Wyatt Oates

Record Producer at Madison Records

Over a decade of music industry experience and Multiple Gold and Platinum RIAA Awards.

Wyatt Oates started playing guitar and bass at an early age of 14.  He soon joined numerous bands and developed a passion for writing and recording songs.  Wyatt eventually went on to attend Full Sail University, graduating in 2004 with honors and an Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts.  

He quickly found a home in Atlanta, GA, landing at Tree Sound Studios, rapidly working his way up to Senior Producer/Engineer.  He worked side by side with such producers as Andre Benjamin, Ed Roland, Brian Michael Cox, Jazze Pha, David Tickle, Shawn Garrett and many more (see client list).  This enabled him to perfect his craft of making records from the initial conception and vision, all the way through to the finish.   

During this time, Wyatt worked with Tanner Hendon they began producing and writing tracks, creating music, lyrics and full songs.

They formed MadRex Productions and started running and maintaining Madison Studios in Chamblee, GA. They began producing such bands as Reynolds & Williams Band, Sydney Elouise Ward, Hero The Band, Brother Grey, The Future Babes and Chelsea Shag. 

Wyatt’s success has also made him a highly sought after industry speaker, and he has started teaching production and mixing classes at SAE Institute in Atlanta, GA.  Wyatt explains, “I want to give back and help students get the opportunity to get into a large studio with A-List artists.”

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