most bang for your energy dollars in this power hungry part of the house.

Save Money Remodeling the Bathroom for Energy Efficeincy

Another room in your house that sees significant energy usage. We'll look at "down and dirty" methods to save even more money in this area, quickly and easily.

Save Money Remodeling the Kitchen for Energy Efficiency

Skylights are beautiful and add not only to the comfort of your house (and resale value) but also reduce the need for light as well as save on heating costs.

A few well placed skylights can almost eliminate the need for daylight lighting as well as heat.

Understanding the different kinds of skylights, their placements, and whether this is a wise energy and money saving alternative for you is what this chapter is all about.

Save Money Installing Energy Efficient Skylights
Free Bonus Chapter
1 Lecture 05:31

This is a free bonus chapter. Glass is the basic component of many solar energy needs. It can be used in making skylights, picture windows, a solarium, and greenhouses. This chapter explores a way to get all the glass you need for such applications free. With this info you can build for $500 what would cost other people $25,000.

How to Get Free Glass For Windows, Skylights, and Greenhouses
About the Instructor
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Biofuels and Alternative energy consultant

In 1995, while teaching in Southeast Asia, I started dabbling in alternative energy and biofuels by necessity. At the time Vietnam was suffering under crippling oil embargoes and there wasn't enough energy to meet basic needs.

I remembered the Allies in WWII used vegetable oil to power diesel engines. This led me to researching various alternatives in biodiesel. My students collected used vegetable oil from restaurants. Soon we were creating enough to power the school's generators. This led eventually to starting a consulting business.

in 2006 I started a website sharing the knowledge I gained and started writing books on how anyone could produce algae biodiesel. In 2008, the price of oil skyrocketed and some of my books became best sellers overseas.

Also in 2008, the economy collapsed in Asia and I moved back to the USA. I put the very same principles I applied in Asia here in the US in a suburban house. I was able to bring a $500 a month utility bill down to $75. Doing the same things I teach in this course.

I have since written over 8 nonfiction books on algae biofuels.

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