Vesna Vurušić Pećanić

Exquisite Jewelry Artisan & Social Entrepreneur

Vesna is a special education teacher from Croatia.

Loosing her job due to recession led her to start learning about entrepreneurship.

At the same time Vesna was introduced to a traditional Croatian beaded necklace called Kraluš, whose design is more than a 100 years old. She took the course of Kraluš-crafting held at the Museum of Samobor, and decided to start a company with the mission to promote and offer this unique jewelry to women world wide, and to ensure quality paid job for local women by hiring them to handcraft the jewelry.

In 2014 she founded Craaloosh jewelry - traditional jewelry with a modern twist in color, and launched it's first collection.

As a B-School alumna, Vesna continues to expand her knowledge of online marketing and copywriting.

She lives in Croatia with her husband.

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