Duncan Wells

West View Sailing Principal

I am the principal of Westview Sailing. I am an RYA Instructor. I have been on the water one way or another all my life from dinghies as a young boy, to small cabin cruisers that we would trail to the sea and launch in my teens, to racing boats, 1/4 tonners, 1 tonners, Admirals' cup boats in my twenties and thirties, to a Princess 45 motor cruiser and now for the past 14 years Dorothy Lee my Hallberg Rassy 352 sailing boat. 

I write for yachting magazines, Yachting Monthly, Sailing Today in the UK and Sail Magazine in the US.

 I am the author of the popular 'Stress Free Sailing - Single & Short Handed Techniques', which is fast becoming the Bible for cruising sailors. And now I am writing 'Stress Free Motor Boating', for the motorboaters. 'Stress Free Astro Navigation - the only book that actually shows you how to navigate by the stars and planets', is next.

I have invented MOB Lifesavers, which are answer the question, 'How do we get a man in the water back on board if he can't help himself?' "We don't go down to him", with a Lifesaver attached to the lifting loop in his lifejacket, "He comes up to us".

Oh and my day job is that of a Voiceover actor.

I do hope you find the Westview Video Tutorials helpful. To date thousands of RYA and MCA students have used them to help them pass their exams.

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