Yasin Aktimur

Serial Entrepreneur and Python developer of soundweet

I was born in 1992. I have created projects such as meeting other people via bluetooth, location based anonymous chats, messaging over a map.

Also, I am the producer of the first listenable dictionary. Basically, soundweet is an app where people talk under specific subjects which they have knowledge about to inform others who are interested.

The reason why I have made the dictionary vocal is because I want people to be informed while they are busy doing things like cooking, busy doing something or maybe even while running.

For instance, what is udemy? If you are curious about the topic you may find 10 people who have spoken about the topic. When the first recording of the person stops, the second one starts automatically and so on. This way, you will learn everything about udemy.

If you have an iphone you can talk under a topic using the voice recorder in the app because we are searching for such people.

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