Fat Loss Secrets Revealed
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Fat Loss Secrets Revealed

See what the best trainers in the world are doing to attain EXTREME FAT LOSS
5.0 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
474 students enrolled
Created by Matt Pack
Last updated 6/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • The goal of this video course is to expand your knowledge of fitness and add new variations and cutting edge training techniques to your fitness regimine. This video course is based on SCIENCE and has been used with real people and real athletes all over the world. If applyed correctly and consistantly the techniques in this course will not only add variety and fun to your training routines but they will change your life.
  • Would you like to:
  • Lose body fat?
  • Build lean muscle?
  • Make exercise fun again?
  • Break the monotony?
  • Increase motivation?
  • Increase energy levels?
  • Feel better?
  • Look better?
  • Move better?
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  • The trainee should have a base knowledge of exercise and be in excellent cardiovasular condition
  • Should have a gym available although a large majority of the lessons taught can be done in the comfort of you own home with minimal equipment

With Fat Loss Secrets Revealed the insanity stops NOW!

These programs are designed to get large amounts of work completed in a short time frame with minimal equipment and lack of space. We have witnessed with these programs that our clients are not only getting in great shape but they are more motivated, enthusiastic and above all enjoying exercise more than ever.

Remove the horse blinders and break the monotony!

From the 1hr old fashioned Spinning and Aerobic class to the 15-30 min of cutting edge HIIT. Science has shown that this style of training is not only superior from a fat loss stand point its superior from a heart health stand point. Fat Loss Secrets will give you the power to super charge and expand your workout arsenal.

Get ready as we reveal over 30 cutting edge programs with 1000's of training variations.

You'll break the boredom and run though fitness plateaus while finally experiencing EXTREME FAT LOSS!


Fat loss routines that are designed to be completed in 15 min or less!

Fun proven techniques guaranteed to maximize your potential for fat loss

Cutting edge strategies featuring innovative exercises using only basic equipment

Programs suitable for novice to expert

This course has been proven to:

Maximize caloric expenditure while at rest

Decrease body fat faster than traditional aerobic/cardio programs

Break the monotony and make training fun again

Get more work done in a shorter amount of time


One of my criteria for whether or not I’ll recommend new fitness products to other fitness professionals is simple: applicability. Can someone take the information obtained from a certain product, and apply it to their programming right away? In the case of Fat Loss Secrets Revealed, the answer is a resounding YES! I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to make my clients hate me (in a good way) when it comes to fat loss programming. While most fat-loss products will try to persuade you into thinking that long-duration cardio and starvation diets are the way to go, Matt Pack essentially cracks open a can of whoop ass, and introduces the viewer to a multitude of complexes, circuits, and other “secrets,” using nothing but a dumbbell, barbell, or your own bodyweight, that will undoubtedly help to get you (or your clients) into the best shape of your life

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, CPT

For more testimonials from coaches or clients go to www.primalfitmiami.com/product/fat-loss-secrets-revealed/

Who is the target audience?
  • Personal Trainers
  • Strength Coaches
  • Athletes
  • Fitness enthusiasts
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Curriculum For This Course
26 Lectures
Why Fat Loss Secrets Revealed?
3 Lectures 05:00

Bonus Fat Loss Secrets Ebook
25 pages

An introduction of why we choose to train or members and athletes the way we do and why it's a good idea that you do too. Check out the Fat Loss Secrets ebook I added to this section. This is a great addition because it contains an Exercise Library and goes in depth on teaching you how to create your own workouts. You see, I'm teaching you how to "fish". It's very rewarding for me when someone tells me that they don't need me anymore. I have no interest in anyone becoming dependent on me. It's a powerful feeling to know that you have the tools and knowledge to workout the "right" way for life. Now, enough talk, time to get to work!

Preview 01:49
Start here
4 Lectures 10:53

A quick but powerful "bang for your buck" pre-workout routine to increase mobility and decrease the risk of injury. I would prefer you to utilize these techniques before you're warm-up.

Preview 02:51

This is a fantastic warm-up sequence that can literally be done anywhere.

Perform these movements in this exact order:


Slide w/arm swing

Butt Kicks


Straight Leg March

When completed, perform the same movement patterns seen after the ladder warm-up:

Squat X10

Cossack Squat X10

Walk-out w/Push up X10

Crab w/Reach X10 total

Jumping Jacks X20

Preview 01:09

The Ladder warm up is an AWESOME and fun way to prepare for a training session. Notice how the movements alternate between Linear and Lateral.

