Vitoria Castro

Entrepreneur, Video Marketer & Business Mentor

"I help entrepreneurs communicate their message effectively through online video, engage and connect to attract their ideal customers. With video they can position themselves as the authority in their niche so they can make a difference, get the clients that they want to work with and find the freedom they always wanted while having fun doing it.”

Vitoria Castro has been an Online Video Expert for over 4 years, entrepreneur and business mentor.

In a former life, Vitoria majored in Visual Arts, and specialized in Interior Design and was approved by one of the top Universities in Brazil for her Masters Degree in Photography, where she started a carrier as a Photography instructor at the university – working her way to becoming a full professor.

Eventually Vitoria visited USA for vacation and fell in love with the people and its amazing, well organized culture.

It was then that she promised herself that one day she would come back to the US at least to learn the language and participate in the culture. She did! and Since then, she never went back to Brazil except to visit her family.

She started her on online adventures and found her strength was in video marketing and web design and tying the whole process together. Over the 3 years in the field she has created products and services that help people overcome their challenges with video and help them take a holistic approach to their online presence with video as the centerpiece.

Having Portuguese as her native language, she had a huge challenge of not knowing English enough to be on camera and says her first very short one minute video was so bad that she didn’t have the courage to even upload it to YouTube.

Even having that passion for video, knowing that she could overcome any fears she says that the pain of turning pushing the record button was petrifying. Once again she made a promise to herself: that after that phase of struggle was gone that she would set out to inspire others.

Today, Vitoria is a video expert to those who have been struggling too long to get their business marketing videos up and online and their message out to the world. She says: “Believe me, if I did it with my fears and strong accent, you can do it too!”

Here she is now. After being the expert on online video marketing, teaching, caring and inspiring others, now she is headed to share and help women entrepreneurs not just with video, but also with the “marketing combo” that so many women need help with.

Vitoria now offers different services and mentorship to entrepreneurs whom want to take their businesses to the next level by combining marketing strategies to build a strong brand online.

I wish I can start a lasting long relationship with you. Contact me for ANY questions - or no questions at all :).

Much love and appreciation,


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