Will Dukes

Business Growth Strategist | Master Educator and Trainer

"While we may not be aware of it, while we can’t always see it happening, and while it may only affect the small area of the planet around us, our businesses are part of making the world a better place." -Will

A farmer by birth, a scientist by training, and a teacher by trade, for well over 25 years Will has been involved in production, processing, delivery and distribution, sales, marketing, employee management, and laboratory-based research and development.

Today, Will teaches owners and executives how to systematically grow their businesses with a focus on increasing revenue and cutting the cost of sales. With his team, he does this by aligning their branding, marketing, and sales processes into coherent business development strategies, designs and implements training and development programs customized for their unique businesses, and provides ongoing support for execution of the strategies and training he puts into place.

Over the last 15 years, Will has presented to audiences of 10,000+, coached national champion presenters, founded and built one of the largest High-Tech Career and Technical Education Programs of its kind in the nation - increasing its enrollment 2500% in 5 years (20 to 520), became one of the youngest Regional Teachers of the Year in the 4th largest school district in the US, and developed and facilitated training for executives from South Florida's billion-dollar companies.

His clients often see between a 25-80% increase in sales conversion and revenue.

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