Earn Bitcoins Online: How To Get Bitcoins In Your Wallet
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Earn Bitcoins Online: How To Get Bitcoins In Your Wallet

A beginner's blueprint on how to start earning small and large amounts of Bitcoin online, with no investment required.
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4.4 (90 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,028 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Start earning bitcoins online regularly using the methods I explain thoroughly – and set attainable goals as to how many bitcoins you want to be earning monthly.
  • Use the exact blueprint I use to earn bitcoins online for free, with no investment required at all in order to earn them, just a time commitment.
  • Consider investing your earned bitcoins into bitcoin P2P sites to make your bitcoins work for you, and generate further bitcoins allowing you to generate a profit with bitcoins.
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  • Even if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge about bitcoin and how it works, that is not a problem. As long as you know what bitcoin is, and have a working computer with internet access, I can teach you everything you need to start earning bitcoins online today.

* Updated July 27, 2017 - Several New Lectures Added!

How would you like to be earning Bitcoins online without investing a single dime – simply by following the blueprint I layout in this course, and following it during your spare time?

Don’t forget you’ll get .001 worth of Bitcoin from me, simply by enrolling!

In this course I’m going to go over six methods in which you can earn Bitcoin online, for free. The six ways we are going to be going over are; Bitcoin Faucet Websites, Online Bitcoin Games, Doing Tasks For Bitcoin, Encouraging Bitcoin Tips, Freelancing For Bitcoin, and last but not least Peer To Peer Lending For Bitcoin.

As I go through all of these methods I’m going to be teaching you all about what the methods entail. I’m also going to be going over my recommend list of sites which you can use to start earning Bitcoins online straight away. On top of that, I’ll be going over additional hacks which will help you to maximize your Bitcoin earnings.

You’ll be able to start earning Bitcoins online right from the word – go!

This course is all about getting you earning bitcoins online without investing in any traditional currency or cryptocurrencies in order to get it.

It’s guaranteed you will earn Bitcoins by taking this course!

Remember, you will get .001 worth of Bitcoin for simply enrolling on this course as a paying student.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to quickly start earning bitcoins online without any initial, or on-going investment required throughout.
  • Those who know what bitcoin is, but now want to start earning their own bitcoins for free, without buying bitcoins with their traditional currency.
  • Anyone who wants to start earning bitcoins very simply online, and then invest these into P2P bitcoin websites or sell through exchanges to profit even further.
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Curriculum For This Course
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Let Me Explain What We'll Be Covering In This Course
4 Lectures 14:56

Let me start off with a bang! You’ll get $1 worth of Bitcoin simply by enrolling on this course, it’s part of my promise with this course of getting you earning Bitcoins online without investing a single dime.

So there you have it. That’s what this course is all about, getting you earning bitcoins online without investing in any traditional currency or cryptocurrencies in order to get it. It’s guaranteed you will earn Bitcoins by taking this course.

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Preview 02:29

In this lecture I want to give you a brief introduction to the six methods to earning bitcoins online we’ll be going over in this course. You see there I mentioned brief. So I’m not going to go into detail in this lecture about the six methods, I just want to familiarize you with the terms early on, so when we get further into the course you will have an understanding of them, hence allowing us to go straight into detail and getting you earning bitcoins through those methods straight away.

Preview 05:17

One Of The Most Popular Methods To Earn Bitcoins Online, Bitcoin Faucet Sites
3 Lectures 20:22

So what exactly are Bitcoin faucet websites, and more importantly how do they work? This is more than likely a question on your mind, especially if you’ve heard the phrase “free bitcoins from bitcoin faucet websites” thrown around.

A Bitcoin faucet is basically a website that gives out free bitcoins, that’s true, but generally they give you the free bitcoin in return for doing a simple task for them such as clicking an advert, or solving a CAPTCHA. There are even some faucet sites that will give you the bitcoin after viewing the webpage for a certain amount of time. Now as well as Bitcoin faucets, there are faucets for other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin and so on. But I’m only going to be focussing on the number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Let Me Explain To You Exactly How Bitcoin Faucet Websites Work

Of course there are hundreds, and more than likely thousands of Bitcoin faucet websites around the web today – a simple google search will throw up plenty. But the question here is, which ones should you spend your time on and trust? Because a lot of them are simply a waste of time. So in this lecture I’ll run you through the best bitcoin faucets on the web at this moment in time.

