Veronica Yoo

Nutritionist, Author, Life Coach, WBFF Professional Athlete.

Veronica Yoo is a holistic nutritionist, published author of Go Raw Get Lean, 911 Detox, Breaking Through The Yo-Yo, Instructor, Life Coach, and WBFF Professional Figure Athlete with many years of personal and client-based experience.

She lives and breathes a fitness lifestyle - Always working to learn more about nutrition and physical science to better help her clients and students realize healthier, happier lives. Her blueprint for weight loss is that “If you’d like to permanently lose excess body weight, you’ll need to permanently change your lifestyle.” 


  "I didn’t know how important good nutrition was for my health until I had no energy and my body couldn’t recuperate well. When I was young, I didn’t have to worry about my next meal or whether my liver was working well to maintain my sanity. Actually, I didn’t care about anything except looking beautiful.

  When I started to work out, I thought that exercise was all I needed to become and stay healthy. I felt great and I wanted to build muscle and get as lean as possible.

  A few years later, when I decided to compete, I hired coaches to guide my diet plans, supplements, and training programs. I followed them blindly, won many shows, and my physique improved with every show that I competed in.

  However, I struggled in the off season for many years. I didn’t understand why I was so tired almost every day, and gained body fat quickly after the show was over.

  My moods changed too. Something didn’t seem right with my health, so I decided to go back to school and learn about nutrition. I learned the value of daily nutrients and detoxing my liver.

  When I graduated, I practiced everything that I had learned at school to find out what worked the best for my body. I practiced with my clients as well.

  I am always working to learn more about nutrition and physical science to help my clients have healthier, happier lives."

With gratitude, 

Veronica Yoo

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