High knee's (both feet in each square)

Right foot in Right foot out

Left foot in Left foot out

Both feet in, both feet out

Lateral Jump switches Both ways

Jump in two, jump out two

Preview 03:26

Set up 4 cones, one at 12 o'clock, one at 3 o'clock, one at 6 o'clock and one more at 9 o'clock. Begin in the middle of the "clock" set up and proceed to beast walk to 12, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12 then back to the middle. We usually do one round clockwise, one round counter clockwise and then go right in to two more rounds of "perimeter hugs" clockwise and counter clockwise. Have fun!

Beast Walk Clock Warm-up
Timed Intervals
2 Lectures 19:35

This section is dedicated to multiple variations of timed protocols. You're sure to add a ton of new tools to that exercise "tool box" of yours. You're going to love it! NOT;)

The object of Timed based interval training is to perform as much work in the

allotted time as possible, WORK being the word of emphasis! Speed is relative so you should go as FAST at each movement as YOU possibly can.

With this particular method you will perform as many reps as you can in X sec,

rest X sec and repeat. Repeat for X sec on, X off sequence for X cycles. This will

come out to be X of total work. It can be thrown in at the end of an Energy

System day (complex day or sprint day) or it can be used as a training day all on its

own performing 3-4 different cycles. This is very taxing so be careful!

Perform as much work as possible within the time alloted

Here's is some bonus footage of what we call the Tabata Protocol. Each one of the exercises are based on the times interval of 20s of work with a 10s rest period. Buckle up!

Bonus Timed Intervals
Ladder/Hybrid Conditioning
1 Lecture 17:32

Ladders are some of our clients favorite protocols simply because they are fun, well, maybe we have warped perception of what "fun" really is...

Pick a push movement, a pull movement, a leg movement and a

cardio movement and perform each movement once adding a rep each round.

EXAMPLE: 1-10 Ladder- One dumbbell bench press, one bent over row, one dumbbells squat

and one squat thrust. Without rest in between exercises you must perform two

dumbbell bench presses, two dumbbell bent rows, two dumbbells squats and

then two squat thrusts. Continue adding a rep until you're completing 10 reps of each exercise without rest.

Ascending/Decending Ladders=CHAOS
Complex Conditioning
1 Lecture 13:31

Complexes are simply a string of exercises strung together for a certain amount of Reps or for time. These are fantastic if you short on time and will literally kick your butt.

Here is an example of the same exercises one for reps and one for time:

deadlift 6 reps or 30 sec

Side Lunge 6 reps or 30 sec

Renegade Row 6 reps or 30 sec

Thruster 6 reps or 30 sec

You are truly only limited by your imagination when it comes to complexes such as these. Use the exercise tool box in the Fat Loss Secrets Ebook to form some of your own...

My favorite! Exercises strung together for X reps with minimal rest, KILLER!
Nutrition 101
9 Lectures 01:45
What am I supposed to eat?

How to use your nutrition tools
1 page

10 Habit List

Jerf List
1 page

Food Diary
1 page

Calorie Control for Men
1 page

Calorie Control for Women
1 page

What's the deal with supplements
5 pages

2 pages
Super Bonus- Abdominal Video
1 Lecture 05:12

Check out this sneak peek of my up and coming Udemy course titled Concrete Core. In this particular video I'm performing everything with a pair of Furniture Movers that I purchased from Home Depot...

Super Duper Bonus- Audio Interviews
2 Lectures 02:19:34
Fat Loss Audio Interview #1

Fat Loss Audio Interview #2
Fat Loss Articles
2 Lectures 12:39
Fat Loss for Dummies Part 1

Fat Loss for Dummies Part 2
Thank You!!
1 Lecture 02:11
Time for some ACTION
About the Instructor
Matt Pack
5.0 Average rating
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Fitness Coach/Gym Owner

Matt Pack, owner of Primal Fit Miami in Miami Florida has helped thousands of people improve their health, lifestyle, fitness and physical performance. He began his training career in 1998 in health and exercise instruction, sports conditioning and nutrition lifestyle management.

Additionally Matt is skilled in exercise program design, nutrition and menu planning, functional movement screening and assessment, core conditioning and biosignature modulation-body fat analysis. Matt is also well-versed in olympic and power lifting, strong man training, mixed martial arts conditioning, kettlebell training, 5K run preparation, functional/stability training and sports specific training.

Matt is also the author of the soon to be released book titled The Six Figure Fit Pro and the creator of the DVD Fat Loss Secrets Revealed.