Elite Close Combat Training: Bullets, Bats & Blades
4.6 (51 ratings)
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Elite Close Combat Training: Bullets, Bats & Blades

How To disarm, disfigure and dismember anyone stupid enough to pull a Blade, Bat, or Gun on you or your family...
Best Seller
4.6 (51 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,614 students enrolled
Created by Chris Pizzo
Last updated 6/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to snap the arm of someone who holds a knife to your neck from behind. 
  • How to brutally throttle someone who has a knife to your throat from the front. (Just do this to his wrist and you can smash the bastard's jaw, cheeks or nose into a dozen pieces.)
  • A "last stop" way to defend yourself against an experienced street-smart knife attacker.
  • What to do when someone pulls a knife on you out of the blue. (This is the "nuclear option" of street survival -- gives you the absolute highest chance of making it out alive and in one piece.)
  • Why smart criminals prefer blades over both bats AND guns. (And why you are much more likely to be attacked with a knife than anything else.)
  • The single best defense against a knife attack ever invented. (All the great martial arts masters have done this for thousands of years. Yet you almost NEVER see it in Hollywood movies or today's dojos.)
  • Why "pressure point" attacks are worthless in a real street fight involving weapons... and the most efficient way to beat, bloody and batter your opponent instead.
  • The one place where getting hit with a bat, club or crow bar will NOT hurt you.
  • A quickie, "idiot's guide" to violent criminal psychology. (You'll know exactly what their first move is and how to counter it almost every time.)
  • How to fight barehanded against a man trying to plunge a knife into your chest.
  • Why you should actually "snuggle up" to someone who points a gun at you. (Do this simple move I show you, and you'll not only be safer, but you can do a LOT more physical damage to him, too.)
  • How to know if a knife attacker is serious about carving you up or just bluffing! (And what to do in either case.)
  • The single best (and easiest) way ever created for quickly "clearing" a firearm pointed at you without getting shot.
  • Simple ways to disarm (and physically disable) someone who surprises you from behind.
  • The "super snatch" disarm trick that can literally detach a gunman's finger from his hand. (He won't even be able to dial a phone much less squeeze the trigger!)
  • Why you should never shoot a person with their own gun. (Forget the legal ramifications, there's a much more dangerous reason nobody ever thinks about.)
  • What to teach your kids about weapons. (This one thing ALONE can keep your son or daughter alive in a brutal street attack.)
  • How NOT to run from a gunman. (Should you really run in a "zig zag" like what is popularly taught? Or will that just get you capped? Find out here.)
  • Why throwing your wallet on the ground when someone pulls a gun on you is the DUMBEST thing you could ever do. (You might as well pull the trigger for him and blow your own head off. Do this instead.)
  • The combat "whizzer" trick for when a gun is put to the back of your head. (Lets you disarm him while stretching his tendons and arm socket to the point of excruciating pain. He'll probably even beg you to let him go!)
  • A "quick disarm" secret that works so fast a gunman won't even have time to think much less pull the trigger and shoot you. (You'll damn near be able to snatch their gun and hand it back to them and then take it away again before they know what's going on!)
  • 4 "battlefield-tested" ways to escape a mob or mass attack!
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  • Both Captain Chris' Core & Advanced Close Combat Training courses are recommended prerequisites BUT NOT REQUIRED

"How To Disarm, Disfigure And Even Violently Dismember Anyone Stupid Enough To Attack You Or Your Family With A Bat, Blade Or Gun!"

Let me ask you something…

Would you take fighting advice from a criminal scum bag?

Sounds like a silly question, doesn't it?

Well, don't make up your mind too quickly. Because I've got a story to tell you that sounds like something right out of a Hollywood "gangsta" flick!

Check this out:

Recently, while training with some cop buddies, I heard about an ex-con named Pancho who was in a vicious L.A. gang full of criminal scumbags who attack, torture and even kill innocent people just for "kicks." And what happened was, Pancho was arrested by the police and then "turned" into an informant in exchange for not being tossed in prison.

Anyway, long story short, soon after the cops turned Pancho...

He Was Caught By The Gang With A "Wire" On Him!

They somehow found out what he was up to.

And they told him in great detail all the sick, perverted things they were going to do not only to him -- but also his girl friend and his 2 young daughters.

Pancho bolted for a nearby exit.

But before he could escape, he was surrounded by over a dozen bloodthirsty gang-bangers armed to the teeth with knives, bats and guns!