These Are The Bitcoin Faucet Websites I Suggest You Use To Earn Maximum Bitcoins

So there are three key things you should keep in mind when using bitcoin faucet websites, these three points I’m going to go over in-turn become hacks to maximise income potential with faucets, as well minimize time spent on them and any security issues.

Remember To Keep These Hacks In Mind When Using Bitcoin Faucet Sites
How To Earn Bitcoins By Playing Some Addictive Online Games
3 Lectures 16:43

So how does playing online games for bitcoin work? Well if you’re scratching your head wondering how, let me explain – because this might just be something right up your street.

So as it says on the tin you earn bitcoins for playing online games. Now most games will pay you a certain amount of satoshis for how far you get, and how large your high score is. That’s how they work – pretty simply right. The larger your high score, and the further you progress through the game, the higher your pay-out from the game will be.

This Is How Playing Online Games For Bitcoin Works

I’m going to jump straight into this lecture as we’ve got a lot to cover, and a lot of games to over for you. So get ready to see the wide variety of games!

Let’s start from the top with quiz games you can play to earn bitcoins. So if quizzes are your thing, you’ll love this.

These Are The Best Games I Suggest You Play For Bitcoins Online

There are some hacks you can take on board when going into playing games for bitcoin. So I’ll start from the top with log-in daily, if you can. Now depending on what sort of game you’re playing it may be harder or easier to do this. So if you happen to get stuck into one the IOS games you can play it on your commute, or during breaks. Whereas if you’re playing a game like Farm-Satoshi, this maybe slightly more difficult. But if you can log-in daily, do, because this way it increases your chances drastically of getting decent bitcoin pay-outs.

Remember These Hacks When Playing Online Games For Bitcoin
Many People Do Little Online Tasks For Others To Earn Bitcoin
3 Lectures 09:36

In this section I want to show you how you can start earning bitcoins doing little tasks, now these aren’t freelance tasks – we’ll get onto that later. These tasks are actually what I like to call, micro-tasks. So in this lecture I’ll give you a quick run-down of these tasks, then in the next lecture I’ll go into the specific sites I recommend that you use.

So perhaps the most common micro-task you will get, is to visit a website. Simple as that. You’ll get bitcoins for visiting a website. This is of course done to get traffic to the website in question, maybe it’s a new site so the owner has enlisted the help of the task site to help. As simple as that, you’ll get bitcoins for visit the website.

These Are The Sort Of Tasks You Can Do Online To Get Bitcoins

Let’s start from the top with perhaps the most popular Bitcoin task website, Bitcoin-Get. These guys send a range of tasks your way to do, and as I keep mentioning micro-tasks. By far the majority of people earn the most of this site, and I’d say it’s the best site for doing tasks to earn Bitcoins. In terms of their pay-out, it can be up-to 20,000 satoshis per task.

I Would Suggest Using These Task Websites To Start Earning Bitcoin Online

In this lecture I want to give you some pieces of advice to take on board when using these micro-tasking websites. Now the advice I’m going to offer will help you both stay secure using these site, as well aim to maximize your revenue while using them.

Remember To Take These Pieces Of Advice On Board When Using Task Websites
If You Have Original Content Why Not Encourage Tips In Bitcoin
3 Lectures 08:06

This part of the course is going to be extremely valuable to you if you’re a content creator in particular, or just in general have a following. So if you if run a blog, YouTube channel, popular social media accounts and so on, this part of the course is going to teach you how to add an additional revenue stream onto them seamlessly.

So the question comes, what exactly is getting tipped in Bitcoin? It’s as it says, getting tips from others in Bitcoin. It’s works in a similar way to when you visit a nice restaurant. If you’ve had the same waiter, or waitress throughout your meal and they’ve given excellent service – you leave a tip.

So What Exactly Is Getting Tipped In Bitcoin?

Let me introduce you to this site, Change Tip. Because it’s the only site I’m going to be encouraging you to use for getting tipped in Bitcoin.

