Do your Inner Laundry!
3.5 (51 ratings)
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2,144 students enrolled
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Do your Inner Laundry!

Clear and cleanse yourself and awaken your inner radiance
3.5 (51 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,144 students enrolled
Created by Erin Snider
Last updated 1/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Stand in the shoes of your true inner self presence
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  • You should be ready to expand your personal perception knowledge and be ready to open new ideas about how to relate with yourself.

If you are ready to do the inner work and cleansing in your life, then it is time to do your inner laundry!

We launder almost everything in our lives: our clothes, our cars, our teeth...but what about our own emotions and energies? In this course we will be exploring the world within, teaching you about your energetic bodies(yes you have one), and giving you tools and knowledge to clear and cleanse yourself from the stress and anxieties you pick up in daily life, so you can emerge clean and radiant.

This course is for anyone who:

  • Suffers from anxiety or stress in daily life
  • Is surrounded by stressful situations or who has a challenging work environment
  • Who struggles with negative internal voices and doubts
  • Wants to unlock more of their inner peace and beauty

This simple introductory course will get you started in doing your inner laundry and taking care of the world within ----you deserve it.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Inner Laundry course is meant for individuals that are looking to expand their inner growth, inspire self consciousness and enhance personal substance. Also students looking to enhance business within the outer beauty service industry. No prior knowledge is needed. This course is probably not for you if not open to inner self growth, expanding perception knowledge and being open to change.
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction to Inner Laundry
3 Lectures 05:42

In this introduction to Natchurale Academy we will break down what feeling means from many angles to give you a more in depth understanding of your personal consciousness from a new and complete perspective. This is an opportunity for self understanding and growth --- creating the confidence to be the true inner you.

  • Understand why Natchurale Academy was created.
  • Learn where Inner Laundry came from and it’s importance.
  • Find out what this course has to offer.
Introduction to Inner Laundry

Inner Laundry means to shower and launder your daily feelings, emotions, stress and basic day to day life exchanges. In this section we will break down our understanding of Laundry. We are in a world atmosphere of individualized lives that overlap and braid themselves together. This sometimes can get us stuck to other people baggage. While integrating ideas and knowledge is always good it is also good to take what we need and release what we don’t.

  • Understand what laundry is and the process of doing it.
  • Learn how we collect energetic laundry.
  • Understand how energetic laundry affects you in your daily life.
What is Laundry?

In this section it's important to relate laundry to our personal emotions and daily energetic build up. Also asking questions to yourself about what you feel and how? This gets you ready to learn about your energetic bodies.

What does feeling really mean?
Preparing for the Wash
5 Lectures 09:42

This is an exercise that helps to guide you through what you feel through out the day and to help you notice energy around you. Recognize the need within yourself that wants to come out. Find out what energy means to you. Notice times in your day or week that seem to make you more tired or more awake.

Understand you as energy

In this section we will help you understand your energetic body and what the layers around you represent. We learn about our physical body in school growing up, but are left without an understanding of why and how we feel things around us with out touching it or feeling it in our physical body. Each layer of your body physical and energetic body have important roles in how we feel, comprehend information, and take on outside energy.

  • Review the physical body and our understanding of its importance to us.
  • Define the first energetic body, the etheric layer and how relates to your physical body.
  • Understand your second energetic layer your Ovum.
  • Learn to relate to your third layer the Astral layer and how you build up laundry.
Energetic Bodies

You know the feeling when you walk into a room and can feel your energy shift but are not sure why? Ask your self ---how does this happen and how does it relate to science?

Relate to Science

How science relates to laundry

In this section let’s explore how daily life situations and interactions build up energetic laundry of our own and of others that may not even be ours. Work, family, personal relationships. and day to day interactions affect us and our energy levels without us being conscious of it, so let’s understand how we do this.

  • Create a picture of yourself at work and how situations can not only be misunderstood but also built up when you go home and create problems for you when they don’t have to.
  • See how your childhood with your parents or guardians can build up laundry that has created what seems like a permanent stain in your life ---- when in fact it’s not your laundry.
  • Understand how your relationship with your significant other can be taken out of context as your laundry when in fact there was misunderstood laundry on the other person’s side. How can you hold compassion for that understanding?
  • Learn how to sort your laundry for what is yours and what is taken on from outside sources.
Sort your laundry
Basic Rinse and Conclusion
3 Lectures 21:42

Throwing in the soap and starting the spin cycle, in this section we will break down tips and tricks on how to begin washing away all the dust and dander we have learned that we collect in our daily lives.

  • Understand the Earth and how it provides us a natural medicine for neutralizing and curing our energetic build up. Learn how grounding to our Earth where we come from can work with us in neutralizing our energy and help us feel only our own energy again without holding on to what isn’t ours.
  • Learn how to use tools given to us from the Earth like Sage and Palo Santos to cleanse and clear our energy.
  • Get an understanding of what white light is and how it can provide energetic medicine for your laundry build up.
  • We will also focus on your breath, the importance of taking a deep breath and how you have complete control over using that tool in your body. Knowing you have control over something, helps you know you can have control over anything.
  • Hold a new understanding of how compassion for yourself, time and change can provide you with a new perspective on life.
Soap & Spin Cycle

Within your retreat time it is important to create that clear space for yourself with no outside information, ideas or creations. One way to create a retreat to yourself is to clear your mind, breath and be still for a few minutes or an hour or more. One way to do this is through an exercise I call multiplex breathing. In this section I will guide you through a meditation with multiplex breathing and centering techniques giving you new tools on your way to living your life in a consistently clear energetic space.

Exercise : Wash Away the Dust and Dander with Multiplex Breathing Exercise

Conclusion and Natchurale Academy Breakdown
About the Instructor
Erin Snider
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Healing Beauty Specialist

Erin Nicole started her career at the US Navy as a Top Secret Satellite Communications Specialist. When she retired from the Navy she decided to follow her creative soul and got engaged in diverse courses with results in 4 years to graduate with an Associate Business Degree and a Health Marketing and Communication Bachelor Degree.

Her passion to awaken beauty lead her to become a cosmetologist and hair restoration replacement expert now in the industry for 13 years owning a salon in San Diego. But that was only the begining. Today Erin is a certified energy healer practitioner and she is helping the modern women to awaken their beauty and learn how to love themselves forever.