Victor Pride

You know me.

I'm the proprietor of Bold and Determined - the Website for Winners. My mission with BOLD & DETERMINED is to help as many of you guys as I can to develop PRIDE.

Pride is a dirty word when you have none of it. Having pride is what makes all the difference in the world from being a boy, a feminized dude, or a Man.

I hear guys making jokes all the time, feminized guys, pretending to be masculine. They will put on a comically deep voice and say “YEAH, I'M A REAL MAN! HAHAHA” and then all their little friends will laugh.

The thought of actually being a man is unreal for a lot of dudes or guys or bros. It is impossible for these types of fellas to say “I am a man”, without a trace of irony or jokiness, and mean it.

Friends, I will tell you right now, without a hint of irony or sarcasm, I am a man.

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