What did Pancho do?

Well, luckily for him, while he was a short, pudgy man (and not much of a hand-to-hand fighter) -- he was a wizard when it came to weapons disarmament. In fact, within 30 seconds, he had not only taken down half the gang bangers who attacked him... but...

He Escaped Without A Scratch!

Hell... if anything, Pancho committed all the actual violence.

Including leaving some of those gang members permanently crippled, scarred and even dead -- stuck with their own blades, shot with their own guns or beaten with their own bats, crowbars and chains.

It was the most incredible thing I ever heard.

And you know what?

Pancho's story got me to thinking about you.

What would YOU do if you were attacked on the street by a violent criminal (or gang of violent criminals) armed with a bat, knife or gun? Someone who did not just want your money or your watch or your car -- but just enjoys the sick pleasure of causing people pain?

What if your wife and kids were with you?

What Would YOU Do?

If you don't know, then you're simply NOT prepared.

Especially since most street attacks are not by unarmed men.

They are almost always done by someone ARMED, dangerous and, sometimes, so "mentally unbalanced", they will...

Shoot, Stab Or Kill You If You Even So Much As Twitch The Wrong Way!

But here's the good news:

Recently, I taught a seminar revealing ALL the tricks I've learned about disarming criminals (and putting THEM in a world of hurt) and recorded it to video.

I call it: Bullets, Bats, & Blades.

This series includes everything from the filthy "street-smart" weapon disarmament tactics I learned from being in real street fights myself... to the sneaky stuff used by SWAT and inner city cops...

Down to the REALLY brutal techniques I teach my FBI, Secret Service, and Special Forces students who sometimes end up in situations ten times WORSE than what even Pancho was in. (Imagine being surrounded by pissed off terrorists with loaded machine guns, machetes, and 2x4's. Not fun.)

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn when watching these videos…

  • The right (and wrong) way to use your car keys to cause irreparable damage to another man's body. (Like, for example, permanently disfiguring his face or popping one of his eyeballs like a grape.)
  • How to use your body's natural armor to "stab proof" yourself. (I doubt if even one in a 1,000 self defense experts on the planet knows how to use this part of the human anatomy.)
  • What to do if you're taken hostage with a hand on your throat and a gun to your temple. (You can either be a sniveling, crying victim... or do THIS and make the bastard wish he'd never even laid eyes on you.)
  • How to (with one simple movement) temporarily "paralyze" someone who brandishes a weapon on you. (Some criminals have been known to literally shit their pants when you do this!)
  • A scientifically proven way to increase your odds of surviving a gun attack by 96%. (Cops, soldiers and other trained professionals have known about this for years, yet most civilians have never heard of it.)
  • How to stop a sudden "adrenaline dump" from freezing you up when attacked with a gun, knife or other dangerous weapon.
  • 3 "psycho babble" words that practically force armed attackers to back off as soon as the words escape your lips. (Don't ask me why this works so well on criminals, it just does. If you, your wife or your kids are ever caught in a violent situation, these 3 words could save your lives!)
  • A secret way to "violence-proof" your family if attacked at knife or gunpoint.
  • A little-known way of deflecting knife attacks (invented centuries ago by ancient gladiators in coliseum death matches) that, even if you do get cut, it won't hurt or slow you down.
  • The most dangerous part of a club or bat. (Hit someone with this "sweet spot" in the head and there's a good chance they won't be able to feed or dress themselves again without help, much less keep attacking you.)
  • The "ballerina" secret that lets you crush the skeletal structure of someone's face if they put a knife to your back.
  • The "slap and grab" gun-clearing tactic that's perfect for when all hell breaks loose and you have no other options. (This vicious move lets you break his arm or cut off his ability to breathe. And the best part is, it works even if you do it wrong!)
  • What to do if someone holds a gun to your wife or child. (Every single husband, boyfriend and father on the face of the planet should know this!)
  • How to put a world of hurt on anyone who tries to brain you "Babe Ruth" style with a club or bat. (Keeps you safe AND even puts you in a position to smash his face, head, balls or kneecap -- it's your choice.)
  • The exact best time to attack a man lunging at you with a baseball bat, crowbar or other blunt weapon. (Just wait for him to do this, and he'll be like putty in your hands so you can physically punish him or escape.)
  • How to make yourself immediately threatening to ANYONE who wants to fight you. (I don't care how big, tough or strung out on drugs he is, either. Do this and he's almost guaranteed to piss his pants and run away.)
  • The almost unbelievably brutal "shake and bake" stabbing motion used by soldiers, assassins and other professional killers.
  • A special way to block a bat or club attack without feeling any pain. (And then finish him off with one of these two "can't miss" face smashes.)
  • 3 "fool proof" ways to wield a knife, club or other weapon like a seasoned pro. (You'll become truly dangerous with anything you get your hands on -- a knife, wrench, broken bottle or even a rolled up magazine!)
  • How to "turn the tables" on someone who surprises you with sticking a gun to your back... and get the drop on him instead!
  • How to quickly disarm an attacker who points a gun at your chest.
  • The secret criminal-friendly "loop hole" in the justice system that will...

