Yannick Warnier

Chamilo founder, developer & high-availability expert

Yannick founded the Chamilo project and the Chamilo Association in 2010 after 6 years working in e-learning platforms development. He is an entrepreneur who loves getting into the technical aspects of web solutions.

A proud belgian, he lived for a few years in England and then in Peru, where he oversees the development of the Latin American branch of BeezNest, his company and the major contributor to the Chamilo LMS system.

Currently, he splits his time between Chamilo development coordination, his activities as president of the Chamilo Association, and high-availability servers optimization, still active in IT projects consultancy.

He loves Belgian beer and chocolate, French bread and Peruvian's "Salsa Huancaina". If you need to get in touch, leave him a tweet. He's been rumoured to always answer messages, even if that sometimes takes a year...

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