Zoe Hoang

Life Strategist | Author | Trainer | Coach

Zoe Hoang is an inspiring life strategist with the ultimate goal to empower marvellous souls to lead their boats and unleash their peak potential to personal and professional excellence. Having gone through a critical personal transformation in 2012, she now believes that with the right mindset and good strategies, anyone can live the life they desire, and that no one should settle for less than they deserve.

She set about learning from the best masterminds in the world, as well as through her own experiences, and today, Zoe has built a well of deep knowledge on how an empowered life looks, feels, and works. She has spent time mastering not only the wisdom, but more importantly, how to practically apply it in order to make it an authentic part of everyday life. With a right mindset and strategies, every dream is achievable. Now she lives, loves, serves and enjoys all the great things life kindly gives her, from lemon to strawberry!

Zoe is the author of the upcoming book "WHEN GOOD BECOMES GREAT! An Ultimate Guide to Breaking FREE from the Status Quo and Living an Empowered Life". She trusts that it will resonate with others who may find something of value in its pages, following her ultimate purpose “to have the honor of being a wise caring partner on people's life journey."

Zoe also enjoys making life efficient and effective - from time management, wealth creation, to speed-reading, and mind-mapping mastery. With a warm and pragmatic approach, she is dedicated to personal and professional excellence and passionately work to be your trust-worthy companion on your journey towards BEST life!

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