Dr. Vera Madzarevic

Director of R&D, Global Research Pharma Canada & CRIAMERICA

Dr. Madzarevic has more than twenty five years of experience in global pharmaceutical research, development and academic research. Trained as a medical scientist, she has held academic and industry positions internationally. Her areas of expertise include discovery, pre-clinical, clinical and post-marketing development. Vera has worked for world renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Ciba-Geigy in Canada and globally, as well as Novartis in East Hannover in the US as a Senior Scientist. Dr. Madzarevic completed her post-doctoral research fellowship at the Banting and Best Institute for Medical Research at the University of Toronto.

Her vast experience includes providing consultancy services for most major pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe. Vera┬┤s particular expertise is centered on internal and pre-regulatory GCP, GLP, and CLIA pre-certification inspections, clinical trial management, drug development programs, quality assurance, and professional training. She currently heads the following companies: Global Research Pharma Canada, EduPharma Canada and the Clinical Research Institute of America . Vera was also the main coordinator of the Clinical Research Diploma Program (post graduate program in clinical research) at the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences in Toronto, Canada. Vera is a published author, with her last work being Clinical Trials Audit Preparation: A Guide for Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Inspections by Vera Mihajlovic-Madzarevic (Wiley, 2010),

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