Game Development Fundamentals with Python

Learn game programming skills with this free course using the Python programming language.
  • Lectures 10
  • Video 2 Hours
  • Skill level beginner level
  • Languages English
  • Includes Lifetime access
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    Available on iOS and Android
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Course Description

Have you always wanted to create your own computer game, but weren't sure how to begin? Are you new to programming and aren't certain if you're up to the challenge? Are you a professional programmer who wants to learn how to make a game? Do you want to learn more about game development? Have you been looking for a step-by-step explanation of how to get started?

In this fun and comprehensive python game development course, instructor Alex Bowers will show you how to successfully develop your very own computer game with the Python programming language. He will walk you through the programming of a game called "Monster," in which a monster will chase and try to eat your character! Step-by-step, you will learn how to create a game menu, how to develop your characters and items, how to make your characters move using key commands, and how to input different settings to make your python game programming more challenging and fun! 

Features include:
•Game settings
•Create a start menu
•Make your characters, including your player (protagonist) and a monster (antagonist)
•Assign jobs and locations to your characters and items
•Make sure your items and characters don't run into each other
•Ways to make the game more exciting for the player
•How to win the game

If you are looking to create a simple, but fun computer game, this is the perfect course for you! Once you complete this python game development course, you will be well on your way to becoming a professional game programmer and developing more elaborate games in the future!


What are the requirements?

  • Mac, PC or Linux Based Computer with Python Processor (Free)
  • Desire to Learn and Have Fun

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 10 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Understand Basic Game Development Skills
  • Create a Basic Game
  • Understand Fundamental Python Programming
  • Create Settings within a Game
  • Create a Start Menu for a Game
  • Write Code for Game Characters
  • Write Code for Game Anagonists
  • Control Character Movement
  • Game Enhancement
  • Create a Game Objective

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone Wanting to Learn Game Programming
  • People Who Want to Improve Python Skills
  • People Who Want to Learn Game Development Fundamentals
  • Students who Want Exposure to Game Programming
  • Teachers who want a Great In-Class Programming Activity
  • People who want a Fun way to Learn Programming
  • Hobbyists Learning Programming


Section 1: Getting the Basics Done
Alex explains the basic fundamentals of how to set up your game and how the game is going to work. He shows you how to create the characters and explains why you want them to carry out specific actions.
In this video, you will learn how to set up your game's menu with commands such as "Start New Game," "Save Game," Load Game," and "Exit." You will also be shown how to create the grid on which the game will be played and your characters will be seen.
Section 2: Characters and Items
Follow along as Alex teaches you how to include your characters and items onto the grid. This is where your characters will move around. You will assign each character and item a starting point.

Take a look at how to program your characters and items to show in different parts of the grid every time a new game is started.

This video will show you how to ensure that your characters and items are never in the same position on your grid at the same time. This way, the game can be played easily and without any confusion to the player.
This tutorial will show to you the simple steps you will need to take in order to get your game's menu functioning. 
Section 3: Movement
You will learn how to keep your characters within the grid that you have created for you game. Alex will also begin to show you how to move your characters.
Continue to learn how to get your character to move within the game.
Now it's time to learn how to get the monster to chase your character! Alex will walk you through how to program the monster to move along the grid and try to eat the player.
Section 4: Miscellaneous
Do you want your player to be able to change how many moves the monster makes per turn? Do you want to know how to make different characters and items invisible so the game is a little more thrilling? Alex will show you how to change the settings on the game, and also how to allow the player to make some changes, as well.

Instructor Biography

Alex Bowers , A Software Engineer from Manchester, UK

Alex Bowers started his programming career learning PHP and MySQL for a small project that he wanted to complete. Upon completion of the project, Alex was hooked, and looking to expand his knowledge of programming.

Since then, in his pursuit for knowledge, Alex started teaching others. He started teaching in 2009 on YouTube, amassing over 2,000 subscribers. Since then, he has moved on to teach Python, jQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. Alex's primary expertise resides in Web Development, however he has also played his hand at Android and iOS development.

Since Alex began teaching, he has been an active member of the developer community, contributing to Open Source projects and administrating a forum at PHPacademy.

The goal for Alex is simple. To create the best content available for an affordable price, to enable thousands of others to learn what he has learnt, and to expand his own knowledge in the process. To date, Alex is certainly on track, having taught over 100,000 people on Udemy, and many more elsewhere.


Average Rating
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  2. 4 Stars
  3. 3 Stars
  4. 2 Stars
  5. 1 Stars
    • Giacomo Lami

    Clear and fun

    Best way to learn is to work on an example that is fun. Keep up your good training courses!!

    • Per Nielsen

    No explanations of what is going on

    The instructor just types in code and says what he is typing. There is very little in the form of actual explanations. Also, the code is not very Pythonic, with syntax that is technically legal but not really seen in Python code.

    • Ryan Wagner

    Fun program

    This was a fun little program to write. There wasn't much explaining on what many of the commands used in python were or what they did, but it was fun to go through and do the whole program and learn a little more in python! Thank you for this intro!

    • Wukaem

    Not pythonic code - do not learn to write this way!

    Well, after seeing only 15 minutes of course (Lecture 2) I can tell, that author doesn't know good practices in Python, specific solutions, idioms, hacks, you would say. I have no doubt, that he is good programmer, maybe even PHP expert, but I wouldn't recommend this course to someone, who want to learn code in Python. Author has bad habbits from other languages...

    • Anna

    Excellent course

    This course is perfect for someone looking to apply the basic Python skills they know with some instruction. I've known Python for a while but wasn't exactly sure what to do with the knowledge, and this course have me an excellent start to that. I would NOT suggest this course to people completely new to Python, so make sure you take a beginner course from him or anywhere else before you start.

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