Wiktor Gembalski

International Trainer

Integral Entrepreneur, Information Technology Trainer, Social Influence & Persuasion Trainer, Compassion Meditation Trainer and Author

Using the principles he teaches Wiktor went from a totally unknown kid born-and-brought in small Polish town to a successful internationally recognized developer, facilitator, integral entrepreneur, coach and trainer.

In 2011 Wiktor was recognized as a "Young Business Leader" and selected as a participant onto the New York City based mentorship program: founded by the former US Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland and supported by the American Ireland Fund.

Besides from enjoying working in Manhattan and being trained to the highest level of handling the complexity of IT integration of Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, Logistics and more, Wiktor has also consistently trained with the most successful and internationally recognised trainers in the field of integral entrepreneurship, leadership, ethical persuasion, influence and non-verbal communication.

He combines a unique brand of hard techie with soft social skills giving him unique ability to develop businesses and training courses of the XXII century.

Wiktor Gembalski is the founder of the Integrity Centre Unlimited, the fastest growing personal and corporate achievement company in the United States - New York, United Kingdom - London and most recently, Spain - Barcelona.

Gembalski is the author of several highly acclaimed and leading edge courses such as the Transformational Entrepreneurship Programme, High-Performance Team, Persuasion Engineering, Selling Magically. Trained to the highest level, Wiktor delivers IT Integration services and Entrepreneurship Skills training courses for entrepreneurs, leaders, trainers, developers, facilitators and coaches on all levels.

Wiktor’s ‘high-energy’ and ‘cut-to-the-chase style’ keeps his audience spellbound. He teaches using ‘breakthrough’ techniques in persuasion and high involvement, ‘accelerated learning’ strategies, so the participants learn faster, more effectively, remember more and most importantly achieve maximum results. The change in people is instantaneous and long lasting.

Wiktor's motto is "talk is cheap" and his unique ability is getting people to take action out in the real world to produce long lasting results.

Author of many publications and courses for entrepreneurs and business people on entrepreneurship and influence. Provides training and mentoring internationally in three languages.

Wiktor is passionate about people who find their way with drive, passion and excitement.

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