Vishnu Sharma

Certified Yoga and Zumba Instructor

Vishnu Sharma is a certified Yoga instructor from the Sports university of Tamil Nadu, India.

Vishnu Sharma is also the author of the book titled ,"The guru who rock my life", which is a mysterious tale which reached simple yet fascinating and profound tools to lead an amazing life.

His book was published across the globe in early 2014.

He believes that the only person who can take control and change you for better is you. He is a spiritual seeker and in the quest for realising his purpose got into the yogic practice 6 years ago and later turned into a yoga teacher, author and fitness instructor.

He has taken up the goal in his life to solve health issues of mankind through the divine practice of Yoga and spirituality.

Vishnu Sharma is also a certified Zumba instructor level 2 and takes Zumba fitness classes too. He is a certified Zumba Kids instructor and is involved in various charity events where he takes Zumba sessions to dance with the underprivileged kids.

He is also passionate about music. He is a guitarist, singer and song writer. He released his first single end of 2014.

He mainly believes connecting people to their inner self and identify their true purpose of being. He firmly believes that YOGA is a great means to get the alignment off mind, body and soul. When all the three are aligned, the souls purpose is express though the mind into the physical reality.

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