Roshan Lal Gumasta

Meditation Guru

A yoga Guru, meditation master, a motivator, a spiritual teacher, people know him with many names. A lot of people learnt to live life in better way to enrich life.
Many augmented there life by just following teaching of GURU.
He born into a city surround by the holly river Narmada from three sides, it is the only grace of Maa Narmada which pushed him into the spiritual path. From the early years of life he was a keen observer of nature, the Ghats of Narmada taught a lot to him, as it is the source of self-realization for him. What he learnt and experienced in his journey of life is for mankind which is open to all.
On the other side being the great fan of modern technology he has developed a lot of ways which can be helpful in easy meditation, hypnosis, chakra healing etc. he worked in the field of sounds and studied years about the impact of various sounds on human mind, how it can be produced and successfully used for meditation & healing. He is a well-known healer also. He takes classes in his home town for Yoga, meditation, hypnosis and chakra healing and always likes to share experience on Secret subjects.

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