Get YOU Put In Jail Just For Defending Yourself Against An Armed Attacker!

This makes every red-blooded man I know furious.

And is just one (of many) idiotic left wing laws that can get you in more trouble than the ruthless killer attacking you.

Luckily, you won't have to worry about this.

Because these lessons show you exactly how to keep yourself out of legal "hot water", while still physically dominating anyone stupid enough to attack you or your family with a weapon.

Okay, so here's the deal:

The people I normally teach this insider info to (i.e. private security firms, secret service agents, the military, etc) pay a fortune to learn these moves.

I'm only giving this hard core instruction away this inexpensively because crime is skyrocketing everywhere in Comrade Obama's new America.

I mean let's face it, people are getting desperate on the streets.

And most violent criminals simply don't play "nice", don't play fair, and sure has hell don't have a problem using anything they can get their hands on to attack you, your wife or your kids to get what they want.

In some ways, this is the single most important product I've ever created.

But if you want these videos dirt cheap like this, you must act now before it's too late.

Give it a try and see what you think!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to disarm, disfigure and dismember anyone stupid enough to pull a Blade, Bat, or Gun on you or your loved ones.
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
Bullets, Bats, & Blades Welcome & Introduction
2 Lectures 08:09

12 Lectures 01:22:51
Reality Of Gun Defense And Disarm

Gun Pointed At Chest

Gun Pointed At Face

Hard Cover

Gun At Distance

Gun Close Quarters

Gun Pointed At Back Of Head

Execution Defense

Gun In Back

Protecting 3rd Party vs. Gun

4 Lectures 28:04
Baseball Bat And Club Attacks

Closing Distance And Trapping

Counter Attacks And Finishers

8 Lectures 01:12:43
Knife Attacks Demystified

Offline Knife Attack Counters

Prison Stabs

Hands As Weapons

Distance Tactics

Keep It Simple Stupid

Knife Against Back
BONUS: Multiple Attackers/Gang Fights
2 Lectures 17:26
Multiple Attackers

Gang Fighting
About the Instructor
Chris Pizzo
4.5 Average rating
1,137 Reviews
21,760 Students
7 Courses
World Leader In Self Defense

Captain Chris is an unarmed combat instructor for members of the US & UK Special Forces and dozens of military and para-military professionals and mercenaries around the globe.

However, despite all his martial arts training and awards, years ago Captain Chris and his wife were attacked in a vicious road-rage incident that left him beaten within an inch of his life.

Broken, humiliated and mad as hell, he realized true self defense has nothing to do with "martial arts"... and martial arts was actually getting people hurt, crippled and even killed on the streets.

Scraping together what little money he had, Captain Chris travelled the world in search of the "perfect" fighting style that would work for anyone—regardless of size, speed or experience.

After several years abroad, and training under everyone from the violent Arabian assassins in Egypt to the last remaining Samurai in Japan, Captain Chris ran into an old, grizzled WW2 vet in Britain and discovered what he was searching for:

"Close Combat Training"

Close Combat Training (CCT) was once used to kill nazis and elite Japanese soldiers during WW2, north Korean communists during the Korean War and to do the CIA's "dirty work" in Vietnam.

However, due to its violating hundreds of international "brutality" agreements, Washington politicians ordered the military to stop teaching it to their soldiers after Vietnam.

After 30 years and almost being forgotten altogether, Captain Chris brought this "lost" self defense system back to the public.

Since then, over 100,000 people—from every walk of life—have learned and used CCT to protect themselves and their families…

And it's methods have been endorsed by national TV shows like The Today Show, and Eye Witness News as well as almost every branch of the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian military.

Learn to protect yourself, your family, and your country. Give Captain Chris's Close Combat Training system a try. Your only regret will be that you didn't learn about it sooner!