Vishnu Sharma

Six Sigma & Lean Expert , Yoga Instructor

Hi Friends,

I am Vishnu Sharma.Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean,Theory of constraints, TQM and ISO expert.

CAUTION : All my courses are ONLY based on Practical application at a personal level that give definite RESULTS! These courses are for you if want RESULTS that last when the learnings are applied with commitment.

What is the point of having abundant knowledge with no application?

My Mission is to help you be more, do more and live more everyday.

My courses translate my experience in Six Sigma , Lean, Theory of constraints , Leadership and all the fields of improvement over a decade into personal solutions for Progress in all aspects of your personal and professional lives

A little more about me :

I have worked in various multinational organisations for last 13 years. My core competency is improvement. Yes ! I have been working with improving processes, people and teams being in Organisational excellence, Process Excellence and Operational Excellence throughout my career.

But then, there was a change ,a shift I must say, in my way of living.I started to think about the real goals, the deeper goals of life. So I started to study Spirituality and inner world wisdom for last 7 years. As the journey took me ,I got into Yoga and became a certified Yoga instructor. Then ,I started to dive into a deeper search and found that there is an immense potential in humans which needs to be explored. I started with myself. I authored a book and published in 2014, I got into my inner passion of song-writing and learnt guitar, I did triathlons,trekked mountains,did Zumba certification and much more. I got interested in understanding the human intelligence, which lead me to doing an eye opening Montessori course too.

So I began LIVING!

This self discovery is all about connecting the dots. Being in improvement field ,I understood that we humans are born to progress and improve everyday. Progress equals happiness.

So I started to put together my knowledge and blended it with the personal improvement. So ,I started to coach people on Personal Productivity. I started helping people to Be More, Do More and Live More everyday!

My Personal Productivity courses are around 3 categories : 

1. Career/ Business

2. Yoga & Meditation

3.  Purposeful and passionate living

4. Parenting

I am happily married for 10 years and have 2 beautiful children. Life is all about living and spreading the uniqueness and talents that we have in each of us. I continue my passion of song writing and I am planning my debut album release before March 2017.

My credentials:

1) 13+ years of experience in field of improvement (process, people, teams)

2) Author of book "The Guru who Rocked my life"

3) Certified Montessori Assistant from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

4) Yoga Instructor certified from TN Sports University

5) Six Sigma Master Black Belt from FORD motor Company

6) Six Sigma Black Belt from American Society of Quality (ASQ)

7) Certified Manger of Organisational Excellence from ASQ

8) MSc in Total Quality Management from Sikkim Manipal University

9) ISO Lead Auditor from TUV Nord

10) Post Graduate Diploma in Business Operations from Symbiosis Institute.

I am grateful to each one of you who has checked out my courses.I wish you all success.

Be More. Do more. Live More.

Warm Regards and Love,

Vishnu Sharma

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