Izzy Kiver

Rule breaker, innovator, education industry game changer.


I began my journey with ZERO opportunity. I sent out resumes, begged, pleaded and even flew to a different country just to find a way to make a living. I knew that my life was in shambles and all I could tell myself is that it gets better. But it didn't. It just kept getting worse. My friends were dropping like flies, I was forced to sleep in my car for months, and my family couldn't help me. I knew that if I was going to make a good life for myself I'm going to need to put in the work and figure out the secrets that the most successful people are using to get ahead and prosper. I began my search and started collecting small gems along the way. 

☞ A small trick to graduate college in 40 weeks ☞ A fast way to outcompete 100 candidates in a job interview ☞ A guaranteed 'in' to Harvard and its vast alumni network ☞ How to start your own consulting business earning more than most CEO's 

Fast forward 5 years and I graduated with my Bachelor's in four months, got into Harvard Grad School, travelled across 40 States, worked as a Marketing Executive at a top Silicon Valley startup, published two books, and started a consulting company.  

All this was possible because I gave myself a chance and wouldn't give up even when I felt like there was no hope or anything else left for me to do. 

I started teaching on Udemy in 2017 to give ordinary people a chance to do amazing things with their lives. With every course I teach I think about how I can drastically improve your life and give you the chance no one gave me when I was starting out. My first course HS to Harvard Grad: Get Paid What You're Worth shows you how to go from a GED or HS diploma to a Harvard Master's degree candidate in LESS THAN A YEAR. 

I believe that you are powerful and are this ball of energy waiting to explode into something amazing. Keep your vision in mind and have faith that anything you put your mind to you'll succeed at beyond what you have ever thought possible. Keep getting up after each failure and keep moving forward.

I did the impossible, you can too.

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