AgileBill Krebs

Distributed Agile Coach, SPC, PMI-ACP, CSP, ICE-AC

“AgileBill” Krebs has over 20 years of programming, performance, project management, and training in the IT industry at 5 IBM labs, Davisbase, and Allscripts. He has used agile since 2001, and taught it to over 2,000 people worldwide. He has presented at agile conferences, IBM Research, and conferences on education.

Bill's certifications and groups include the "grand slam" of four advanced certifications in Agile - SPC, PMI-ACP, CSP, and ICE-AC. I also holds 7 other certifications in related areas and is pursuing a Master's degree in Education Technology. He hosts the Distributed Agile Study Group and is a member of ALN, the Scrum and Agile Alliances, ACM, PMI, and more. Besides speaking at conferences, Bill serves as an enterprise Agile Coach in the healthcare industry.

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