Yoni Binstock

Instructor for courses on solar industry and WebVR

Hi there,

It's a pleasure to meet you.

My name is Yoni Binstock and from an early age I came to appreciate the natural world we live in. After taking a course on climate change at college, I decided to be a part of the solution in tackling one of the world's greatest challenges. During my M.A. in Energy and Environmental Systems at Boston University, I had the privilege to study under the scientists at the forefront of climate change.

Upon graduating, I built a web app called Climate Scores that grades US congressmen on their voting record on policies relating to climate change. In the past four years, over 10,000 people have sent messages to their congressmen via Facebook, Twitter, and email demanding action on climate change.

Moving to California - I went to work at Solar Mosaic, a solar finance company developing collaborations with 350 org. After I went to work at SolarCity, America's largest residential solar company, where I got a hands on education on the solar market.

After working in energy related companies, I went on to become a software engineer with a focus on virtual reality and in the past few years, I've worked with many clients developing VR application to suit their needs. 

I look forward to meeting you in my courses.

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