Now this site will take you through the whole process of getting tipped in Bitcoin, it’s extremely straight-forward to use. It’s a great way for your viewers, fans, customers – whoever they are – it’s a great way for them to get further involved with you.

Update: This Is How You Can Start Getting Tipped In Bitcoin Today

I’ve got some ace hacks to share with you in this lecture on how you can maximize the tips you receive in bitcoin from viewers – it’ll really help boost that revenue stream which is what I want for you.

These Are The Hacks I Suggest You Implement To Boost Tips You Receive
Remember You Can Earn Bitcoins By Freelancing On Bitcoin Specific Websites
3 Lectures 07:48

Let me tell you now that bitcoin freelancing sites are no different than traditional fiat currency based freelancing sites. So if you were thinking it would be complicated to get started, it won’t be. But I’ll show you the best sites to start on to get freelancing jobs for bitcoin.

These Are The Types Of Freelancing Tasks You Can Do For Bitcoins Online

In this lecture I’ll give you a run-down of the best freelance sites to use, with the aim of earning the maximum of amount of bitcoins possible. Remember the sites I’m showing are bitcoin specific freelancing sites – so you’re working for bitcoins not traditional currencies such as pound sterling, US dollar, Euros, Yen and so on.

In My Experience These Are The Most Reliable Bitcoin Freelancing Sites

So in this lecture I want to go over some hacks which will help you maximize the number of your proposals that get accepted by employers.

This Is How To Get The Most Freelance Jobs On Bitcoin Freelance Sites
You Can Now Start Earning Bitcoins Online On Your Very Own
5 Lectures 07:16

I bet you’ve been waiting for this part. It’s the part where I commit to giving you $1 worth of bitcoin for simply enrolling on this course and being a paying student.

The reason I’m doing this is because it’s what the course is about, earning bitcoins online with no extensive outlay required. So there you have it.

Remember to look at this $1 worth of bitcoin as an investment. Of course you can go and spend it, now it may not seem like a lot, but due to bitcoins volatility this price could increase and you could cash out with a profit if you choose to. So there are many options with what you can do with your $1 worth of bitcoin.

Before We Conclude Don't Forget To Claim Your .001 Worth Of Bitcoin

Quick tutorial showing how to post a question and claim your $1 in bitcoin.

There we have it – ways in which you can instantly start earning bitcoins online without any initial investment, apart of course from the P2P sites which would require it. Just by enrolling on this course you got $1 worth of bitcoin, and by utilizing all the sites I’ve mentioned you can start to earn bitcoins regularly online – which of course you can do what you want with, even invest on P2P sites with. The choice is entirely yours.

Now if you have any issues what so ever please do reach out to me via the course discussion board and I will help in any-way I can – that’s my role, to help you.

It's Time To Get Started Earning Bitcoins Online On Your Very Own

Thank you for completing the course! What guaranteed win do I hope you received?

Simply follow the links within this text lecture, and allow yourself to enrol on any of my Cryptocurrency & Blockchain related courses at a discounted rate.

Bonus Lecture: Next Steps To Take
Keep Your Bitcoins Safe
1 Lecture 01:55
Spread Awareness As Bitcoin Scams Are No Fun
How To Earn Free Bitcoin With Little Work
3 Lectures 06:38
Step One In Receiving Free Bitcoins

Step Two Convert Your Rewards Into Bitcoin Fast

Another Extra Place To Convert Into Bitcoin
A Few Unique Methods To Earn Bitcoins
4 Lectures 10:26

This lecture will show you a method to earn realistic passive income bitcoins with interest similar to but better than most banks

Earn Interest On Your Bitcoins

This lecture will show you how to earn bitcoins in your sleep after taking some time to write a well thought out paragraph. Plus I give you great free resources to get ideas for writing the paragraph. 

Earn Bitcoins For Writing A Paragraph

This lecture will show you how to earn some bitcoin by answering questions based on your area of expertise. 

Earn Bitcoin For Answering Questions

This lecture will show you how to earn crypto for walking. Plus this will also connect with a previous lecture in the course. 

Earn Crypto For Walking
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